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On “Limbaugh over the line

Yes, and on the same Chicago campus, at The Court Theater several years ago, the Man of La Mancha Program notes drew parallels between the horrid jail conditions at Guantanimo and those portrayed in the play.

Yes, there was this absolute certainty on campusess everywhere that the Bush team were all criminals.

Ask them today why Iraq, Guantinimo, and Afghanistan are still open, and what you get is a look.. you know that look, my frems, the look that says you are sooooo like pathetic to ask these questions now that the Savior is in the White House.

My point here, dear frems? If Rush and Beck cannot expose this culture of phony knowingness with all the zest they possess, who can?


I agree with Geoffrey Britain! What a lovely name, I say! Please write to Her Majesty The Queen immediately, my dear man. Tell her she must visit Israel before she dies. Having visited some 60 odd other countries during Her reign and never Israel, this inadvertently sends a rather f@c&e% up message to Her subjects, shall we say?

Seriously, it is very nice and fine for Colin to postulate that they are not devils or demons. Perhaps he never had experiences such as I had several years ago at a wake for a great chemist at the University of Chicago. I met one of his fellow great scientists at a table sipping free wine, and the man grinned at me and, out of a clear blue sky, let loose that of course Rumsfeld was a war criminal.

Now, maybe Colin could have had a very civilized discussion with this very tenured professor about who might be and who might not be deemed a war criminal, but I, I took the road less traveled by. I left the frigging table, my frems.

This little incident is meant to illustrate a little something to my fair minded friends who want Rush and Glenn to never raise their voices even if they see that the raging fire is closing in on us.



Ya Know, Senior Narciso, I think they would like to go back to the me too, polite Republican politicians like the feckless McCain, Dole and Bush I, who were too polite to bother winning.


@ fuster:Do you think Barry & Michelle had the capacity to distinguish between Wright and a hole in the wall? And for TEN frigging years?? Hello??

Why did Barry suddenly become Barracks at Columbia? Was it to get some cred with all the wunnerful white pwogwessives?

How about changing your name?

Che Fuster?


Gosh, these endless circular arguments can get tiresome. At least the last several days, I've heard Beck invoke Ghandi several times, and he even says he prays when he gets too mad about what's going on.

I will repeat until the cows come home that many of these entitled people would stop at nothing, even more would stop at very little to foist their utopia upon us. Isn't that what Saul Alinsky taught them, that the ends justify the means? They have no compunction at calling people with African American grandchildren racists, stuffing ballot boxes and infiltrating trouble makers into tea party events. The dismissed Panther case, and several SEIU beatdowns are early indications of what many of them can will do as election season approaches.

SS and LF are totally correct on this, my frems. Our vision is constantly clouded by our projections, and, ha ha to those of you who think our opponents are simply polite idealists who want Fourstring's friends to get nicer government issued undies and free baths at the Holiday Inn every other day.

I can not help it if Limbaugh and Beck are on to something some of you would rather deny.

On “Is our politicians lurning?

And, Jemima Puddleduck just wanted everyone to just get along better.

It's what comes when you are all crowded together on a small island, having to be nice and line up 7 times a day, and then some bloke in his Rolls wizzes by. The nerve of 'im! Who does 'e think 'e is wizzing around in a Jag or a Rolls? It's bloody unfair, it is!


I think that this debate in this country has been over for quite some time now, with all Republicans (even Mc Cain) trying to channel the growing anger at the arrogance of the 0bamabots.

The English......well, they're just English, they are....too many long days at Oxford and Cambridge listening to leftists in black gowns, yup.

On “Faith-Based Politics In Place Of A Winning Program

Christie would be wonderful because he's a BLUE state dude. Having a funny, popular blue state person run and win would really hand them a defeat they'd have trouble explaining; far better and far different from a Texan or even an Ohioan eating their lunch.

Think positive, my frems. What a wonderful bench we have, especially if Meg Whitman wins in Ca. and if Paul Ryan continues to get face time.

If the chips continue to fall right, many of the most loathsome clowns will soon be gone, including Boxer, Dodd & Reid.


If you're traveling to Salon Country Fair, say hello to two who live there:

Glennnn the Wrennn and Jane the Thane

Ask them why they write in vain

Ask them why they're so insane

So much brain gout, so much pain

On “Paul Ryan on Real Progressivism

Go over to salon or Huffpuff and politely post something like taxes are too high or the gov doesn't have the answers to prosperity, the people do, and see what you get in response, and, then, you tell me that those lovely lively librals aren't a step or two away from building gulags, my frems.

On “On re-reading Liberal Fascism: Defining Evil Down

Are your really a Brown Man or just a brown man, brother?

Yes, there was a big spread about him (in the paper of record, I think) in St Croix with color photos of him and the little wife holding a fat cat, inside their little St Croix place, noting that, now that Princeton lets him teach only one class every three years, and now that the won all that Nobel money, he so chilled that he hardly ever twitches anymore.


@ Joe NS:
Look, Joe, you have no standing here. Wilson was a Princeton Man. You can always tell a Princeton Man but not very much, my frem.

