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On “Child of Mog; Extraordinary Comments

I think Child of Mog is now my favorite of the various options now.

I agree that experimenting with the live production site is generally bad practice, but totally appropriate for what we are doing. I’m still playing with the Commentariat stuff and will get back with my opinions once they are fully formed.

On “Death to the Mystery Man! Long Live MOG? (Custom Default Avatar)

I like the bowler hat without the person wearing it (the cartoonized one, not the more realistic-looking last one). Your Mog looks good too—especially when shrunk down to the intended size.

On “Realizing the Commentariat

I noticed it! And I’m still contemplating. I saw an earlier version that I think didn’t emphasize the title posts as much, and that made it less intelligible for me. What I’m seeing now is much more useful. It feels like a “Gifts of Gab” pro version.

Anyway, it’s interesting. I hope others give you more feedback.

I wouldn’t be shocked if a lot of people haven’t yet noticed it. The top nav bar has been useless and outdated for so long that I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of readers have gone numb to it. When you pointed out the issues with the masthead what now seems like nearly a year ago, my first thought was “we have a masthead?” and “someone looks at the masthead?"

On “Roger’s Art

I think nearly electrocuted was a good description for that. I think you're right about this being a better story than a screenplay.


Good to hear he's doing better.

How does one almost get revenge executed?


This is great work (at least in my small opinion). I hope he has a healthy recovery.

On “I’ll be seeing me

Is the less ephemeral content a need that you see blogs filling?

I was quite impressed with myself for having remembered a Grant McCracken post from 2007 for the last thing I wrote, but blogging does seem to be more attuned to "here's what happened this week" rather than a thing that gets built and a foundation is apparent. If someone wrote something great two weeks ago for a blog, it's a distant memory in everyone's mind, perhaps even in the writer's.

I do think it would be *nice* if we could solve this problem. Academia seems to have a system that sort of works. More recent papers are what people pay the most attention to, but older papers are still very much available and used. Despite having content that is easier to search, blogs don't seem to have this attribute.


with so many once popular blogs (and the connections between them) falling into disrepair, and with so many alternatives available for informal sharing of thoughts and sentiments, the set of incentives for leaving a comment seems to have narrowed.

I would blame the alternatives more than the connections between blogs. Recode was the latest to just announce that they were getting rid of comments on their site. They cited as the main reason the fact that conversations about their pieces were happening on Twitter or Facebook rather than on the site itself. I think it's saying something that a site that already had a sun investment in its commenting infrastructure just decided to do away with it.

On “The Decline of Political-Cultural Blogging in One Page

I don't know how far I'd extend the lessons from that page. I agree that it doesn't seem like a terribly useful way to access content, whether it is on the site or elsewhere. I think I've heard some people mention having a real blogroll with links to other places, but that would involve coming up with a list of places, and that would, especially because there would probably be some need to set up a process for agreeing who should be on there and how to keep it updated.

I know you don't mention it, but I'd critique myself as somewhat embodying that page in how I comment on the internet in general. I generally lurk everywhere except OT (not counting this). I think when I used to blog for another site long ago, that I interacted more with others, both as a commenter and with linking to them within my own posts. At OT, I think I probably link more to other people's work, but a lot of it happens to be other writers at OT.

In other words, I'm interacting with a greater number of people, but many of them tend to blog at the same place I do.

>no reply to any of these messages

I have to confess to not knowing anything about that. Working on making the site better is desirable, but it's not exactly easy to get changes implemented. Even if someone is willing to help for free, there might be coordination issues that make it harder. (I'm typing with my ass here. I really don't know, but I get the impression it's not all that easy.)

On “I’ll be seeing me

I’m sentinent! I think. But I don’t know if I show up on your server stats the ordinary way because I read your blog through an RSS reader. I’ve more than once wanted to express my appreciation, but I rarely do for most of the writers I read. If I comment outside of OT, I feel it needs to be something substantial, but I don’t know that I have much that is substantial to say.

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