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On “CONTENTION OF THE DAY – since we’re stuck with Obama, it’d be better for McChrystal to go

I agree that 0bama is in deep doo doo, now that he's the laughing stock of the military. Getting through this will take some real creativity on his part if he is to win our troops' respect, and get them to stop snickering at him as soon as they are out of earshot.

Both he and Michelle should immediately undergo basic training as well as Airborne Ranger Advanced Training. From that point on, he and she should wear the good old fashioned garrison cap from WWII and Eisenhower Jackets.

On “The other obvious

No, I think Steele addressed many things very well, and his thoughts on the purposes of hatred dovetail nicely with George Guilder's insightful explanation of Jew hatred.

I can, however, see the reason why some would reject even the best thought out argument. It saves you the trouble of judging right from wrong and the inconvenient consequences of taking sides. All things being equal, all things are equal.

Some admire the Swiss. Some do not.

But, I thought you'd all be interested in my new moderate Moslem frem, Ali Bin David. He likes bacon sandwiches but won't eat baked ham, and he only beats his wives on Tuesdays.


Colin: I wonder if I am the only person who, upon reading your most recent effort, the other obvious, had the reaction, "He said what?"

For me, out of all the columns found in all of the media today, and maybe for the past several weeks, Steele's is by far the most compassionate, the most humane, the most brotherly, the saddest and most poignant, and tragic, and you've gotta come up with some reason to quibble with it, to say that it isn't necessarily true, and to say that somehow the very opposite could also be equally valid.

It isn't necessarily true in a world in which everything is relative and in which words have no definite meanings and in which there is no difference between right and wrong, between good and evil. It is not necessarily true in a world in which hypocrisy is not necessarily a bad thing (maybe perhaps we could construct some abstract place in which hypocrisy is actually a valuable tool for successful interaction?).

If this was 145 years ago and Lincoln just gave The Gettysberg Address, I bet some very deep and learned fellow could guffaw and say, " so effing what, the opposite could just as well be true!" , right? And that Pericles guy, who the eff did he think he was saying those fallen Athenians were somehow noble and worthy of being remembered, right? And what about that Jesus guy, and that so called Sermon on the Mount, who the hell was he for Christ's sake?

So, I hate to differ with you again, and maybe there really are lots of organized Moslems who are indeed moderate except when you ask them to come out and publicly condemn honor killings and beheading Jewish journalists, but on this one thing, my frem, I gotta say,


On “Cost of Islamophobia 3 – Islamism and Modernity

@ fertiziling treefrog:Tell it to the ACLU, Froggie. (but don't Mister Peanut and his handmaiden, Big Sis, have very special plans for our internet freedom?)

They incite in their mosques and associations while you dither and tut. In Barry 0's brave new world, sites like this will be illegal, but organized Islamists who incite and spread hatred and violence will be a ok.


Thanks to our prevailing pee cee over eager insistence on not too harshly judging what may simply be legitimate differences of culture and opinion, 12 innocents were murdered at Fort Hood.

And Major Hassan, who had no bidness being a major, is a hero in much of the Islamic World.

Would it have been too Islamophobic to drum his miserable ass out of our military as soon as he started spouting smack about how we were slaughtering innocents in his neck of the traditional woods?

He got to shout allah akbar, 12 people got to die before their time, and our progressive wishful thinkers got to ignore yet another example of a dedicated enemy bleeding our strength away.

Or was the Army correct to promote his funky ass and look the other way?

We can't risk offending these people in our wonderfully diverse little village, right? The diversity nazis might demote us, right?

No wonder Vladimir Putin sneers at us, and no wonder OBL called us a weak horse.


Sorry, for the distancing, Colin, my frem.

There has been so much good discussion, creativity, humor and good cheer around here since Commentary banished us that it pains me to see endless semantic debate regarding abstract ideas such as progressivism or Islamophobia.

It's just friggin boring, beating dead horses, Colin, and I see no purpose served.

For instance, today's Philly Inquirer discusses Ayaan Hirsi Ali's latest book, Nomad. Reading that brief review and analysis, would you say that she is Islamophobic?

She comes right out and says that the religion is different from all others in its embrace of violence and intimidation, and she comes right out and decries those in the west (like you?) who avoid carrying out a critical dialogue with Islam for fear of somehow missing legitimate cultural differences, and appearing to be bigoted or intolerant or just plain unwelcome on Park Avenue or in Georetown's most lovely salons.

Christopher Hitchens wrote the intro to her original book, Infidel , in which he also criticizes vague western defenses of Islam such as W's religion of peace twaddle. He gets very specific in mentioning Tariq Ramadan, a Moslem many westerners think of as the ideal moderate, when he really is not very moderate at all.

So moderate Islam may be a lovely theoretical concept for those who studiously ignore reality, but aren't you defending a notion of moderate Islam which is absent from the real world?

What is the purpose of dat, my frem?

Why all the columns of words. Certainly, tens of thousands of Moslem families live in peace with the rest of us in London, Toronto and Chicago. I get the sense that most of them live very secular lives in which their religion is practiced mostly at home. Probably the vast majority want nothing to do with 'charities' which fund jihad and mosques which sell "Mein Kompf." Is this enough? Should they also form organizations to defeat the jihadists? Are they able to speak out without too much fear of being murdered? If not, how can we entertain the notion of a peaceful and tolerant Islam for a split second?

