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On “Super up to the microsecond interactive election coverage (live remote inside my head)

And the sad part is that a few really smart, creative professors I know have been reading the blog and I think they were just about to start participating. Once they get a load of the "progressives are stupid" and the "hippies caused..." stuff, thought, it's over. Oh, well.


@ miguel cervantes:
You're right, it doesn't. And after reading George's comments on the next post I came back to this one where there's relative sanity. At least you were just calling progressives stupid. That's nothing compared to George thinking the hippies are responsible for the Christian fundamentalist take-over. That one really takes the cake.


This is interfering with you guys' poetry. He's right, Miguel. Face facts, give up the sound biting, and get back to the Byzantine aphorisms we all know and love. Let the creativity flow.


Great poetry. Even better than Miguel's. That should challenge him.

On “Up to the moment highly interactive superhightech election coverage…

I flirted heavily with the same idea for the same reasons and then my wife was going to the polls and I went too. You'll probably get some flack for writing what you wrote, so I just wanted there to be at least one supportive comment here, even though it's written by someone who did end up voting. If you don't, I understand.

On “Which middle of which night

This becomes a description of yoga with a few changes:
"It’s impossible to (do) one thing without at the same time (doing) another thing, whether that other thing is (recognized and consciously experienced) or not. The other thing or non-thing consists of everything that the first thing causes but can’t contain, whose exclusion defines the first thing – what wanted to be part of the first thing, but wasn’t able to (join the party).


There is the new-age fallback position. "Weird" things don't work when they are being used in connection with low-level energetic activities and the energy of business and military profiteering is as low-level as it gets so, of course, all those weird things don't work in connection with them.

On “Mammals and amphibians kind of together – UPDATED

@ fuster:
Good idea. But I'd think that since everything I came up with last week about baseball played out accordingly, you might consider the possibility that you're just not appreciating the equal measure of clarity happening with me on other fronts.


CK MacLeod wrote:

I am not miguel cervantes and miguel cervantes is not me.
How did you do that?

Scorpio-ADD electrical power.fuster wrote:

Hell, a day or two ago, Scott thought that George was me.

CK wasn't just marveling at the confusion, he was wondering how I managed to post his quote with miguel's handle. For my next trick, I'll pull a mid-level pitcher out of my hat and sell him to the Yanks for twice market value.


miguel cervantes wrote:

You’ll still root for the Gs won’t you?

We'll see. It's part of my natural born liberalism to reserve the right to not only cut and run, but run to another cause for barely any reason at all.


Say it ain't so, CK. You were pulling for Fuster's Yanks? C'mon. That's not going with the good vibes. GWB connection aside, Texas is the feel-good story of the year. Now they're positioned to have Cliff Lee pitch the first game of the WS. Even if the Phillies get there, they're vulnerable with Halladay hurt. I'm a Giants fan, but given everything Washington and Hamilton have overcome, I'll be happy if the Rangers win it all.

On “Public Lessons: Pedophilia, Bullying, and the Case of Alex Knepper

@ Alex Knepper:
Fair enough. Acting in kind, I'll level the playing field even more by admitting that I have no real knowledge of how you relate to younger people. So if you think you've treated people younger than yourself with respect and generosity --if you think you've kept in mind their relative lack of experience when it was important to do so--then there's no point in me suggesting otherwise. That's your business.


Alex Knepper wrote:

@Scott Miller — Don’t be a twit. Pigeonholing me as a “conservative”

Ignoring the name-calling because you're young, I'll just point out that I used the term "so-called conservative." I could explain how the "so-called" was meant to connect you with all the things you have now explained about yourself from your perspective, but (putting it in words you'll understand) there is an expectation that you should be able to read in a way that is comprehending and connected with what you had already written. You didn't play fair. You said you wouldn't be writing anymore here. Now you are. Welcome. I hope you continue to play fair. Obviously, you appreciate how fair CK plays. You give yourself so much credit, perhaps you should do the same for others. Beyond that, I'm going to cut you some slack because of your age. Maybe you should learn to act similarly in relation to people younger than yourself.


Also, notice how Knepper lets us know that he won't be posting again.Alex Knepper wrote:

More soon (though not on here.

There's the controlling part of the power trip. No matter how we respond to his posting, he won't be posting again. He's removing any power we have in the relationship.


Alex Knepper wrote:

Just performing my daily Google search of myself. Thought I’d drop a note since, unlike most people, you actually seem to be capable of penning a coherent sentence about this subject.

The way this is put interests me. It's subtle, I grant you, but instead of crediting CK in a way befitting the quality of the piece, he backhands his compliment. It's diminishing. "Unlike most people, you actually seem to be capable of penning a coherent sentence." That's like saying Cliff Lee seems to be capable of pitching. So there's a power play going on. You can feel it wafting from his whole comment. He's someone who likes putting himself in the power position. Most so-called conservatives do. I'll leave it at that.

On “Phrogberries

@ CK MacLeod:
I still like it. I like that you're getting ready to get ready to try something and I like what you're doing in the meantime.

On “Disastrous consequences

"So, because we live in an imperfect world afflicted with unintended consequences stemming from formerly made uneconomic decisions we should forevermore pour more unaccountable money into projects that make no economic sense. . ."
Hmm. What does this remind me of? Oh, yeah. The endless war on terrorism.


@ CK MacLeod:
Exactly. What he said.

On “They don’t know how to love him

@ CK MacLeod:
The media ended up calling it a hoax. That's when things got interesting. It was never really clear. The continued debate was interesting as it continued to highlight issues of individual vs institutional power and control. That's why I thought it might be a good CK piece, but it's too old for the blog. I know you would have written something outrageously funny about it, but I agree with your present inclination to write about p-t syncretic reactions to ecstatic positivity. You could have done some real-life research on that recently, but whatever.


Sorry I missed the action on this one. Great piece, CK. As you know, I always wanted you to be an art critique. In the hands of anyone else, given Picasso's overexposure and his complex relationship to power, using him for perspective would have been big trouble. You did it masterfully. If it becomes topical again, I'd love to read what you'd write about the young woman who used blood from a series of her own calculated pregnancies and abortions to create what she referred to as art. And on a personal counter note, I went to a new art museum in my hometown on Thursday, ended up hearing an amazing SDA Gospel choir there and went to their church yesterday. So nice religious things still happen at art museums.

On “Everybody Did Get Stoned

@ fuster:
Don't worry, Fuster. Colin is not really on the take. Plus, you don't have to worry anyway. As Miguel once pointed out, I have "a unique ability to piss people off who would usually agree with me." I'm like Palin. As far as intelligent people are concerned, if anything, I scare them over to the other side.


@ miguel cervantes:
You guessed it, Miguel. I have received several million from George for liberalizing this blog. And thanks for the question mark. I knew you could do it.

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