They now boast of The "WWSAA," (Woodrow Wilson School of Apology and Appeasement), mind you. Also the great Nobel author who no one can read, Toni Morrison, teaches writing there. She's the one who proclaimed that our zipper challenged former President was "our first black president." Of course, you must know that Paul Krugman teaches economics there; it's called "The Economic School of Envy, Hatred, Higher Taxes and Decline." Also, they stole a great "public intellectual" from Harvard, one of your brothers, Cornwall Chest, who teaches courses in "Flapdoodle Hip Hop Proseology," a field in which he is considered the seminal, milky load pioneer. Just ask Larry Summers.

And, last but not least, you should know that Michelle Obama, yes Mister Peanut's First Lady, went there, while he only went to Columbia. She fondly recalls her four years midst all those gargoyles and ivy, wondering, "Where is MY trust fund?"


@ CK MacLeod:
So you experiment on us, Komrad Kolinsky!

We are your guinea pigs?

This is not very progressive, now, is it, my frem?

I have better idea: Give Zoltan regular commentator privileges with easy to use process of posting them. I propose regular 'MY DAY' column, modeled after Eleanor Roosevelt's my day column, which my paternal grandfather, Zoltan Kurleyevich Dushbagovskaya, hated like Hell. As soon as he saw one of her columns, or heard that voice over the radio, he'd start throwing dining room chairs. None of these chairs were safe after just two years of 'MY DAY'. It was terrible.


I only read books which are less than 300 pages (check out Henri Troyat's Life of Gorky and, of course, G. Gilder's latest), and posts which are less than 500 words in length.

I got as far at the post reconstruction bit, but isn't this obsessive P-word the word that fellow travelers, pinkos and card carrying members liked to call themselves? Glenn Greenwald's hero, Izzy Stone, was a progressive, (and Izzy, we have recently learned, got an allowance from some not very nice KGB progressives) and now, of course, Glennnn is an outspoken mouthpiece for the current pwogwessive line.

I wish Goldberg woud come here to respond himself to our Tsar's erudite reflections. He's probably too busy interviewing dancing girls in grass skirts on that island he bought with the proceeds of "Liberal Fascism," so I'll speak up for him, and note that we will never be as mean and dirty as our left wing antagonists. They really do cite Mao Tse Tung as one of their heros, and they really do believe that their dear ends justify their bloody means. Has anyone here ever heard of Saul Alinsky and some of their other models, such as Che Guevara? Are many of these folks who congregate at The First Unitarian Church of Madison and Temple Chai Kumbaya of Cambridge useful IDIOTS?

Yes they are, and maybe it doesn't help to gang up on them and call them fascists, even though that's what they love calling us.

But havn't we been too nice? Haven't Bob Dole, George Bush, Sr., and John Mc Cain, and other assorted politicians who lost been too nice? As our great Chicago model mayor once said, "politics ain't bean bag,"

Hello? (did I go over 500 words, my frems?)

On “Paul Ryan on Real Progressivism

People have a natural built in bs meter, and we should not worry sbout or internalize all the false insults the left flings at our champions. Most people not read their books, or even their long essays, but, when they see or even just hear Barnes, Beck, Coulter, Gilder, Goldberg, Hannity, Ingraham (I especially like seeing her), Krugman, Laffer, Limbaugh, Levin, Ferguson, Kristol, Miller, O'Reilly, Savage, et all, I think they see integrity, sincerity, understandable alarm, and credibility. Like everybody else, I like some of the above (Laura!!!) more than others, and, like the lady who kissed the cow, it is just a matter of taste.


@ CK MacLeod:
OK, we do need to present a positive vision of a prosperous future, free of bloated government, with modest public servants, and plenty of incentives for people to build wealth and take care of themselves.

People need to see that things can and will be much much better which is why I like Gilder so much, because capitalism requires freedom, and when it is protected from the grubby thieves, because of our unleashed creativity and our discipline, we can solve many human problems which have resulted in so much past misery, and, instead, really build that City On The Hill.

(How's dat for a run on sentence Miss Carsewell?)

Let's stop worrying about whether we can call it progress, OK?

Please, let's stop obsessing about dat schmogressive woyd, OK?

Den all dose pogwessives would be lafin' at chus, right?

We don' want any of that ka ka, do we?


@ narciso:
You, poor thing, simply lack the vision to visualize all the wonderful progress we can do together if we try. Just imagine, mi amigo, a great causeway connecting us to Cuba, more modern than the autobahn ever was, along with a tunnel with high speed bullet trains zooming back and forth and on time between Miami and Havana.

This investment would pay off our national debt and, after a year to iron out the kinks, start producing a return which would be spread around to all so we could all just lie back and groove and chill.

We can do this together, mi hermano en la guerra, (in this struggle, my brother, for those of you unfamiliar with Spanglish) as long as we legalize pot and turn Cuba into an enormous pot plantation.


I say let Barnie Frank and Jan Shakowsky and Andy Stern keep their pretty word, which means nothing but presumptive power grabs to people in the know (so, for people like me & probably most of you, all six of you, it's just an overused word, which they'll get very tired of using once 35+% of voters recognize that, yup, it means presumptive power grabs, higher taxes, more unemployment for non governmental salary slaves, more quotas, and more boondoggles).

