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On “Among the things about which I have no time to care

all the aggression was on our side

We were helping England in lots of ways,what was Germany doing to us?


13.George Jochnowitz wrote: Rex,
Germany declared war on the United States before the US responded.
14.fuster wrote: @ Rex Caruthers:
but that they declared war upon us.

We weren't neutral, we declared war de facto before they did. They didn't want war with us;and we pushed them into it,however,once we found about their Final Solution plans,we had every moral right to do some regime changing,but previous to that,all the aggression was on our side;both of you know this,so what's the point?


George,please see the pattern:
Germany 1917
Germany 1941
Korea 1950
Vietnam 1965
Iraq 1991
Iraq 2003
Afghanistan 2009
None of these countries attacked us or were factually a threat to our national security,yet,in our opinion,they were viable threats,those opinions guided us into 26+ years of warfare at the following expense(Fill in the Blanks) $s,Casulties,Deaths.
Do you see a pattern of self-deception,imperial hybris,and grotesque hypocrisy in these wars of aggression.


George,Please recall that the last time we f---d with NK/China we left 50000 corpses to commerate that conflict. If you went to the afterlife,how many of those 50000 would say that sacrifice was in our national interest in an undeclared war.
Also,remember that NK&China have a 3000 year relationship/the idea of "blood-brothers" turning against each other in order to further our interests in that region is not viable. \
That you use the example of total failure in NK to somehow contrast/justify our failures here is a mystery to me.


I have no concrete evidence to back me up

George,please,so what?,we don't live in NK,we live in the increasingly juvenile USA.


that the main issue was masturbation

What about Mutual M,or is that an Oxy?

On “Flamesem & Japesem (Operation American Freedom)

SM/ We can affect things in a positive way just by believing that good things are going to happen.

The above is safely within what I call the "Comic Tradition" in Western Civ. The Judeo-Christian Buttress is strongly "Comic" in the sense that it has a "Happy" ending,(Christs overcomes death)/(The Divine COMEDY).
The other support is the "Tragic Tradition" in which my sensibility is more comfortable both the Greek and Shakespearean(Shakespeare is a dual Tragi-Comedic sensibility. However,even in "High" Tragedy,there is a deep comic vein in at least two areas(1) It's humerous watching the Tragic hero and his entourage believe that they can believe their way out of their checkmated position(2)After all the Blood and Gore is cleared away after Act 3or5,those in charge,the Gods or whatever,are still in charge,and have had a good time playing Chess with the "Little People"
So,is the Universe Hardy's Tragic killing Fields,or Milton's 2nd Paradise around the 2ND Adam(Christ) If you Conservative,the Universe is a positive place,if you're Liberal/progressive,it's malevalent. To the Taoist,it is what it is.



You're right MC,besides revaluating our currency,we got a whole bunch of other fish to fry to repair our fiscal system.
My secession "solution" is just a personal preference,if we split up,it will be because we are forced to,rather than choosing to, I fear in the near future,there will be many things we are forced to do,that we would rather not including "temporary" suspensions of our constitutional rights.


#41 MC/
I would have liked to know your Grandpaw,he sounds like an interesting person.
My hotbuttons are Balance and Stability;which is why neither the Liberal or Conservative spectra can be in the lead for too long,the idea of seven fat/lean years should be applied wider,seven Conservative/seven progessive years. One problem we have right now is that we have extracted the worst from the Cons and the Libs,and have tried to superglue them together into an unholy dark matter structure.
Also,B&S/ are the glue to any long term economic properity/Creative Destruction is great as long as its not 90% Destruction.10%Creation,which,unfortunately is what we are experiencing at the moment. I owe this mode of thinking to a life long study of the Tao-Te-Ching & the full edition of Murphy's Laws.


SM/with it so effortlessly exemplifies what the educational system of this country used to be capable of helping people develop.

This is a muich bigger compliment than you realize,because the vast majority of what little I know is based on on my own personal reading & interaction with people more knowledgable than me like CKM,Fuster George,and Miguel. However,one of my old professors was fond of pointing out how much you need to know to realize how little you know. But thanks:
Formal Education/5%
Self taught/95%*
*Self taught is an inaccurate term,if I learned wisdom from The Brothers Karamazov,for example,I consider it FD's ability to educate a dolt like myself as his ability,not mine.


How much attention was paid to the 9th anniversary of Dec 7,1941 on Dec 7 1950? Some,but not over the top,two reasons,we fought/won a real war,and we were involved in a new real war(Undeclared). Today we are inside an extensive fantasy narrative that competes nicely with our own history. We are in advance of anything Orwell wrote.
(1)War is Peace/we say we're at war,but 99.99% of us are not
(2)Freedom is Slavery,we're free to enslave ourselves in our fantasies
(3)Ignorance is Strength,the truth will enslave you,Ignorance allows you the Freedom/Flexability to create a non-factual world history
"Hiding in his cave, even Osama bin Laden must be surprised at the far-reaching effects of his attack on the United States nine years ago. He could scarcely have imagined that his enemy would have been so traumatised, and forced into two wars, endless expense and a curtailment of the rights of its citizens. But if there are any winners in this war without end, it is clearly Osama bin Laden."

