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On “The Egological: Notes on Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit by Martin Heidegger

Thanks for sharing the summation, it's good to see you writing.

"…[A]t first I wish to make a single request: that you bring with you, above all, a trust in science and a trust in yourselves. The love of truth, faith in the power of spirit, is the first condition for philosophy."


On “The Melancholic Anti-Interventionist

The problem with Syria, (and this may sound unintentionally quite callous) is what is it worth? I think we knew long term the Russians would eventually step in. Our relationship with Turkey is kind of hit and miss. To maintain dominance there is a very real possibility of deploying/revealing new electronic weaponry that is currently unknown.

O would be looking for a quick win. Even if we stuck to the old hardware, what does a 'win' look like? Pushing back on Russia to some unknown degree, with the possibility of sparking a covert-ish escalating warfare with the two largest superpowers. Sending in ground troops to the point the locals want the occupation over asap. Push Turkey into becoming a long term enemy.

There is also the semantics of which side of the conflict is the most 'right or correct' in their position that most aligns with the ideals of America. To start that discussion, one would have to have a clear context of where American ideals are.

Another failure would look like a leader calling 'mission accomplished' while the conflict turns to a larger mess. To emerge a great leader O would need a uncontested win, a big and obvious win-win.

My conclusion is Syria is a long shot at best, most likely a potential loss in a long list of losses where a win is of high demand.


I know about the sub tracking from the pilots that did it.



Supercavitating Torpedoes:

Swarm drones:


I apologize in advance for numerous links.
The Krasukha-4 has the range for effectively disrupting low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites and can cause permanent damage to targeted radio-electronic devices



It is difficult to know or understand what is going on behind the military R&D curtain. Very few people understand that most of the worlds nuclear subs have been tracked since the 1980s. Underwater missile technology now has the capacity to strike/disable a nation states entire fleet within a few dozen minutes.

The Russians are experimenting on the battle field with electronic technology that is shutting down weapon systems from several nations including the US. High capacity thermobarics are probably catching up to low yield nuclear weapons.

Along with hardware changing, the strategies and tactics are changing. Not only do we have drones, we have drone swarms. High speed rail guns. There is enough change no one is sure what the battlefield will look like 2 years from now.

To add more, it is difficult to know what the major players know. Do you deploy leading tech or hold it back for a later day.

I'm no fan of Obama, but at this particular time it's more chess than checkers. He may be losing political credibility as the time ticks by, but he isn't losing pawns. The bigger blunders lay in the stirrings within the nation.

On “Federalist, Libertarian, Conservative, Republican, or Insensate?

I think the adoption and inversion of the Federalist brand is a grave mistake. Unless the goal is friendly fire.

On “You’re Welcome and Rightbackatcha

I really liked the developments over there. Not much of a blogger myself, but that edit feature helps a great deal. Thanks again, and write often.

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