Because we want to? Because we have some kind of stubborn adherence to an abstract ideal?


I don't enjoy this seemingly endless argument in which Colin seems to make up an imaginary predominant Islam which is peaceful. In spite of much evidence to the contrary, and in spite of a resounding silence among Muslim majorities, periodicals, media outlets, organizational charters in response to the entitled and dogmatic cruelty, brutality, bigotry and rejection of the very idea of tolerating those outside the Muslim sphere, Colin continues to maintain that any who sound the alarm about this obvious and growing threat are some kind of intolerant provocative bigots.

I reject any who callously and cynically pull the race card to silence dissent. Now it seems that a new Islamophobe card is being played to dismiss any who see the need to address a very real threat.

It seems doubly strange to me since our common roots on this site seem to nurture and arise from a desire to not be credulous saps, or self deluded ga ga heads, oblivious to reality. We, for the most part have agreed that much of what is wrong with the world results from fuzzy thought and wishful thinking.

This simply does not make any sense to me. How much evidence is required? As the murders and other incidents of brutality and intolerance mount up and as brave woman appear to testify about their subjugation, and as the majority of Moslems continue to either silently cower or passively enable their most bloodthirsty co religionists, it seems to me that anyone who insists on ignoring all of this must have some kind of intellectual tic, or perhaps a chronic need to argue over every word or concept, even when reality clearly overwhelms abstract words and concepts with very real blood and terror.

On “Imam McCarthy’s newest fatwa

There is a great butcher shop not far from this here neighborhood near the mansion of the Thetan, (G@d-Like) Mister Peanut and his sweet bride.

It's called MOO AND OINK's.

Con permiso, I would like to open the first Moo and Oink's in lovely Manhattan, across the street from said non Mosque.

And I have another suggestion: Could they (the very peaceful designers of said non Mosque) be required to erect a memorial in their lobby: a headless statue commemorating Danny Pearl.


Colin, my dear hombre:
I think you are insisting on a literal interpretation of our freedom of religion principal, while mocking other forms of literalism, such as literal views of the Founders' concerns regarding limited government. You take the nice sounding religious freedom meme and rub outraged noses in it, and yet you lecture us on being able to respect nuance and gradual evolution in other matters.

I don't get it, but I think this is why Ken and some others are getting impatient with you. I, however, listen to my frem, Lotus Feet, and seek to patiently and lovingly await your greater understanding of the subtleties involved in this discussion about a mosque on ground zero, if not your total illumination into a cosmically conscious Tsar.

You must see that there is a need for the people of Islam, if they are truly the religion of peace, to do more to rid their religion of the very not so peaceful dirtbags who want to slice off your head, dear Tsar, who want to dominate all of us who are not Jews, and murder all of us who are Jewish, like they did to Daniel Pearl. This is why most Americans do not want a Mosque on that ground. They are noticing the not very peaceful adherents of this peaceful religion more and more, as they do more and more wicked stuff. The Mosque goers must do a better job of making sure the religion of peace is peaceful, you see. Otherwise, they are just taking advantage of the useful idiot multiculturalists, freedom of religion folks, and others who seem to think they can coopt the men in turbans and the ladies in head scarves and veils, by being nicey nicey, and being certain that 99 out of 100 Muslims really have no interest in killing us or dominating us or dressing our females like them, and all that.

I think you understand this, but don't really want to understand this because somehow it would make you seem like less of a humanitarian good guy if you insisted they build their new mosque in Chinatown or on Avenue D and 11th, or some such other place near a very convenient subway stop.

I mean would you be surprised, shocked and disappointed if the book shops in these houses of peacefulness had books like "Mein Kompf" and "The Protocals of the Elders of Zion" for sale? It wouldn't be very nice to ask them about these great literary works, would it, my frem?



Didn't the French and the Swiss recently protect their own Frenchness and Swissness in various ways? And them Europeeans make themselves out to be the ultimate authorities on multicultural correctness. Shall we insist on nude beaches in Malaysia?

Seriously, one more bigee like 9/11 or yet another attempt to down a packed airplane, and people here may be moved to reopen internment camps. Clearly Muslims are afraid to set about defanging their religion, lest their heads go missing. And we're talking about allowing a friggin' mosque on or very near ground zero where 3000 innocents were murdered!

On “First Term New Jersey Governor Presidential Prospect For a Mere Two Years After Taking Office? – Nyah, Never… Not in a Hundred Years!

The latest was Mister Peanut emailing his latest UTube blast to his $50,000.00 and up Goldman Sachs donors.

He's singing and dancing HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW?

Instead of questioning their allegiance to this demagogue-clown, they nod at each other and say, "you know what this means, right? At least $200,000.00 per head next time around!"

On “Forgetting Wilson (Reply to Jonah Goldberg)

@ CK MacLeod:
So, what's the deal with Meg? Is she really for amnesty and all that other libral crap?

I'm interested because I used to live in N. California, way back when they had free concerts in The Panhandle.