On “Bonfire of the Islamophobic Vanities – Updated after Breaking News

The Golden Goose is alive and well, albeit a bit obese

"French economist Jacques Rueff once said "Tomorrow, to save man, we will give him a real currency." For a world that has suffered nearly 40 years of economy-retarding currency instability, that tomorrow is very near.
If history is any kind of indicator, by 2013 we'll return to money defined in terms of something real. No currency in history has lasted longer than 42 years after its intrinsic backing has been abandoned, and it was 39 years ago that President Nixon severed the dollar's link to GOLD."(GOOSE)


GJ/He understood that the CAPITALISTS WOULD kill the Golden goose, the other great Economists warned against killing that Goose but believed that Capitalist self interest would prevail,Who was right?


GJ/ People who admire Marx hate democracy.

I'll try again,Marx's ECONOMICS was consistent and compatible with the other great Economic theories,Smith,Ricardo,Mill,Bentham,Veblen,even Schumpeter,Von Mises,and Hayek. They all talked the same language,the only difference was the Free Marketers said that the were dangers/temptations that Capitalist society needs to avoid to maintain stability,Marx opined that Capitalist society COULD NOT avoid those same temptations/dangers(one being currency degradation),which would lead to inevitable instability. George,who was right?
I know nothing about Marx as a person,and his politics/social theories/philosophy are of no interest to me, but his analysis of Capitalism,is right on the mark. Long Live the US Republic/may the US Empire die a sweet death.


When and if the American national idea is supplanted by something else

Unfortunately,it has been,Bankruptcy is part of the supplantation,unhealed schism is part, but the main aspect of change is the view that our nation is a huge cow with 300,000,000 million tits. The upper one percenters want 90% of the milk pouring out of their 3000000 tits. Some tits are more equal than others.


Here's a narrative that makes sense to my defective intellect,notice I have spoken often of the advantages of secession,Ms Supkels is predicting a split into three. Elaine,although very obnoxious,is our Cassandra.

"One of the biggest and oldest oak trees in NY happens to grow on my own property. It is over 26 feet in circumference. It is more than a thousand years old. And it is about to collapse into three sections. It has been the main metaphor for the US empire in my blog: the US is NOT a ‘young country’ but rather, an old empire. We were part of the British, Spanish and French empires and then, instantly, on winning our revolution, we went on our own imperial rampage, displacing those three European empires.
These empires had to be bailed out by the US in WWI and WWII but only after we ravaged the Spanish empire in previous wars and basically, after WWII, we took over the French and British empire’s Asian and African territories even as the people there sought, often quite violently, to be free of both the US and European empires. The costs of this post-WWII empire building has been so immense, this post-WWII effort has basically bankrupted the US. We run on debts which we sell even to obvious future power rivals like China.
------When every political leader’s solutions are to continue deindustrializing the US, taxing the middle class to death and funneling all the wealth overseas or to a tiny clique of bankers, this will lead to a massive explosion and like my oak tree, the US will cease to exist and split in three: Arcadia (the NE sector and Great Lakes will join with Eastern Canada), the Northwest Alliance (Northern California to Alaska with Western Canada), Atzlan (Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and a huge part of Texas) and the Slave States of the deep South which will try to form an alliance with Atzlan. We shall see.
It happens a lot in history! No empire’s borders has been stable for more than 200 years."
Elaine Supkels


"Unfortunately, however, on September 11, 1973, twenty-eight years to the day before the Attack on America, our image as a defender of democracy was shattered when Augusto Pinochet overthrew the elected government of Salvador Allende in a bloody military coup d’état. Allende in the eyes of President Richard Nixon and his National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger, was a communist hostile to the interests of U.S. based multinationals with investments in Chile. Consequently, Nixon and Kissinger helped to engineer the coup. Afterward, furthermore, they supported Pinochet as he abolished the Chilean congress, outlawed political parties, censored the press and imprisoned and tortured thousands. The implicit message behind this sequence of events was the United States supports the interest of the wealthy even at the expense of democracy."


Let's give some credit to our own George J who has concluded that "selflessness" and "Virtue" are close to the roots of Terrorism. Professor Hassan writes that "Surprisingly, altruism emerges as a major factor in the complex set of causes behind the suicide attacks"

However,it seems to me that suicide bombing/terror is a way to educate a "Percieved" enemy, who believes he holds all the cards, that no one ever holds all the cards. REALITY is always a powerful subterranean force in this world of appearance,fantasy,and illusion. The suicide bomber is saying,we are all alone,we are born,live,and die alone. The illusion of a nation,of an empire,of wealth, all vanish in the one on one personal encounter with the nemisis. This is the core of the success of "Organized Crime",The force(Police,FBI,etc)that protects society is a legal fiction that is populated by individuals,who can be attacked one on one,(as well as their loved ones and Families). The Individual is the Weak Link for the Terrorist as well as the Criminal,their message,we'll get you,and The state and all its components is unreal. And they're correct. Therfore,if we become a target,we are required to target those who target us.


