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On “Soon to be lapping up on a shore near you…

Enviromental whako terrorists did it,ask Rush. OR Maybe OBL was behind it. Or Iran.

On “Sarah Palin shouldn’t be pretending Glenn Beck is normal

Thanks to Goldman Sachs and BP,the Democrats have a fighting chance in Nov. That's a shitty deal,but Drill Baby drill.


Ken wrote:
Japan Inc owns/controls the South.

A bit of an overstatement. However, I’d rather have Japanese companies selling Americans products made in America, than have them selling Americans the same products made in Japan.

That's great,Ken,except in either case the money flows back to Mother Japan to repackage those greenbacks to use against our interests. The South was was perfect location for Japan to sink her teeth into us,idiot workers willing to work for nothing,and insolvant state governments willing to sell the rights for Japan to entrench itself for peanuts. Bottom line,the South has always been the home for the cheapest labor possible. PS,it was the reaction to the Civil Rights act that turned the Dixicrats into the the power center of the Republican Party


The current Republican base in the South is not rednecks, but businessmen–many of them displaced Northerners).

Japan Inc owns/controls the South.


Neither FDR nor a New Deal was required to remedy matters.

Right,just a big bad war that put everybody back to work on the Federal Payroll. And that may be the Endgame for the current possible Depression that may be in its early but formative stage.


I consider myself an ardent opponent of Obamism.

There is no such thing,you may be an ardent opponent of Obama,but O has no philosophy except for OppOrtunism. Are you an ardent opponent of opportunism? That really isn't possible for you,being a dyed in the wool capitalist.


Constitutionalism is what saved us from the federal government imposing price floors on consumer goods

Farm Subsidies??? plus a million other interventions,


"They didn’t think there would be such widespread contempt of the
founding traditions of the nation, or maybe they did."

They did. They were trained in the Classics: They knew that humanity when broken down to the individual is a "ME FIRSTER" ,multiply that ME/FIRSTISM by your nations population and you get a force greater than what culture and education can contain. They never concieved of that MEFIRST force multiplied by 300000000,how could they?
I sincerely recommend a breakup of the USA similiar to the USSR breakup,in which citizens can chose that government/culture they need to pursue their happiness. I will never be happy in the world of Glenn Beck and Zoltan Newberry, and they will never be happy in mine. I respect them their pursuit,but one nation is no longer big enough to allow us all that pursuit. Step one,divide in two,and then redivide from there as needed.


"Adherence to the limitations imposed by the US Constitution is what has slowed down the progress of government encroachment over the last 100 years."

I wonder. The fact that the Constitution had no Balanced Budget language was the loophole for the government to use debt to create all sorts of mischief.


If Americans want the fruits of Socialism,Universal HealthCare,Social Security etc etc,and vote for those who grant them those fruits,Yeah though they deny Socialism,and sing the praises of Palinistic Beckian Randian freedom and good old dog eat dogism,If IT Quacks LIKE A DUCK/AFLAC


Ken Wrote:unconstitutional mandate to buy insurance

(To be determined,just your opinion,not a fact)

and to call an illegitimate government an illegitimate government

(Just your opinion,not a fact)

Ken,is this the first/only illegitimate government is US history?


narciso wrote:

You didn't mention dictating how much value your money will lose every year by Inflation;I wonder why Inflation is never mentioned as a primary sin of Government,maybe because Conservatives are as guilty of that Trespass as the Progressives.


All that said – the prisoners aren’t there because they questioned the wisdom of their leaders or distributed unapproved writings or were suspected of having done so.

That's right,many are there because they took a plea to avoid a longer time in jail waiting for trial,and the various threats if they don't take the plea,scaring the BJ out of them.


longer, depends on your definition). Last I checked, we were the ones who helped destroy the Gulagers.

The size of our prison population is becoming problematic to a casual observer,is it possible that "Big" Government is producing too many laws which incarcerate way too many people?,I understand that the drug laws are the big factor in producing an American Gulag,if we are allowed to call it that.