On “First Term New Jersey Governor Presidential Prospect For a Mere Two Years After Taking Office? – Nyah, Never… Not in a Hundred Years!

Christie vs Obama debates would make Mister Peanut a two pack a day man.

Christie would laugh at him, and smoke would start coming out of those comical ears.


Bravo, Christie!

How 'bout a new song, "Play Christie For Me?"

On “CONTENTION OF THE DAY – America abscondita

I think Ken has a wonderful way with words.

We could debate all night about the meaning of evil, but I think it's easier to spot than pornography. Some people do not recognize evil, even as they are being marched to the nearest railhead.

As they set the stage for continued assaults on free speech, we mustn't call them evil. As they paralyze the economy with mountains of debt, new taxes, old taxes and new libraries on top of the old libraries full of regulations, we mustn't get too alarmed, nor should we seem paranoid as they groom millions of new voters and dozens of new ways to vote for them. And we mustn't quote their words saying they want to fundamentally remake Amerika and remake our laws. Such literalism is not sophisticated, ya know!

Shall we call it evolving progress, then?

On “Sarah Palin shouldn’t be pretending Glenn Beck is normal

Yes, Friday was a slow day, so I started the creative process then, and just finished it about 3 hours ago.

With such wunnerful and appreciative frems, what more could an Alpha Man ax for? If you really, really like it, my brothers (do the sisters like it too?), you hab mi permicion, amigos, to highlight it on this wunnerful zombie website somehow, (next to the masterworks of Lord Sully?) or even share wit frems at hot air, etc.


Speaking of Van Jones, do you folks know that he has taken a position at Princeton University as a visiting scholar? This comes a few years after Princeton became Cornell West's sanctuary after Larry Summers suggested he try a little serious scholarship at Harvard rather than behaving like a privileged gad fly, handing out A's and composing off the cuff hip hop lyrics.

Soooooo, your always gentle frem visualized an orange and black Statue of Liberty on that campus with a poem after Emma Lazarus' "The New Colossus" at its base.


America the mean, so mean, we blame
Her arrogant power ignominious, over sea and land
Look here, you racists, you will be banned
A mighty brother's gonna bring you shame
He'll torch your banks and dish out blame
Give them the wealth, we're militant, you mothers!
Give them the wealth for all the brothers!
Acorn, Van Jones, Cornell West: They've all been framed
Keep all that free enterprise stuff, cries she
With sneering lips, "Give me your fired, your slick,
Your radicals, broke and yearning for some cash.
Free paychecks for the bitter revolutionary cliques.
We'll teach your young elite to hate, and other trash
We'll smash your once great campus, brick by brick


I think Glenn Beck will get along just fine, and his already enormous, massive audience will continue to grow without our dear Tsar's blessings.

Today, he spent about an hour reacquainting many of us with Sam Adams and John Adams. It was a tremendous mitzvah, as my Bubba Rivka would say. He spoke about the brave leaders of our revolution, how much they believed in their righteous cause, how much many of them sacrificed to do this for us. Unless you were already a specialist in our colonial history, you probably learned a lot between five and six PM this evening.

Teaching a growing audience to revere our Founders is a good thing, is it not?

On “CHART OF THE DAY – Heavens to Murgatroyd…

See, Glenn Beck is a great morale booster!

On “Adventures in Epistemic Opening – Manzi vs Levin and the Fate of Everything

When my Grandma Rivka didn't like someone she would look her right in the face and say you are a miserable person!


@ Ken:
You can't argue with a sick mind, Ken.


@ strangelet:
You are a very nasty person.

On “Limbaugh over the line

This is a most impressive discussion.

Thanks to all.


I gather Lani Davis is a decent guy. Remember, during all the fuss about Bubba's strange dealings with the Chinese, fund raisers, various bimbos, etc, Lani, the quintessential man from Dale University, would always holler Where's the pwoof? on national TV?

Now, we have our dear Tsar demanding we provide him with pwoof, and no matter how many people and situations we cite from Billy the bomber Ayers, to Bernitdown Dohrn, to Anita Dunn, the Mao Tse Tung loving now ex Czar of something or another (she didn't just say, "Mao", she reverently said Mao Tse Dung with great clarity and love (ask voice analysis metrics folks at NICE Corporation, to give them the wealth! Van Jones, to that humble paragon of interracial love and respect, The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, to the aget in their faces anger, to the nationally televised disrespect of seven Supreme Court Justices sitting mute in front of him, to the demonization of Chrysler bondholders as 'fat cat speculators,' to the comfortable campus wide hatred of the unwashed conservative majority, we can never bring enough examples of their fundamental hatred and arrogance, and the oozing disgust and intolerance they hold toward we who differ with their elite opinions... we shall remain unable to convince our dear Czar that these people are dangerous, and that, if they have their way, our country as we know and love it, could be forever lost, and that we could enter into a very long and dark age in which the human race suffers on a monumental scale.

We must hold dear, my frems, those champions like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck who are more than willing and very able to do all they can to stop this pestilence with all the rhetoric and all the mocking and all the humor and all the ridicule and all the scorn they can muster.

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