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On “First and last refuge of moral cowards

@ CK MacLeod:
Are you auditioning for a gig at Salon?

On “Too late for healing

Sadly, what started out as a jovial and stimulating community of zombies has become boring weak tea, thanks to our creator-host's sudden need to take over and preside over senseless exercises in nitpicking and endlessly frivolous verbosity.

Colin, you've proven yourself a master at creative destruction and a great disappointment to many of the original exiles from Commentary.

What on earth happened to you, to your common sense?

Has this happened many times before?

Not a good thing, my frem.


Hey Coooooolin!

Did you rip off my avatar as a result of my failure to properly appreciate your nuanced mastery of all the subtleties which make life truly progressive and meaningful, my frem?


@ CK MacLeod:
OK. Drink the damn punch.

Just don't blame me when you get sick.


You must know that you are wrongfully tarring J Rubin and others who want no mosque there as "Islamophobes". No wonder you see nothing wrong with parroting the phony charge that the Tea Party is 'racist'.

Was Rudy G an Islam hater when he told a Saudi Prince to keep his friggin money, because it came with a certain smelly mindset-outlook?

A mosque in that location proposed by those with fainthearted attitudes toward the Islamo-fascists does not pass the smell test.

Some people loose their sense of smell. You seem to be so driven by sophomoric intellectual word play that perhaps your nose has unhooked itself from your brain.

So, may I respectfully suggest that there is a turd in your punch bowl sir. Don't drink it!

Yes, everybody knows that most Muslims in the west are like the fine Moslem lad in the movie, "The History Boys."

The silence of the Moslem majority is deafening, however. In fact, their supposedly mainstream western organizations seldom speak out to condemn and isolate and capture the murderers. Instead, they air constant grievances and complain about 'Islamophobes' like you do. Instead, they continue to insist on additional goodies in the UK for government funded segregated schools, and special courts for wife beaters and the like.

The Japanese-Americans who covered themselves in honor in 1943 in Italy brought shame upon an America which incarcerated their mothers and sisters. Where are the honorable western Moslems today? What have they done to truly stand up for free expression and human rights? What have they done to protect Ayan Ali Hirsi and Salman Rushdie?

Oh, that's right, they are Islamophobes too, RIGHT?

On “The Horror, The Horror

@ Ritchie Emmons:
How much do they pay you?

On “All in favor of thought control…

There are two kinds of people, those who immediately understand what Hayek meant when he wrote, "...a fatal conceit..." and those who don't.

And, thus, we have people, so cocksure they know what's best for us all, they are willing to violate each and every measure of goodness in this world in order to get it.


This is a goof lesson as to why the less government the better. Just see how easily threatened our little egos are. How easy it is to hate. No wonder our Founders were wary of any with too much power. There is a dark side to human nature which will always frustrate idiotic utopian fantasies. The best we can do is work to be left alone, free of the wishes of those who wish to organize and lead us.

Can the world be divided into those who wish to manipulate others and those who wish to be left alone?


@ Howard Portnoy:
You've missed a veritable mountain of old cabbage, my ol' frem!
A great sea of pickle juice as well
Van Jones has his well deserved day in court
He can't be all that bad if Glenn Beck hates what he stands for
The Panther flap is just more right wing nonsense
And whomever you call rathest is entirely your bidness

So what if the left is so threatened by reality
They must repeatedly resort to low blows
Character assassinations and feigned outrage
Over made up racism?

As long as the meaning of various words is open to debate
Why not indulge in endless argument?

On “Van Jones vs Hot Air

We should all join the clubby club and reserve all negative comments for Sara Palin, Christopher Hitchens and Glenn Beck, who really are the bad peoples, and not the nice mens like Jeremiah Wright and Mister "Give Them The Wealth!", Van Jones.

Let a 1000 purple blossoms bloom, etc.


Rose colored glasses for all, my frems!

On “Who “they” is

Next thing you know they'll want to turn the Washington Monument into a minaret. Thousands of swarthy men who haven't discovered underarm deodorant parading around the National Mall beating themselves with chains. Our next President, President Hillary Clinton, will wear a veil and chador out of respect, and B Hussein Al Obama will be Secretary General of the UN, now headquartered in Khartoum. Instead of The National Anthem, Giants and Jets games will begin with a call to prayer.

No more Illinettes. No more Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. The cabbies will all be Jews.

On “All the little Tea Party Americans in the world

I used to live in New York.
Cockroaches everywhere.


I liked "Patriot," "Braveheart," "We Were Soldiers" and even "Apocalypto." It's a shame such a dishonorable man has such a keen understanding of bravery and honor.


Remember Tweety Bird?

Now we've got "I tot I tow a wathist."


I think Tea Party participants should also be required to sign affidavits stating exactly when they stopped beating their wives.

On “Flamesem & Japesem (while Laughing at the Ground)

For those of you who want to know what hell might be like, I recommend the novel, The Road, which I read today in one sitting from Manchester, UK to Chicago. Powerful, relentless, and cathartic all wrapped up in a less than 300 page package.

A hopeful sign for me was the young twenty four-ish Moslem woman, all but her face covered, and traveling with an older woman, maybe her Mother, came up to me because I was also at the gate early and asked me if she was in the right place for the plane to Chicago. She had a rather thick Arabic accent (I'm pretty sure that's what it was) and made eye contact and was very polite. There was something about her which gave me hope that indeed there can be a reformation within that now medieval faith. It is the same feeling I had when a nice Pakistani doctor treated my ulcerated gum for free and the young Pakistani pharmacists who also took the time to help me. It is easy to project what we want to see onto others. The 9/11 hijackers were not poor, downtrodden unemployable people, nor were the London bombers of July 7.

