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On “Paul Ryan on Real Progressivism

Does this mean you don't think we should ridicule "progressives" like Barbaraaa Boxxxer, Bawney Fwank, Queen Sheila Jackson Leeaaaaaaaaaahh, and Arlon Spectour?

I like Wisconsin's Ryan too. He ran circles around Mister Peanut at Blair House. He grew up poor and he's still poor. He sleeps on the floor of his office he's so poor. His family has to stay in Wisconsin he's so poor.

I think he deserves to be elected President. He wouldn't have to sleep on the floor anymore, and he'd have his wife and kids with him all the time upstairs at The White House, right?

On “The Point of Being Annoyed with Glenn Beck

I would define progressive as a purposely confusing term which leftists currently use to mask their totalitarian politics. Progressives tend to congratulate themselves for their abiding virtue and compassion while they heap scorn on any and all who might oppose their efforts to truck us all to their animal farm utopia whether we want to go there or not. Progressive is what Friedrich Von Hayek meant when he spoke of "a fatal conceit." Progressives tend to view their beliefs as so important that they feel entitled to employ any means necessary to achieve their goals.

Some progressives really mean well. They are what Stalin called "useful idiots" because they unwittingly open the door to the murderers who have no probllems whatsoever with organized violence and mass killings in the name of justice and equality.

Often progressives grew up with fathers they hated like Mao did.


Is someone here trying to infer that we should all respect the term, progressive, and that Glenn Beck is a very bad man for heaping scorn on this wonderful term, now used by the Hillary Clinton's of the world to self describe their vain brand of politics, now that the term liberal is thought of as a dirty word? Will they then switch back to liberal when enough voters have figured out what progressive now means?

Gimme a break! Way back in the 19th century, liberals were against slavery and serfdom. They were for human rights. Leftists grabbed this term for themselves well into the 20th Century, since, according to them, they were the humanists,and anyone opposed to theirnanny state, high tax, anti growth agenda can never think of himself as a humanist. Now they want to be known as progressives, now that voters have wised up to the corruption and waste associated with liberalism. Now they want us to call them progressives because they are for progress, and we who thwart them, are not.

And we are expected to scold Glenn Beck because he insists on exposing these clowns for the conceited totalitarians they are?



Beck is not the only conservative to worry out loud about the likes of Lindsey Graham and John Mc Cain. Laura Ingraham, soft and sweet and pretty as she is, has also been very hard on the RINO's.

Isn't McCain Feingold a monstrosity which real conservatives on the
Supreme Court just struck down? Didn't Mc Cain refuse to draw attention to Mister Peanut's radical associations? Wasn't that a big mistake? Didn't that mistake help confuse voters about who this clown really was? Mc Cain is so full of himself that he wouldn't listen to experts who declared Washington National Airport was unsafe (probably because he and other Senators loved their free parking close to the gates there).

And Lindsey Graham became a Senator because of how hard he went after Clinton as a Congressman, musing out loud "what kind of man would have an affair with a young woman, and then proceed to try to destroy her character when he was found out?"

I think people are legitimately upset with Graham's new "independence,' which means he was comfortable voting for the porkulous bill monstrosity.

I understand how some might wonder about the effect Beck's schtick has on our virtuous liberal friends. Yes, he maddens them.
Maybe they don't deserve it. But, maybe they do. Maybe they need to better understand where all their good intentions are leading us.


@ CK MacLeod:
Our politics reflect our own personal experience, and, having lived in Berkeley and San Francisco from 1966 to 1979, and, for many years now, in The People's Republic of Hyde Park, Chicago, which has spawned the likes of Ayers, Dhorn and Mister Peanut, I wonder how well you understand the brothers and sisters who are the bedrock of the progressive movement who really love Che, Mao, and Alinsky, people who long for a heaven on earth here and who feel entitled to get what they want by any means necessary.

Beck seems to really bother you and the great minds at Commentary as well as the semi virtuous Bill Bennet. Glenn Beck devotes a great deal of his shows to warning us all about the totalitarian tendencies of the left.

Isn't it good that he is calling on America to pay attention to the left's endless propaganda campaign? Can you try to understand how determined they are to destroy what so many of us want to retain? Don't we agree that there is a crying need to work for a new rebirth of freedom and prosperity?

He's pulling the left's covers and it ain't pretty. For instance, he notes Congresswoman Shakowsky's husband who wrote a now popular with the 0baba Administration guideline for the left wingers while he was in jail for bank fraud. This guideline is similar to Alinsky's former "Rules for Radicals". It calls for programs which 'overload the system', and the goal is to hasten the failure of capitalism.

Our belief in freedom and opportunity and virtue has an emotional component as well as the very best of rational truth. Beck is helping tens of thousands of Americans understand just why they are mad as hell and why they won't take it anymore.

On “A Unique Take on Obama's Dual Crisis

Chicago can deliver The Presidency in '12 just as it did for JFK. Acorn learned how to rock the vote with dead people and moved people in Chicago.


Given O-Slash's sagging base and contentious domestic issues, and, given his hope and change personality which will always excuse inaction with lofty and boring rhetoric, I doubt our Mister Peanut of a President will do much of anything.

On “Messiah >> Joker >> Zombie >> Man

Someone should forward this to Professor Homie Bhabha.

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