I think that President Dyer needs to realize that if Social Security and Medicare benefits have deep cuts,military pensions are going to go down that same route;maybe some common sense self interest might dawn upon her highness.
I know that she would think it gravely unfair even to consider that her pension/benefits should be reduced. JED,my dear,what makes you any different than any other good citizen who is living off one of those guv tits. We've all paid into the cow,but like in Animal Farm, do you think that some titsuckers are more equal than others?

On “Got your shalom right here, Portnoy

MC/ China similarly more of a competitor

Communist China is not an "Idealogical" competitor? Isn't China selling us the Rope that we will use to hang ourselves?

Maybe you could help Max out? How do we dtermine who the evil 7%ers are,and once located,do we Drone them out of existence? In other words is this entire chain of logic sustainable without turning us into a nation in which you would feel comfortable supporting?


I'm going to make a few points about a very confused/confusing piece by Cliff May in NRO today. His central point:
"Among the most significant lesson I’ve learned: Terrorism is not the core of the problem. It is merely the weapon of choice for some of the regimes, movements, and ideologies that are waging a war against the U.S. and other democratic societies."
Good enough,but a bit of a Truism,it seems to me that to the "Terrorists" the "Means" are the "End",destroying the enemies of Islam is Destruction =s Terror. "They see their enemies as “infidels” — enemies of Allah who deserve death and would be better off dead." Making them dead also =s making them dead via Terror.
Another "cofused" assertion was that we are facing two kinds of "Threat" violent and Non-violent,"There are those — call them “Islamists” — who are not militants. They believe non-violent strategies can more effectively hasten the transition from the rule of law as constructed by men to the rule of law as ordained by Allah, along with the transfer of global dominance from Judeo-Christian and secular societies to “the Muslim world.”
So Non-Violent "Competition" for Global dominance is now an act of War? What about China,Russia,OPEC,and even the EEC,are we not in competition with them for Global Dominance? Is it now War for others to even challange our self assumed World Leadership,(I guess those currencies that are pushing our currency away from the position as the World's Primary money,are at war with us?)
"But if, as has been conservatively estimated, only 7 percent of the world’s Muslims support Jihadism and/or Islamism, that’s more than 80 million people — a formidable force backed by enormous Middle Eastern oil wealth."
So(Non-Violent) Islamism is joined with (Violent) Jihadism to make our lives miserable. So what's the strategy for declaring war on 7% of Islam considering that 90% of that 7% are peaceful activists? Do we target and kill those who peacefully oppose our way of life/our Dominance?

On “Last Testament: Ill Fares the Land by Tony Judt

CK/I'm illiterate in both Burkean and Judtian philosophy;did they either address how a nation cures its propensity for bankruptcy without disintigrating itself or balancing its books by taking the assets of its neighbors via war?

Did Burke recognize the possibility of a State so corrupt that it "Must" be overthrown?

And finally,I'll repost what I quoted earlier,and please,If you disagree with the quote,I'm not a Constitutional lawyer,but what would Burke/Judt opine on the Declaration of War Issue?

“Therefore, when a U.S. president wages what might otherwise be considered a just war, if he has failed to secure a congressional declaration of war, he is waging an illegal war — illegal from the standpoint of our own legal and governmental system. And when the American people support any such war, no matter how just and right they believe it is, they are standing not only against their own principles and heritage, not only against their own system of government and laws, but also against the only barrier standing between them and the tyranny of their own government — the Constitution.”
NOTE BENE:The two most Conservative Presidents we've had since WW2,Eisenhower&Reagan aren't on the list. Eisenhower ended a major undeclared war,as did Nixon,I didn't include Nixon on the list,because he,like Eisenhower,inherited his undeclared war.

On “Two-Way Street – Frank Rich on Iraq


Dave Petraeus just got involved in the Burn the Koran day in St Petersburg Fla.,DP told the press that burning the Koran would put our soldiers at greater risk,not that Book Burning is a Nazi thing to do.


I welcome myself to Tea Land.
"Therefore, when a U.S. president wages what might otherwise be considered a just war, if he has failed to secure a congressional declaration of war, he is waging an illegal war — illegal from the standpoint of our own legal and governmental system. And when the American people support any such war, no matter how just and right they believe it is, they are standing not only against their own principles and heritage, not only against their own system of government and laws, but also against the only barrier standing between them and the tyranny of their own government — the Constitution."

On “No alternatives


I agree with you,he is being true to himself,and his administration. He's not an quick study.

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