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On “Collateral Casualty of the War against War

Well when Bin Laden declared war in 1996, we thought it silly, had we actually taken it seriously then, then perhaps Nairobi and Tanganyka, not to mention lower manhattan would be in a different
state today

On “The 1.x-State Solution 2: “What the Conflict Is Really About”

No, the Zionist project is survival, Jabotinsky knew well what this entailed, having grown up in Czarist era Odessa, Stangneth's bio of Eichmann, who was the lead collaborator with Haj Amin Husseini, dispatches the nullity of 'banality of evil' although the evil of banality ,

On ““What we would expect…” – terrorism and poverty

the SR's who were in partnership with the Kadets in post February\


Just because the anarchist oppose the State, it's not out of the question, they would support a state,

On ““no uplifting realist”



the Strain was published four years ago, DelToro was working on as a screenplay for years before, you know how that works.

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