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On “Islamic Statism and Historical Necessity

Hamid, doesn't really answer the question, why so many foreign fighter, 15,ooo in the last count, from all over the world, are drawn to an extreme chiliastic Salafism, more particular to his sponsors in Dohan and the Kingdom as any other place, outside the Taliban emirate, how respectable schoolmasters in London, central bank employees in one instant in the former place, have become fundraisers,


I think the scenario will go down more like that in Terry Hayes,'s ' I am Pilgrim' (he was involved in the original Mad Max film) it's a murder mystery/spy thriller, involving the former title character. an Ivy League educated doctor turned intelligence agent, on a search for the Saracen ,a Saudi doctor trained in Lebanon, with a one man biological cataclysm, it covers from New York to Paris to Turkey and everywhere inbetween,


Yes, the Eugenics wars, then the nuclear war, which seems to be somewhere in the 2060s, then Colonel Green's reign, it's left unspoken, maybe Roddenberry, imagined a counterpart to the Black Death, that preceded the Renaissance,


well a positive fruit of the Arab spring, is the defeat of the Salafi Ennahda 'Renaissance'

party in Tunisia, in favor of the more moderate Nida, this is in part  because the former's less than enthusiastic rebuttal of the Islamic State.

On “IS or ISIL or ISIS or Daesh as “existential” threat

the problem is the newest dissenters against IS, like Maqdissi, the mentor of the predecessor organizer, Zarquawi, Quradawi, and Bin Bajjah all have argued in favor of similar applications of Sharia, against western interests, the fact that Sotloff and co, had shown sympathies with said organizations in the past, as has at least one aid worker, is immaterial,

On ““no uplifting realist”

ISIS must be crushed, decimated, each root must be severed, much like the Strigoi

On “Fact, Value, and the Destruction of Daesh

The enemy is not war weary, that is the greater point, it is the strong horse yet again, that has earned adherents from Acer to

On “Incredibly Obvious Solutions to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Why is it frog, that in nearly 20 years, nothing good has come from the Authority, first with Arafat, and now with Hamas, Israel is to blame, they were hunting down jews before there was an Israel,


Yes, the Palestinian state, has been corrupt, gorged with Saudi and now Qatari contributions, but it doesn't produce anything, the relief aid went to build the tunnels for the rocket launchers to be sent through,

On “OBL’s Argument (3): Leviathan

Missing the point entirely, Hamas and AQ, use civilians as shields,
and target civilians deliberately from schools, hospitals,

On “Open Thread

Greeting Herr Grosch, how's the tadpoles, yes much as Fatah ended up in Tunis, after Beirut, but there is more of an affinity between Quradawi, Al Jazeera, the Taliban, et al,

On “Osama Bin Laden’s Interesting Argument (1)

Well close enough, John, Hamas's charter is dedicated to the destruction of the Zionist state, a nihilist project, if ever there was one, Bin Laden's were from my earlier interpretation. a little more limited, yes Shin Bet did work with Hamas, as undoubtedly the CIA worked with the members of the Peshawar council of Mujahadeen,
like Hekmatyar, Khalis, Raisul Sayyaf, whose cadres would later comprise AQ and the Taliban,

On “ever higher (interlude on Binladenism and Gaza)

And yet Hamas's use of civilians as Human shields, is done exactly for that purpose, Walzer's argument runs afoul of the notion that Fatah is in partnership with Hamas, did he forget that,

On “Open Thread

Qatar is the headquarters of Hamas, a leadership base for the Taliban, the quartermasters for Nusra Front, (I know they are still a thing

On “Exceptionality vs Exceptionalism (Comment at S-USIH Blog)

America, is an idea, that goes back long before the 13 colonies were
even adopted. William Bradford was the quintessential representative
of this view

On “Osama Bin Laden’s Interesting Argument (1)

You do understand the difference between propaganda and reality,
Bin Laden was a warlord who wanted to recreate what Ibn Saud had done almost a century earlier, topple the regime, the US stood in his way, Ali Mohammed's papers, showed the belief that the first WTC attack, would cause the US to retreat, having failed the first time, they redoubled their efforts,


Did we miss what Hamas's charter is, all they do is murder and maim, and train their children, to do the same. Has this not been
made clear for eight years now,

On “Open Thread

well you have another explanation of why he seems to follow Qatar's lead, why he rewards Hamas for their intransigence,


Well I would say, it's quite obvious that Kerry is anti Israel.

On “The De-Civilization of Gaza

No it is not, Hamas uses tunnels into the Territories, in preparation for a Mumbai or 9/11 type event, they use schools and homes for their mortar bases, the fact that most rockets fired, are deflected by the Iron Dome, is used as an excuse to condemn Israel,


they are clearly victims, like the ones subject to the crips and bloods, but it's a little like what Russian propaganda has driven
people into a fever pitch over,


It illuminates the parallels between the rump Donbass republic, and the Palestinian authority,

On “Open Thread

A minion of the Saud's so devoted, he obfuscated the reality that Arabian kin were responsible for 9/11, and for some of the greatest carnage in Syria, a remarkably cynical exercise,

On “The De-Civilization of Gaza

One should take a slightly different tack;

along the same axis that Friedman outlined, but a different angle,

On “TTD vs TDT 2014.07.19

The events in the Donbass, remind me of that thread, about Call of Duty, a year or two ago,

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