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On “Commenter Ignore Button 0.99

Tested it with that jerk sdfadsf. I like this better than the prior iteration though that offered more flexibility. Works well here on Safari on Mac. I like that the X shows up right over the prior icon without anything shifting around.

If I'm hunting for criticism, I would say maybe reconsider using the downward arrow when it is not being hovered over. Perhaps instead a same-gray-colored X? Or is the idea that it could be a drop-down?


If I recall correctly, you can still see that a comment was made from ignored commenters, meaning that the On Ignore list isn't strictly needed


I see "On Ignore: Alter, CK MacLeod, undefined", but I don't see the headings for any comments of theirs, so I assume I'm the only commenter here so far


here's a comment

On “Troll-Stomping and Other Sensible Things: #WordPress Plug-In Beta Test/Preview

added a third state to make the “un-highlight” versions (and also the un-ignore button) more immediately obvious

Yes, this seems good.

The highlight buttons also make some sense to me.

The X does seem Ok to me, but I just want to show the sort of mute button I was referring to previously:

By the way, is there some reason I'm not getting e-mails for this thread?


I can see how button design might be the less interesting part of this problem.

>add a sixth button, for “go to highlighted comments,

Hmm, not sure I'm a fan of that yet. Maybe that's because I continue to use the OT arrows you implemented. I guess any given site could implement either this type of arrows to go among highlighted comments or the other style arrows to visit new comments. Given that there is already highlighting that seems to work well, I don't know that it's needed. But I guess neither does that mean you can't offer it if someone wants to implement it


Unordered thoughts:
1. This seems like a useful thing.
2. Does an "X" icon really make sense? It kind of makes sense perhaps for ignore, but I don't think it makes sense for highlighting the commenter or the comment, even if the X is a different color. I would probably use an audio "mute" button instead of the X for ignore. For highlight comment, I might choose a star. For highlighting the comment, I might use something like this:
3. It seems to me like the tool tip takes a while to come up. Is there a delay built in, or is that my browser?
4. Looking at the collection of buttons on the right hand side now, it seems to me like their organization needs to be reconsidered. Currently, there are five. It seems to me like the top row should be commenter-level functions while the second row should be comment-level functions. So, the top row should have (1) ignoring the commenter, (2) highlighting the commenter, (4) seeing the commenter's archive. The second row should have highlighting the comment. The remaining icon for seeing the commenter's comments on the the current thread could perhaps go in either one as prescribed by aesthetics.

Of course, perhaps this is difficult. From a plugin perspective, it might be nice to have the icons related to a certain plugin all grouped together.

(Just to clarify, this seems awesome. The above doesn't subtract anything from that.)

On “hardly nowhere to begin

Hey, he's back! And on my older comments too! The Internet is amazing!

As silly as I feel doing this, I'm going to pseudonym him to "Dakota". In real life, there have been a few people who thought that was what we had named him, so it's close enough in its own way.

I don't have anything written up. It's kind of hard to come up with a solid thesis solely about a dog. I'm considering doing an honest comparison between taking care of a pet and being a parent though.


I think you're right. I did add my e-mail to my gravatar account, but apparently I had to set the image for that e-mail independent of my prior address.

Testing now...

Edit: Well, that seems not to have worked.


Hmm, still no dog. Maybe I should give it 24 hours. This sounds like the kind of thing that might be cached.


Yeah, remember I switched e-mail addresses? I just added the new address to my gravatar account, so maybe it will show up with this comment.

>I miss the dog, about whom I’m not sure the world has ever been much informed.

I myself find it a bit weird that he doesn't come up more often. He's a very important part of our lives, though his role is changing with the new arrival. At some point, I'll have to elaborate.

>a lot of it with your help and advice…

If by help and advice, you mean whining and occasional befuddlement, then you're right. I can't think of a change you've made that hasn't been a good or great improvement. I'm definitely enjoying the last batch of new-since-last-visit markings.


Perhaps it won’t be more widely used, but the links that Tod sent make me think it really ought to be more widely used. It really only takes one lawsuit to ruin your day.

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