On “From Somalia without love

@ strangelet:
Could you please splain the six year old wife for Mohammed bidness, pleeze?

Is it twue he waited until she was nine?




I am near finishing her book, INFIDEL, and I must say the more pages I turn, the more I respect thie brave woman.

Two disquieting things stand out for me:

- Moslem rage again against anyone who questions the aspects of this religion which robs children of their childhood and which treats women as property.

- The western tendency to deny the inherent dangers of appeasing Moslems, and to pretend that their religion and culture deserves the same kind of respect and forbearance which more civilized religions are given. This includes state sponsorship of schools and other instutions in which Moslems segregate themselves, a failure to keep statistical information on widespread cultural practices such as child marriage, kitchen table genital excisions, child and wife beating, and
honor killings.


And so, here in the UK they are remembering the July 7 murders of 50 odd Brits five years ago in London, and you are criticizing AHI for speaking truth to power. I don't understand your point. She differentiates herself from the conventional wisdom which is actually the conventional folly that the West must not enflame Islam by being too critical of radical Islam. Yes, the majority are not suicide murderers, but don't the majority spend much of their time nursing made up victimhood and grievances, insisting on respect for their own separate laws and demanding that western governments placate them? And, unfortunately the always guilt ridden western governments are very willing to comply with all of this mood making.

Aren't these ever aggrieved Moslems then providing the jungle in which the jihadists can freely roam, while western governments busy themselves with a fatal unwillingness to face facts such as the fact that racial profiling can be one of several effective means to prevent additional murders?

It seems to me that the point of denouncing truth sayers like Ayaan is to perpetuate a myth, to deflect effective counter measures and to weaken western societies.

Colin, you may wish it were not so, but today's Islam carries an inherent animosity toward the rest of us, and animosity which we ignore at our own peril. Up here in Yorkshire the rapidly growing Moslem population is doing everything they can to make this part of Britain a Moslem part of Britian. You see a nice Moslem family in the park and smiles are exchanged, and of course you think they are nice family folks like we are. But do you know what their Immam is preaching to them on Fridays? Do you know what books are featured in their favorite bookstores? Do you know what the cute little kiddies are being taught in their community's Islamic schools? Do you know what their elected representatives are up to? Do you know where their charitable donations go?


Perhaps you should have read her first book, Infidel, first.

This review repeats what I hear was a hatchet job from Kristoff, a shining example of a NYTimes mealy mouthed liberal.

Your review is a caracature of the moral relativism schtick of the left?
Very good then! But if you are serious, please recheck whatever you are projecting on to this incredibly honest and brave woman.

In Infidel
she spends pages and pages lovingly describing her best teacher, Sister Aziza, a former airline stewardess who rediscovered Islam and inspired her to corectly clothe herself and pray. So much for your claim the author has no respect or understanding of her former religion. She carefully describes the different ways she saw Islam being practiced by different clans and peoples: Somali nomads, Somali city dwellers, Saudis, Yemenis and Kenyans.

And if you continue to maintain Moslems all over the world are not taught to despise Jews, why was she taught this in a Kenyan school for Moslem Girls:

They had horns of their heads and noses so large they stuck right out of their faces like great beaks. Devils and djinns literally flew out of their heads to mislead Muslims and spread evil. Everything that went wrong was the fault of he we should step forward aand fight the Jews, for only if all Jews were destroyed would peace come for Moslems.

The only way to maintain the charade that Islam is peaceful is to join in the pee cee chorus that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an ungrateful liar.

She has many valid reasons to be angry, a point you amazingly miss. Her mother used to inforce Islam on her by tying her up, wrists to ankles like a bow, so she could beat her better and longer. The tutor her mother chose for her almost killed her, fractured her skull with a club after she said she wanted no more lessons from him. And, of course, you do not mention the genital mutulation she endured at the age of 5. And, her 4 year old sister too:

She had torn her wound while urinatng and struggling... it was agony for her...and four women had to hold her down... I will never forget the panic in her face and voice as she screamed whie everything in her and struggled to keep her legs closed...Haweya was never the same afterward... she just stared vacantly at nothing for hours

On “Dialogue with John: Sacred Texts/Tests

@ George Jochnowitz:

I don't think he is artistic enough. And most of the homosexuals I know are really nice people.


The latest revelation from the trial of Rod Blagoyavich (whose name in SerboCroation means "boring goy") is that Governor Blago felt that 0bama was "hen pecked" or, more crudely put, "pw". This, I think is far more important than abstract discussions about faith and politics. Reality is far more important than any theories I think - what really happens between people counts far more than what somebody dreams up with a piece of paper and a pen.

I am not at all surprised that 0bama is hen pecked. I think it's not just Michelle. I think that other woman, Valerie Jarrett, is very manipulative and sneaky, and also has a lot of sway over the man. This is a guy who always has to prove himself to at least two dames who do not impress me as having a clue about what this nation means to most of us.

They are very bitter women. You can see it in their eyes, in their furtive glances. 0bama, himself, does not look people in the eyes. He lives in a world of abstractions, and the reality he brings is something very dangerous because it is so widely separated from our values.

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