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On “Open Thread

My moviewatching is somewhat oddlyshaped so I havent' seen hiis superhero and sf stuff. I did also enjoy Followiing, and in some ways maybe even prefer it to Momento.. I fond Following genuinely surprising, while Momento was more the pleasure of recognition. Insomnia didn't quite jell for me.


A while ago, I think,Colin hadskedme if I had seen Momento -finally watched it yesterday. Mymisgivings about it being a bit too close to home were misplaced. I did really enjoy the movie, but not as dark scary brain damaged tradgedy, but more in a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang mode.


Let me remedy my tardyness.


On “Ron Paul Boxing Day

and reflecting on your reflection I've been reflecting on Faulkner altho remembering much less than I would like to remember I do remember something about the Snopes and running for office altho I can't really be more specific than that maybe you remember something

But I did find this from 1959 Irving Howe

The Snopeses have always been there. No sooner did Faulkner come upon his central subject—how the corruption of the homeland, staining its best sons, left them without standards or defense—than Snopesism followed inexorably. Almost anyone can detect the Snopeses, but describing them is very hard. The usual reference to “amorality,” while accurate, is not sufficiently distinctive and by itself does not allow us to place them, as they should be placed, in a historical moment. Perhaps the most important thing to be said is that they are what comes afterwards: the creatures that emerge from the devastation, with the slime still upon their lips.

On “Open Thread

Caache cleared and voila! Enough horizontalty to fit all of this


The comment box is itty bitty but otherwise "Yeah!". I'm guessing Fuster is watching the Giants get wooped

On “Not Quite Right Between the Eyes

CK MacLeod: Don’t know what makes you think we should be expecting guests

Worrying about "wayward guests I guess. didn't find the splash particularly rough in terms of commnity standards here, so I thought maybe you had an idea some one mght be stopping by. Now I can see th source of your puzzlement.


Oh, are we expecting guests? Should I shave or something, maybe put on some pants?

btw site running really slow.

On “Forecasting the failure of politics as we think we know it

I hadjust givenup on the edit link, so I jsut signed in, and signed in the edit appears pretty much everywhere, in the post, the dashboard, I can even edit other people's comments now.

On “Otto, the Intro

Yes! now there's just empty space rather than an empty box!


does work in Chrome but really, this is the only site I ever have these kinds of problems with.


kinda like Cage's 4'33" in visual form - a blank box.

On “Once one dismisses the rest of all possible worlds…

I hope you don't mind that I find it reassurng, comforting even, that not only did you flub it, but that you put it up flubbed.


Scott Miller:
Non-dualists express their brilliant dualistic understanding with ideas like the samsara-nirvana concept, the ultimate truth and relative truth awareness, and the realism vs nihilism middle path perspective on reality.

And these ideas are taken as ideas, therefore not definitive.


In any case, whatever the ontological implications, the experience must suck. I'm sorry it didn't work out.

On “On Krugmanism: The opposite of unwisdom isn’t always wisdom

@ CK MacLeod:

Wish I were a little more confident about the right way forward with the stuff I’m “really” working on – when sharing it is a good idea, and how much attention and effort I should be devoting to the sharing.

Nesting confusions.

On “You ought to be in communist genocidal fantasies

@ CK MacLeod:

Naw, once a day pretty much keeps me full of beans.

As to whatever it is that you're talking about, I rejoice.

On “Hanging out in the sacrifice zone

@ Sully:

That depends - should the govt print and mail (and I'm guessing cash) just yours (FFR) or everybody eligible (FR)?

On “New Recommended Browsing Beta – Updated

It's not either place - I have IE 7...