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“Urgent: Seeking Six Cartoonists”


Les musulmans doivent se appliquer

On “Will’s Affront (An Untimely Post)

a Yankee fan, lounging on the rug and enjoying Tommy John tossing  slowballs, was suddenly seized by his ankles and dragged away from the television, utters words of surprise and protest, but a determined woman cared not and yanked the trousers from his skinny legs, sank down upon him and had her way with him because her thermometer informed her that it was the optimal time to conceive a son.


had he been a fully-committed feminist and less of a Yankee fan, he could have had her arrested rather than watch the end of the game.


turned out he enjoyed the consequences of this sexual assault ...who also became a fan of baseball.




if I'm reading your reply correctly, you're  not focusing upon that which I wrote in order to discuss larger points that a poor, simple frog hasn't raised.....


...much as people decrying an interpretation of a particular incident decry that interpretation in pursuit of imposing an uniform response to classes of sexual interactions.

the view from down here is that criminalizing actions (or demonizing opinions) requires some attention to the particular.


a viewpoint that considers it not to be a felonious act when one person initiates intercourse with a regular partner who is not eager at the time but who is cajoled into (passively) engaging.




when a sorta-semi-reasonable viewpoint is too ghastly to be expressed, what have we gained?

On “Open Thread

and a happy newer year to the Tsar and all

On “IS or ISIL or ISIS or Daesh as “existential” threat

loathe as I am to defend (even indirectly) the flamin Saudis, it's not at all the same thing to  behead people for violations of a published code of national laws (such as it is) as it is for a group of self-appointed geefs to execute a journalist because his people didn't pay ransom for his return.


journalism (such as it is) is not by and of itself a criminal activity.

On “Rod Spared. For Now.

easy to say, but did you ever try to raise one?
they get bigger more than they get better.

On “Incredibly Obvious Solutions to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

am I correct in thinking that you claim that any nation that fights a protracted conflict with a neighbor and holds the upper hand without the strength or will or desire to destroy the enemy is therefore fatally deficient and unworthy of existence?

seems as though there most be great flaws in my understanding of your thoughts.


awm miggs! how can you say that nothing good has come from the Palestinian Authority?

the Authority founded and operates Ma'an News one of the most trusted sources of honest reporting to be found anywhere.

I learned that not too long ago when the Tsar nudged me into reading MondoScheiss.

I remember that Ma'an news reported that a pro-unity rally in a public square in gaza City drew a crowd estimated at 1,000,000 people.

you didn't get coverage with details like that anywhere else.
so that's one really great achievement of the PA.

and, just off the top of my little green head, there's also the pension benefits that the PA hands out to widows.
they can be pretty good. the old lady who was sorta married, Suha Daoud Tawil i think her name is, to that dead guy, isn't getting regular monthly checks, but did get a nice lump-sum settlement.

that's not nothing.


what's injustice here?

and why should weakness merit non-survival?

it may often happen that the weak go to the wall (despite you demolishing it, Tsar) but from whence do we draw the idea that they should?


outrage and self-pity are never nothing.

and beside those things, many, many, many fine people are produced.... a good number of them are driven to leave the area, and other countries, including ours, have greatly benefitted by having them here, miggs.

the USA does and had done quite well with offering a home to those driven from the four corners (of North Carolina) and the rest of the planet.

On ““Genie, you’re free.”

this was every bit as light as depleted uranium latkes.

I've spent every morning of the last several months trying to think of a reason not to commit suicide that day and this thing depressed me.

On “Open Thread

anybody else have a favorite Cinco de Mayo photo?

On ““Genie, you’re free.”

Allan: That's quite a lovely Jackson Pollock, isn't it?
Museum Girl: Yes, it is.
Allan: What does it say to you?


On “Down with the Wall! Long Live the Open Thread!

accuse me of being insufficiently exploitative, will you???


oh, but how secure I felt

pinned and wriggling on the wall

On “Open Thread

and how the heck did you decide to toss kerry into that affinity salad, miggs?

(the tadpole is fine and I hope that you and your family are also doing well)


Qatar houses hamas leaders not based in Gaza only because they had to get out of Syria. they ain't really rooted there and are more likely to move on than to stay.

On “Osama Bin Laden’s Interesting Argument (1)

bless you for the use of the frontispiece illustration

On “Open Thread

Well I would say, it's quite obvious that Kerry is anti Israel.-----

not good, miggs.

next time try using evidence rather than some mix of emotion and fantastic (and i don't mean fantastic in the "really good" sense) guesswork.

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