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On “A Unique Take on Obama's Dual Crisis

@CK MacLeod - You should be more careful about putting up hilariously bad music unless you're trying to please that Texas gal. If you are, maybe you should find Barry White and the Berlin Philharmonic's version of this ditty.

I think that, as much as I would like to bomb the blather out of the theocrats, it would hurt us more than help at this point.
Down the road a little there might be more room for the boom-boom.


@CK MacLeod - How does he propose containing the retaliation if it's not going to be coming from inside Iran?


Margo, the missile bases in Poland really don't have a dang thing to do with an in Iran that's a problem for right now, does it?
If, as you say, where at crisis point because of all the past activity, what good would building for ten years later be?
isn't the situation so urgent that Obama hasn't time to take a nap (WWRRD) let alone take a day trip for other business?


@Barbara - Barbara baby, you're the greatest!

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