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On “Limbaugh over the line

I think code words are the key to this dispute. IN MY OPINION,Obama was elected to push our Government CLOSER to the West European model of Social Democracy,but that cannot actually be expressed by a Liberal Politician in America for obvious reasons,so the mandate remains subliminal.
The question that is interesting to me is that kind of pushing for Social Democracy: unconstitutional,illegal,treasonous???

I am linking Jonah Goldberg's piece from Commentary today. "What kind of a Socialist is Barack Obama?" Easy Answer,he's similiar to the kind found in Western European Democracies. It seemed Goldberg was not as comfortable with this subject as he usually is with his Liberal Fascism umbrella."But is it correct, as an objective matter, to call Obama’s agenda “socialist”? That depends on what one means by socialism." Okay Jonah,

On “Is our politicians lurning?

we need a leader to fix it

The leader has to know what to fix. There's little consensus as to what went wrong,however,most agree that the Government caused the breakdown. John Tamny's article represents a minority opinion,but,minorities can be correct.


Mr. Farrell is confused:

NOPE,the Kraken is pure Destruction,unconstrained Wall Street, Obama is the helpless "LEADER" who thought he could control the Kraken that has turned on him. The Gorgon is what destroyed the Kraken,Perseus was the Soldier,the Question is,Who is the Gorgon?


CK MacLeod wrote:
@ Rex Caruthers:
It depends on the timing and character of the next crisis.

Paul B Farrell takes this on in todays Market Watch/It's Kraken Time:


That may be true. Know of an any on-line correspondence courses?

Machavelli or Clauswitz,com


CK MacLeod wrote:
@ Rex Caruthers:
Yeah, because it consisted of like 50% typical spam stuff

Can you post it anyway,if not,please show me yours anyway,I went first.


You’ve frequently proposed that we take over the world’s oil fields as a source of new wealth, but any operation that cost us more than supporting $50/barrel (ca. 60% today’s spot market price) would be counterproductive. If we have several trillions to spend on conquest, why not spend a fraction of that amount building gasification plants that solve the same problem without blood and larceny?

Good points,we had the window and the justification when OPEC declared war on us by Quaprupling the price of oil. Lost opportunity too bad, so if we were forced,because of an Existential situation,to sieze Assets today,the whole point would be that the loser,the siezeee would pay for the cost of our trouble out of the siezed assets. You have a big problem thinking like an Imperialist.


I just sent a comment that was stopped by a Spam Filter?????


I’m not convinced Ø is dead

OK,I'll show you mine if you show me yours,In 2005,my family had $400,000 avaliable in Credit Card credit and various Credit lines,and another $150000 in Home Equity Credit on a Family income of $140000
annual. Today,on $115000 annual family income,we have $30000 of Credit Card/Credit Line Credit and 0$ home Equity. In 2005,our family debt level was total including house/$200000,today it is over $400000 including house. This is a fairly typical comparison. Please figure out our family's disposible income and our potential for further debt. Looks like 0 to me.



Nobody would accept that without guarantees against dollar devaluation/$50 Barrel is equal to $7.50 barrel in 1970 dollars.


It's not philosophy,it's the Economy,
Obama has proved he can't turn it around. Because our GDP is so dependent on Household spending,and it takes jobs to create disposable income to improve the economy creating more jobs and more dispoable income etc etc. We can't do it with Debt anymore,and that is what's killing Obama. The Debt overhang is affecting Government and Households. Many Companies have excellent cash reserves,but without the disposable income to buy their stuff,they're not spending that money. As a tactic to jumpstart the economy,DEBT IS DEAD.
So that means,that by 2012,the GOP has the presidency and both house,that also means that in 2012,the GOP is f---ed,because like now,they won't have debt to jumpstart the economy,and the cycle starts over again. The only thing that will work to jumpstart this economy is a new source of disposable income,not debt,not home mortgage ATMs, it's going to take twenty years to rebuild the job infrastructure that was lost during the last twenty years and that depends on the committment on any party to do that,but DEBT IS DEAD.

