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On “Adventures in Epistemic Opening – Manzi vs Levin and the Fate of Everything

My best Jack Benny, "Well!"

Excuse me, but I *I* was the one who posted Olga's pic on this blog.

Let's bottom-line this sucker: no one cares about the plot. Everyone cares about thinking about being laid by Danny or Olga. And I can't get into the mood with some sullen guy who makes up drinks so that he can name them after his dead girlfriend.

Reminds me of the time I dated that Lesbian who couldn't forget Annie, his previous girlfriend. He kept wanting me to see Annie Hall with him. I passed.


@ J.E. Dyer:
Clive Owen is hunkier, but I think I like Daniel Craig as Bond better.

Quantum of Solace sucked, mainly because Bond was too brooding- trademark humor gone with the Atacama winds. And Narciso, I love ya, dude, but what part of "The whole effing thing is unrealistic" do you not get?

Never Say Never Again was the best Bond film. "Actually, there was this girl in Philadelphia" is one of my favorite lines.


@ J.E. Dyer:
I thought Zardoz was an anti-anxiety drug.

OMG!OMG! Did you all hear that they've stopped production of the next James Bond movie until MGM gets sold???!!!! Daniel Craig is the proper heir to Sean Connery. I was so happy to see the back of Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton totally forgettable, Pierce Brosnan was OK, but Craig... oh, baby... but he probably is no better than some African imam running up bride futures by developing strange unregulated derivatives that are inherently exploitive of XX and foster the hegemony of the patriarchy.

In other words, my kind of guy.


@ J.E. Dyer:
Calls to mind a favorite Whittaker Chambers quote, in response to the bumpersticker wisdom of "Minds are like parachutes: they work best when open". He said, "Yes, but even a parachute has to be closed at one end to really be functional."

By the way, your thoughts on the Jim Jones Stand-up Routine (is he headed for the Catskills? "Oh, the food's terrible and such small portions!") were excellent. I understand that the joke doesn't read as well as it was delivered. Fine, it was still truly tone deaf and very, very odd.


OK- here's a peep out of the right (and if you'd been paying attention, you would have heard it before): IVF poses terrible ethical problems for those of us who think that human life is sacred from the moment of conception. I personally think that the risks of IVF outweigh the benefits, but I know that I am a minority voice. Also, if you had been listening, you would have heard lots and lots of peeps from George W. Bush when he limited the funding of embryonic stem cell research. In fact in one of the announcements surrounding his executive order, he had a photo op that included several parents and their children, all of whom had been abandoned embryos who were rescued and brought to term by the bio-adoptive mothers. George Bush also has a Presidential Commission on Bioethics, which included scientists and ethicists from across the spectrum: a first. Needless to say, Barack Obama doesn't see the need for people to think about bioethics, so he disbanded the commission.


@ strangelet:
This is one area where I disagree with Dr. Manzi. The so-called "scientific process" has been corrupted and coopted by what we may call the grantmaker-academic complex. Money is raised by exaggerating the situation, both its scope and severity, by downplaying uncertainty, and by flogging the plight of everything. Conservatives have paid a lot of attention to the science, but even those who don't have a background in science can appreciate the ample evidence that the "scientific process" is not thorough, it isn't peer reviewed, and is terribly skewed (I limit these comments to the AGW debate, although it applies pretty broadly as more and more scientist have tied their research to AGW- following the money.)

By saying that Republicans need more scientists, you are admitting that the process has been politicized (congratulations: for once, you're right) but what is really needed is intellectual and process integrity. The party doesn't matter.


Epistemic closure is a stupid term. It should go right where we put "immanentize the eschaton."

As for Jim Manzi's decision to take up the Global Warming chapter in Mark Levin's book as a prime example of "epistemic closure," that was weird. Let's stipulate that everything he said about the chapter was true (it wasn't, but let's say it was): a whole bunch of stuff has happened in the intervening year and a half to bear out the broad brush of what Levin asserts: the dubious data, the shut out of dissident voices, the unwholesome alliance of Global Warmists and policy makers who want supra-national bodies to regulate carbon, etc. etc. So even if Levin's chapter wasn't up to Manzi's high standard of scientific purity, Levin was still right and the chapter is still old.

Plus, I have to say, the tone was really shocking for a Corner post. And so what if Levin can dish it out? That's no justification for the unseemliness of the tone of Manzi's post.

And since you brought up Bobbie Burns, this is my favorite RB joke, which I dusted off after the car bomb flame out in Glasgow a few years ago:

Gordon Brown visits a Glasgow hospital, and he's shown around. In one ward, one patient says to him, "My lurve is leek a rade rade rose..". The next patient says to him "Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie, O, what a panic's in thy breastie!". And he finds yet another patient muttering, "O' all the gifts that God could gie us, to see oursel's as others see us." Brown says to his guide: "..Psychiatric ward?". Guide says: "Nope.. serious Burns unit..."


Quill: I'm not sure anyone believes that the sensitive folks on the Left wince out of embarrassment for the chest-thumping insecurity of the Right. The psychobabble is a shabby cloak for a rampant case of European-wannabeism.

On “"Wiegala," by Ilse Weber

The triumph of the spirit.

It is a very beautiful song, and a great gift to the children she sang it for.

On “A Unique Take on Obama's Dual Crisis

@scientific socialist - Are there any dead people on the IOC who can be pressed by the Danish version of Acorn [Acørn]?


Yes, it is a nicely stated summary. Ahmadinejad and the mullahs have been pushing for years and gotten little resistance from the US. Military intervention was never really an option, but I think Bush did less than he could have.

We have a military presence in two countries that neighbor Iran, but no will to deter. Just stacking up the vulnerabilities, the Afghan strategy is critical, but politics and the Olympics must come first.


@scientific socialist - Oh yes he will: he'll go to Copenhagen. So there.

(Barbara is standing in for fuster)

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