On “Adventures in Epistemic Opening – Manzi vs Levin and the Fate of Everything

"I think you’ve noted elsewhere that neo-Marxists can hardly restrain their glee and their sense of long-delayed validation in viewing the world’s current economic difficulties."

Screw their Glee,Marx was correct in some instances about errors of Capitalism,but he was mistaken most of the time about the virtues of Social-Communism. IOW,Marx was a great Macro-Economist,and a fifth rate socialpolitical analyst.


Margo wrote:"One does not have to disprove every paragraph in Das Kapital to reject the tory; it’s enough to show that the immiseration of the proletariat hasn’t happened."

It's more difficult to reject Marx's analysis of what can go wrong with Capitalism if we allow it to go wrong. Marx is in alignment with many of the "Approved" classical Economists on that score. One of the problems about having opinions on Economists is that you have to actually read those deadly tomes to understand them. Most people characterize economists according to some soundbites they picked up in school or from a blog somewhere.
The other big Elephant,of course,is that the world's 3rd largest econmy is run by "MARXISTS",apologies to Andy Xie,who feels that it will Bubble out Japanesse Style sometime.

On “Limbaugh over the line

Geoffrey Brittain wrote"---unfairness. That infantile inability to accept what is, prevents them from appreciating the absolute necessity for life’s inequality of outcomes."

They(Leftists) accept the unfairness as absolute necessity. They merely want to switch the goodies(Endlessly)from those that have them to those that don't. That switching does nothing to disturb life's inequality of outcomes,it just becomes part of the process.


Geoffrey Brittain said
"The ability of nations to put off the day of reckoning is facilitated by their ability to print money. But eventually that day cannot be delayed any longer."

You have been talking about Obama's complicity,but you never mentioned the Federal Reserve?????

How long in your opinion has this policy of printing money to handle short term debt problems been going on? Did it start in Jan 2009? Long term,of course,always has a day of reckoning,for everybody&everything,but short term tactics as a whole,add up to long term strategy.



In setting up a house of cards that lasted all of 70 years. Our House of Cards was set up 39 years ago,we're well ahead of schedule.


use and abuse

20% Use
80% Abuse

At the Moment


CK MacLeod wrote:
@ Rex Caruthers:
THE POSSESSED/DEVILS is one of my favorites, but you get into a kind of paranoid anything-is-anything-ism when you implicitly compare the Obami to nihilists and revolutionaries bringing chaos to a Russian province.

That's what is happening at ZC.


CK wrote,"devil or demon"

There is a context for this. Doestoyevsky wrote a novel about leftists in Russia,mistranslated,The Possessed,better translated,The Devils,best Translation DEMONS,then in honor of Doestovesky's novel,von Doderer(Austrian) wrote his Epic,Demons about the rise of Facism. Broch later wrote The Spell,and Mann wrote Dr Faustus,all of which describe the RED and BLACK fascism that swamped Europe. What is happening here is a different process;this is about the collapse of Empires(First the USSR),and the chaos that results therof. WW1,WW2,Russian Revolution were all results of the collapse of the old order of empires in the 19th Century.


"How can Obama’s actions, in regard to the economy, be anything other than intentional? He has to know the long term effect of his deficits. He has to know that they will lead to economic collapse."

If it is factually correct that this is intentional,then he needs to be tried/convicted of High Crimes/Treason,and removed from office. All you need is proof.


#5 wrote
smells/homeless underwear.
pouring out/crapper
arrogance and anger.
seething anger
hatred and hostility he vomited
rage/level of hatred.
boil leaking pus

#7 wrote:pig/oink

Is Obama a smelly,angry,vomiting,crappy,puss filled pig,or a nice 4h raised pig that goes to country fairs like Wilbur?


It is there, like a boil leaking pus all over their faces. We ignore it at our own peril, my frems.

What you saying is they hate what you love,and you hate what they love,and you all hate each other. Where's this going in the "Real" world that we all live in?

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