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In-Reply-To Linking and Comment Subscriptions

Two changes affecting commenting, one simple, one complicated.

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Ongoing Community-Participatory Gradual Organic Site Redesign and Development Project Situation Report

OT Sitrep

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OT Site Dev Sitrep

It’s OK to say “Heidegger” and “Wittgenstein” and to include up to three links in the body of your comments; I’m going to do a fingers-crossed changeover on the comment subscriptions system soon; you can now use either of two contact forms, general/editorial and support, available via the main menu under “Contact”; expect more tweaking as we work on bigger changes.

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Procreative Concept and the Insult to Gays; My Father’s Gifts; Roger’s OK

Been very busy at OT lately, having entrapped myself by starting to fix, develop, re-design the site on the fly. Whole new vistas of massively unpaid labor are opening before me, though maybe I’ll eventually figure out how to monetize

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For your consideration and especially your comments…

Six simple changes to commenting format and functionality, of which five, with your cooperation (and if all goes as expected), can be demonstrated, tested, and assessed on this post’s comment thread. The sixth has already been implemented site-wide

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Now Testing Factlink Plug-In

Factlink is a plug-in, also available as a browser add-on, that was mentioned in a discussion of “Medium-Style Commenting” that I happen to follow. I’ve installed and activated the plug-in for WordPress here, though I’m unsure about keeping it, for

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TNR and Our Terrible On-Line Culture

First a comment from “Pinky” at Ordinary Times, which I’ll quote in full: I don’t know if I’m just in a melancholy mood, but I guess I’ve been thinking lately about the lack of quality online. What strikes me is

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Less Ephemeral: Site vs Blog

Though the big, slick, expensive sites and services offer many of the things, and better, that ten years ago we went to (each other’s) blogs to find, they are inadequate for anyone seeking more than “the literature of a quarter of an hour,” but not involved in, supported by, or satisfied with traditional commercial and academic publishing. A blog might seem to belong to that species of 15-minute literature, but, once the all-consuming desire for passing interest has been stolen away or stolen back, the blog-as-log begins to disappear, revealing a virtual location: the site, marked by the non- or anti-ephemeral durability of logos rather than log.

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The Decline of Political-Cultural Blogging in One Page

The first thing to note about OT’s blogroll is that, though it has been moved off the blog’s front page and sidebars, it still occupies a prominent link-position in the main menu. The second thing to note about it is that it isn’t: The blogroll page’s blogroll is missing.

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I’ll be seeing me

Few of the visitors to this site on any given day leave comments or any other signs of appreciation or disagreement, or of attention at all, but, when I examine the trail of “views” they leave behind, I like to

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