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On “Confederates in Love

This is a good and thought-provoking post. I can't quite congeal my thoughts into anything coherent, but I wanted to say that. And to touch on the one part where I can be at least semi-coherent:

All I can say is that I think there is some truth to your meta. Which is to say that there are certain things I consider to be truths that We Cannot Say, really, because if we say them then The Wrong People will hide behind them. Even saying so much as "It's Complicated" is one of those things. Right now, it's a Black and White discussion, and "it's complicated" is like saying that the motives of the war were complicated. Which they were in some ways, but not the genuinely important ones. And focusing on the unimportant is seen as a distraction. And, I think, is. Especially when there are voices who very desperately want to distract.

One of the things I am grappling with is a print of a painting of Lee and His Generals, which hangs at my parents house and, on their passing, will end up in my hands. And it's a painting that has a very personal meaning for me apart from any reverence to General Lee. It's me, ten years old, looking at the painting of all of those generals in their getups and how it tickled my imagination. And going back to that place. Not nostalgia for 1861 so much as for 1988.

But a painting of Lee and His Generals is, as objectively as it can be, inescapably a reverence. And if we were, at any point, to admit that it might be something else for some people in some circumstances, then people will find a reason for it to be about something-anything else. Which The Flag has demonstrated so clearly.

It's why we can't have nice things. It's why we can't have the flag. Whatever some southerners might want it to mean, history and recent use has made sure that it will ultimately mean what its critics say it means (in the United States at least).

On “They also blog who only sit and comment… (Commentariat 2)

These changes look like they will be fantastic. I already like the ability to go further back. When might we see the lower-left icons?

On “Realizing the Commentariat

I like your second idea better than the first. A lot better. By which I mean, I would prefer consistency rather than the colors rotating because somebody put up a new post while I wasn't looking.


Could you put a link to it somewhere?

My only complaint is that there is a lot of white space. I think I would prefer it either simply be linear or organized by post, instead of the lumpy combination of the two that is there now.

Unless, that is, you could find something to do with that space (like "Featured Comments") that take the first available whitespace. That sounds like it might not be easy, though.

If linear, when subblogs return you could have FP comments on the left and (all) subblogs on the right.

If by post, then they would be out of order, but it would be easier to find the conversation I'm interested in. I'm not positive which I prefer.

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