95% of voters don't give a rat's ass about what terms were chic in Teddy Roosevelt's or Woodrow Willnot's times, they care about what's going on NOW. We certainly don't want to cause further confusion by trying to beg, steal or borrow the pompous, pusillanimous pretenders' favorite platitudes or words, do we?

And, I might add, as much as I worship our dear Tsar, long may he live, and long may his blessed reign endure, this endless discussion regarding a much abused and now very cheapened word that starts with p will do nothing to attract any brilliant new zombies to our zombie colony, and it even might bore the rest of us to death.

However, I hear that zombies do not die.

Isn't that right, my frems?


@ JEM:
You have a way with words. Verite.

On “It wasn’t a very good year: 1938 – Hitler’s Gamble by Giles Macdonogh

Commentary today touches on the fallacy of the zero sum game, which Mister Peanut and his avid crew adhere to. Animals live in a zero sum kill or be killed world, in which there is only one alpha.

Gilder has spent much of his productive life explaining how economies can thrive under free market capitalism and how everyone is lifted up. Unlike poker, the game of capitalism involves multiple winners, and the pot grows, not from other players' money, but, from the innovations and enhanced productivity which capitalism can bring.

The real danger to the world is, if the last bastions of capitalism are destroyed from without and from within, we humans will then again be subjected to the zero sum, dog eat dog, kill or be killed world of our distant ancestors. Hitler hated the Jews because they were good at capitalism, and, being evil, crazy, charismatic and fortunately not a very smart general, Hitler felt threatened by capitalism, a system in which no easy promises are made and in which there is no pretense of certainty. Capitalism allows for and welcomes genius and novelty and all the elements of progress and prosperity. We have been among the few to follow the biblical injunction against envy, and, instead, we capitalists have celebrated and championed success and the wealth success brings to us all.

We are in danger because too many are too ready to feed a new political class which is dead set on our destruction through their wasteful and corrupt confiscation of our capital.


Time ran out for the English after Munich, Rex, and, for us, after Pearl Harbor. Many of the games being played out with various triggers, scenarios and outcomes would make you cry, Rex. The famines, death marches and death camps and killing fields are not necessarily a thing of the past, my frem. It all starts with hubris, and with power grabs, demagogues making promises, and all our Founders' notions of freedom and property and honor and prosperity blown away.

This is why I don't understand Colin's battle with any of our all too few modern day Thomas Paynes who are doing all they can to sound the alarm and rally us all around core principles under threat.


Gilder writes a similar story in "The Israel Test." Rather than bringing peace, each withdrawal and each concession has taught Arabs that terror pays. The Soviet Union was held in check using a system called 'game theory' largely developed by Jewish refugees from Nazism. According to game theory, the terrorists are perfectly rational, and it is the notion that we must remedy their grievances which is irrational. Peace comes after one group/nation wins the war, not as result of one concession after another.

I think we may now be on the edge of tragedy as we were in 1938. We are ruled by a President and a Congress which abandons both principles and friends, and concedes sacred ground to leftists and fascist Islamic thugs. The autocrats who dominate Russians, Chinese, Latin Americana, Syrians, Iranians lick their chops at our abject apologies and our new found love of weakness.

Can we muster the political will to reverse this before time runs out, and our world descends into another world war? If not, it may well be a war which we could loose this time.

On “I'm a cancer, he's a cancer, she's a cancer, we're a cancer…

My impatience is showing. The A (for Alpha) on my tights is about to rip wide open. We are not looking at how best to understand Sparta's defeat of Athens here.

We are the protagonists here. This is our life now, our freedom, so it really does not matter whether or not George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt were the progressives of their respective times. Semantics can be very interesting and our words can have some fascinating roots, but the snarling rage on 0bama's face as he listened to Paul Ryan's words explains more about today's progressives than all the history books can teach us.

When a 150 pound alpha male Chimpanzee escapes from his enclosure and is coming for you, that is not the time to reflect, that is not even the best time to take comfort from studies that most Chimpanzees feed primarily on fruit, insects and nuts, because if you do not do something very fast, that Chimp will tear your tongue from your mouth, rip your privates off and enjoy tasting your morsels as you expire in agony.

Whether or not progressives open the door to the violence or do the violence themselves, their insistence on controlling our lives can only lead to the destruction and defeat of every dear thing we know.

I think Beck is a good man. He has some incredible gifts which are helping many Americans understand the grave dangers we face as free people. He is as important a champion of liberty as Paul Ryan and Charles Krauthammer are now, and we need all the champions we can get, my frems.


I think George Orwell would have a good time with this discussion, because the word, progressive, starts out sounding so harmless, nice and agreeable, and ends up describing, in reality, an especially nasty and totalitarian and arrogant portion of the political spectrum. It is a word which allows leftists to describe their opponents as selfish and greedy reactionaries.

Why are we getting so hung up on this much abused and loaded with deceit and propaganda word?


Beck has a couple years to refine and improve his chops. He's already tops, so imagine how devastating he will be to the 0bami as time goes by.

I hope he's got good security. 'es a national treasure, 'e is!

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