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On “Checkmated by the Greater Israel Lobby

I am biased against any doctrine that is pro-death.
Choose life.
I will repeat myself no more. My New Year's resolution is NO MORE ZOMBIE.
Happy 5772..


It is immoral not to be biased against a doctrine that sentences people, to this very day, to have their hands and feet amputated, that encourages parents to commit honor killings if their daughters are suspected of flirting, and that gave us 9/11, which served no strategic and no political purpose.


Post-Oslo we have Hamas, whose charter rejects the possibility of a two-state solution or even of peace. And we have Abdullah Abdullah, who said that an independent Palestine would not admit Palestinians living in refugee camps, so that Israel would remain cursed by the suffering of these people and never have legitimacy.


I have indeed heard of the blessing "who did not make me a woman":

I am amazed tthat you always find a way to excuse Islam. Do you think that Jews, even the most orthodox, who repeat that blessing, treat women the same way that Islam does? Israel elected Golda Meir to be Prime Minister before any other country on earth had elected a woman to be head of state who was neither the daughter (like Indira Gandhi, daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru), nor the wife (like Sirimavo Bandaranaike) of a previous head of government.


Neocons are always alleging that women are not treated equally under Islam and especially in Saudi Arabia. This report shows how incorrect that biased accusation is:


The Arabs have been fighting against an independent Palestine with their liives and the lives of their children ever since 1947, when they first rejected a state. The settlements are the result of the 3 No's of Khartoum. Nobody can possibly blame the Arab world for this event, since how can you criticize something that happened way back in 1967?
I disagree with with Krauthammer on many issues, but here is something he is quite accurate about.


Netanyahu is not part of the Greater Israel crowd. He is simply trying to hold on to the sections of East Jerusalem that have 400,000 Jewish residents.
Here is an essay on Brumspeak, followed by my comment.

On “Blood Libel about Blood Libel about Blood Libel and so on…

I wonder what Mearsheimer and Atzmon think of flogging a woman for driving.
There is nothing too surprising about an individual expressing nutty thoughts, as Atzmon did. What is surprising is Mearsheimer's endorsement of his words. Mearsheimer is learned, respected, and influential. He jumped on the bandwagon and agreed that Jews are bad because they are guilty of self-identification--the worst of all offenses.
Perhaps it is indeed the worst of all offenses. Somehow, it doesn't seem to be unique to Jews.


Nobody has attacked Atzmon the way they attacked a pro-Israel Muslim:


The Merchant of Venice is one of Shakespeare's best plays, subtle and complex. Shylock is the most interesting of Shakespeare's villains; we understand his motivation and see him develop in response to events in the play. As a comedy, the play fails. It is not especially funny. On the other hand, it succeeds as a tragedy. We see Shylock turn from a benevolent and noble character (willing to lend money to an abusive anti-Semite with only a symbolic collateral, a pound of flesh) into a vengeful monster when insult and prejudice have pursued him and when his own daughter has internalized the anti-Semitism of her society. Shylock is a tragic hero, a good man undone by a tragic flaw, his inability to control his rage against an overwhelmingly powerful society that will never recognize his generosity and never accept him.
For further thoughts about Shakespeare, here is a link:
Atzmon believes that Jews are guilty of nationalism. So they are. Perhaps there are other groups that share this vice.

On “Unpromising Land

@ fuster:
The settlements are there because of the Arab refusal to accept Israel.
Israel unilaterally evicted settlers from Gaza. It was severely punished by Hamas and by the whole world for doing this.
In 2005, Sharon said Israel would unilaterally withdraw from most of the West Bank if things worked out well in Gaza. Guess what happened.


@ fuster:
Why are there settlements? Because the Arab states voted for the 3 No's of Khartoum in 1967? Why isn't there a Palestinian state? The Arab world rejected one in 1947. The Palestinians did so at Taba in 2001 and did so again in 2008.
You know this perfectly well, fuster. Although you know all this information, most of the world doesn't. What do you accomplish by blaming only one side?


Israel is in serious danger of destruction. If this happens, all its citizens--Jewish, Muslim, Russian Orthodox--are likely to be killed. I don't know how one should deal with this situation. When Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon in 2000 and from Gaza in 2005, anti-Israel sentiment zoomed up all over the world.
I have been an atheist for most of my life. But I feel one needs to consider new evidence as it appears. It seems not too unlikly that there IS a God, and that He's an embittered anti-Semite. As the Haggadah says, "In every generation they rise up against us to destroy us, but the Holy One, blessed be He, saves [two-thirds of] us from their hands. It seems to be time for God to kill one-third of the Jewish people again.
What is the cause of God's anti-Semitism? It's because Abraham ended child sacrifice. Here is my poem:

On “Un-Cheney My Heart

@ Scott Miller:
I don't remember it. But I do remember Hawthorne's THE SCARLET LETTER, which is the same idea.

On “Top 10 Deadliest Animals on Earth

Deadly shmeadly. They are so beautiful. They are part of the glory of the creation. And you can't blame them for being poisonous. They have to make a living too.
Nevertheless, I will try to resist the temptation to pick up a poison dart frog when next I'm running through the rain forest.

On “As fanatical as anything the left spawned in the 1960s

Warren Buffett says he hasn't been taxed enough.
A truly remarkable statement.

@ CK MacLeod:
Can't one agree with Morgenthau on some issues and disagree on others?


Retired Representative Jay Dickey, Republican of Arkansas, has said, “We have the right to bear arms because of the threat of government taking over the freedoms that we have.” Representative Dickey is in favor of overthrowing the government of the United States by force and violence. He sounds like the Weather Underground.
Tea Party supporters. like all extremists, have faith. They believe that raising taxes is a sin. Little do they know that Jesus said, "Render unto Caesar ...."
The counterculture of the 1970s is the spiritual ancestor of the Tea Party.

On “AP 9/11 Photo Package

The photos are dramatic and tell much of the story. However, they don't tell us about the odors, which lasted for about six weeks and penetrated all the apartments in the area.
A steady line of fire trucks, police cars, and various forms of rescue equipment--from all over the United States--rolled down West Street in an attempt to dig out possible survivors.
Enormous lines of blood donors surrounded St. Vinsent's Hospital--which has since gone out of business.
My daughter Eve, a food historian and formerly a professional baker, volunteered to prepare food for the rescue workers, which she did for many hours every day.

On “Shamelessly ashamed

Eleanor Roosevelt moved to Manhattan in 1933, the year her husband was inaugurated, and lived at 20 East 11th Street, a row house, as a plaque on the building informs us. In 1942 she moved to 29 Washington Square West, an apartment house, where another plaque informs us she lived until 1949. The neighbors had to know. The newspapers surely knew. The First Lady and her husband publicly lived apart, where they were free to have their own sex lives without any interference from the press.

On “In praise of the naughty word

Here is a somewhat technical discussion of the subject. The word "acceptable" has a meaning in linguistics that is akin to "natural-sounding and comprehensible."

On “Stupid, stupid, most stupid

The world is real, and reality is beautiful. Facts are beautiful. Information is vital to help is live and make decisions. Knowledge is power.
Faith, on the other hand, is a force that makes good people bad and smart people stupid.

On “In the immortal spirit of George Jochnowitz

Immortality is not enough. One has to be able to convince people.

On “Dear Israelis, Get over your phobias, and maybe you can still work things out. Sincerely, Prof Dov

I see there's an organization advocating a boycott of the Israel Philharmonic.

I wonder what the Arab members of the Philharmonic think.

On “On the uprising in Egypt

@ CK MacLeod:
Egypt isn't Shi'a.
A confluence is an alliance.

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