On “On re-reading Liberal Fascism: Defining Evil Down

I’ve always thought him, well, a little pitiable and more than a little obnoxious.

200000 Americans died in a stupid war which had little to do with our national security.


Short or long run,the solution to our impasse is simple to have two nations,Nation#1,you're on your own,cradle to grave,Nation#2 is socialist,everyone freely chooses where they live. There's no other way for this to work. And it will be very interesting to compare/contrast #s1&2 over the decades.


The Fact that the Government is in total control over the currency (money creation)means that the government can do whatever it chooses based on its political control. The right and left are on the sidelines screaming for the government to create money in favor of whatever programs they favor,but neither side thinks to take that power away from the government.


"I will argue that contemporary American liberalism embodies all of these aspects of fascism."

It would be more accurate to state that Liberalism can be taken to an extreme which incubates totalitarianism;while Conservativism,taken to an exteme,tends to Anarchism. Anarchism and Totalitarianism are first cousins,leading to lots of misery.

On “Paul Ryan on Real Progressivism

Unfortunately,the only politician who has anything to say about the fiscal core that THE PRAGMATIC CAPITALIST is describing,is Ron Paul,and that's going nowhere. I wonder what Ryan's thoughts on that description might be. I would guess that he's not one to rock the boat very much in terms of changing our fiscal underpinings.


I can't hold back,check out this headline from WP for a LOL

Jobless Rate May Rise as Many Come Back to the Labor Force

Please Recall that if we use 1980 criteria for figuring unemployment,we get 20%,from my Economics classes,25% was the old criteria for a major Depression.


How about this,if we had a sustaneable financial system as a nation,we could only afford "limited" progressive agenda items,because they should always be funded. Our problem is as follows, and if we can change this basic flaw in our system,we can start to move away from our fiscal insanity,(please read this very carfully,because the whole defect is explained right here by THE PRAGMATIC CAPITALIST)*

"We do not fund our spending via taxes. We do not print bonds to finance our spending. China is not our banker. Neither is Japan and neither is anyone else. As the sovereign issuer of the currency in a non-convertible floating exchange rate system we simply print money and control the money supply via monetary operations, taxes and spending and those who truly believe we can default on our national debt are wrong."

*THE PRAGMATIC CAPITALIST believes in the sustanability of our system as described above. Obviously, I don't.

On “It wasn’t a very good year: 1938 – Hitler’s Gamble by Giles Macdonogh

CK MacLeod wrote:
@ Rex Caruthers:
Your pessimism is too extreme,

Nothing to do with Emotions, we had a long general expansion/1971-to 2007 with some dips,we are now in a contraction(fact,not in dispute),the length&depth of this contraction is being played out among a lot of contradictory expert opinion.



It's worse than a Zero Sum,it's a shrinking pie,the pie expanded for decades,mainly thru Inflation,but it did grow,and now,like all systems do after a big expansion,it's contracting,starting July,2007. One of the things we debate here,is whether the expansion which started in 1971,was a fatal expansion.
The other thing you need to remember is that Government always always always trumps Capitalism.


James Joyce/History is a nightmare from which we haven't woken up
HG Wells/History is something we are doomed to repeat.

Your Tom Paines will soon be demagogues and the war will come anyway,and from an entirely unexpected place like WW1 starting in Sarajevo.


Two Problems with this Zolt,Time never runs out & there's always the next war.

On “How little you know: The Deniable Darwin by David Berlinski

Are you all as skeptical regarding Social Darwinism?

On “The Real Progressives

I began with Upton Sinclair. Do you doubt that his depictions of the lives of immigrant workers and conditions at American factories had some truth to them? What’s the point of bringing his and others’ poor judgment on other subjects into the discussion

Because,CK,those who are Exceptionalist Fundamentalists believe that the "Pure,unadulterated,pre-progressivist America is sacroscant in the sense that its faults are actually its strengths,for example Slavery wasn't a defect,it strongly demonstrated our fervid committment to property rights.


The Rebelious Children of Revolutionaries are Conservatives.


We know that the inverse is commonplace

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