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On “Tales from the Geopolitical Crypt: Seven Deadly Scenarios by Andrew Krepinevich

Well I got from Pete Wyden's account of Hiroshima, take it for what it's worth


Kyoto was out because many moons before, Secretary Stimson had his honeymoon there


Are you cosmically stupid instinctively, or do you work at it?


It takes him nine months to decide on a mission we're already on, an actual new crisis would be beyond him, several would task him
to the limit. but we have the expertise of Biden

On “Portrait of a Failed Presidency: "What the Heck Are You Up To, Mr. President?" by Kevin Mattson

Right I'm just making the comparison between now and 1977. The Shah of Iran was still on his throne, although the Ayatollah's transfer
from Najaf to Paris, would hasten his departure.
Pannetta tried to pull a Turner, but that didn't hold so far. Now interest rates will like spike and we really didn't get around to fixing that
subprime problem, with the resetting rates


Carter was a piker, with Obama just comparing their first year in office. At 10.2 (closer to 17%
unemployment, before the inevitable
hyperinflation and interest rate spike, there hasn't quite been a Halloween massacre, type purge of Langley, but not for lack of trying. With the Russians ruefully suggesting a possible first strike, the Iranians announcing ten more nuclear facilities, the upcoming show trials in NY. 'interesting times' my friends

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