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On “In a world of their own: Conservatives and Avatar

Zoltan Newberry wrote:
@ Rex Caruthers:
Rex, Old Bean, JRub’s essay was very critical, if you were listening, of the elitist and arrogant notions of too many supposedly well educated Jews, dude.

The Jews are right,as usual


fuster wrote:
@ CK MacLeod:
If Jean Kirkpatrick remains dead, her side of any conversation with Palin would still be the more informed and up-to-date one.

Palin makes Carly Fiorina look good.


You’re full of it.

Imagine SP in a discussion on Foreign Policy with Jeanne Kirpatrick or Condelessa,Condi was a disappointment only because she had the bad luck to work for W. She did her best but he made her look bad. CR got her PHD on Russian Foreign policy and is fluent in Russian;SP is fluent in Alaskan.Look at JRUB's article in Commentary "Why Jews Hate Palin" Why,because they respect scholarship,intellectual achievement, professional competence,high IQs/book smarts,SP is the antithesis of all that.


And it strikes me that something may have gone wrong in American conservatism if any hint of the “noble savage,” of intimate and mysterious connections to nature as God’s creation, has become off-limits according to the same people who, at a different time of the day or night, or a different blog post, will be celebrating the authentic frontier virtues, character, and elitist-mystifying spirituality of Sarah Palin

The only reason we are even aware of SP is McCain's desperation. On her own,SP could never have become a national figure. There is not one authentic aspect to her,she is 100% a PR CREATION. I wish there was a genuine first rate Conservative female presence like Jeanne Kirpatrick was, even Elizabeth Dole or Condelissa Rice make SP look like a moron.

On “Tales from the Geopolitical Crypt: Seven Deadly Scenarios by Andrew Krepinevich

Worthy of consideration for sure as the greatest Ameican novel, but please tell us more what Ahab and Ishmael have specifically to do with the War on Terror.

Ahab is mythically connected to the genesis of Christianity,while Ishmael is associated with the genesis of Islam. That's for starters,please check out the book I referenced above for an indepth analysis of the mythic archtypes that derive from them. And let's not forget QueeQueg,the Islamic Cannibal in MD


Sounds like what a nation named Israel has been dealing with for over half a century so far.

This brings me back to Moby Dick,and what a truly amazing prophecy of our pre-apocalyptic world that novel is. If you think about the deeper meaning in both the characters of Ahab and Ishmael,(check any good Old Testement Reference for the background),I recommend a Book entitled "A Dictionary of Biblical Tradition in English Literature" by Jefferies) Anyway,it's all there,the World of the War on Terror,in a Ninetenth Century novel about a Whale Hunt,Astonishing.


Tying it all together,we'd better get our heads out of our orifices,and reinvent our nations wealth in order to deal with these expressions of Murphy's Law. OR ElSE, we wait for the barbarians,see the poem by Cavafy,"WAITING FOR THE BARBARIANS" if you want a blow to your solar plexus.

On “Portrait of a Failed Presidency: "What the Heck Are You Up To, Mr. President?" by Kevin Mattson

"even then, I’m not sure how much of it would stand as mainly Oslash;’s fault." says CKM

"Fault doesn’t matter. The question that matters is blame." says Sully

"The Rich are Different from us" Fitzgerald

"They have more money" say Hemingway

"History didn't begin in Jan. 2009",says RCAR


I think that we are currently in a tradition of governmental incompetence that began in 1964,and each of us can make a good case for our favorite worst President. Mine is Nixon;nothing that Carter did and nothing that Obama could come up with can compete with Nixon;he was a genius of Presidential Chaos.

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