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On “The Point of Being Annoyed with Glenn Beck

I think the criticism of Glenn Beck is misplaced and off base. He is fast becoming a magnificent national treasure. No one else out there in media or politics has engaged so many in real questions and real analysis of the pickle we are in. Isn't it true that many look at McCain, Olympia Snow, Susan Collins and even Daddy Bush and W. Bush, and understandably see little real difference between them and Clinton and Carter and the 0bami? Isn't it true that, since Reagan, Republicans have been far too willing to split the difference with Democrats? Havn't Republicans endorsed far too many big government pograms and havn't they also embraced far too much deficit spending long before 2008? Isn't it true that these programs were unsustainable back then, long before 0bama came along?

Isn't cable TV a better venue than our top 4 or 5 conservative journals? Isn't Beck far more successful in engaging previously apolitical people than any of these journals, and doesn't he compliment the most effective and most consistent conservative writers out there such as Krauthammer, Steyn and Will?

Why is it destructive to expose the hateful demagoguery of the Democrats when they routinely demonize conservatives as being mean spirited and selfish? I think they deserve it, because, all to often they do embrace the dictums of Saul Alinsky and they do believe that the ends justify the means. I think more people should elucidate the consequences of what Beck calls 'progressivism.' More Americans need to learn about The Soviet Union, Mao's China and Cambodia. A high obama functionary really did praise the murderer of tens of millions, Mao Tse Tung, and I think we owe Beck for hammering away at her idiocy and exposing her far better than all the intellectuals at Commentary.

People like Pelosi, Emanuel, Reid and Michelle 0 drip with hatred and contempt for the people who oppose their power grabs. Won't polite conservatives remain irrelevant until they are willing to change, until they say they won't take it anymore, until they fight back?

Aren't the intellectual attacks on Beck similar to the snobbish treatment of Sara Palin?

Have Republicans really distinguished themselves as the party of our founders and the party of Lincoln during the past 20 years?

You know the liberals have their Prairie Home Companion and we have our Glenn Beck Show. He might become our generation's Will Rogers. Beck is brilliant and quirky, and he is absolutely correct when he says it will be hard to get back the the kind of virtuous society our founders wanted. It will be hard.


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Little Big Man
Dances With Wolves

Are all masterpieces. Arguably, film has been our transcendent art for some time now.

On “In a world of their own: Conservatives and Avatar

@ El Gordo:
Yup, and neither did George Washington, Harry Truman, and many others.

BTW, where did Barbara Boxer go?

Filenes Basement?


2 Jewish touchdowns, and counting!

The kid was a QB at Kent State. The next Sid Luckman, we can always hope.

The great Rebbe, Hyam Chai Pippick, once said, "gimme a nice Jewish boy running the vildcat, and I can show you the meaning of life, my frems!"


I'm just glad there weren't any devious Jews from Golden Slacks or IDF commandos advising the bad guys in this flick.

But, today, a Jew might save the day for New England, and I'm not talking about Joe Lieberman.

Julian Edelman rocks!


I am just back from it, my frems. The two most English members of my family got dizzy from the 3D. One had close to a relapse of her vertigo and both she and her brother complained about the excruciating decibel levels.

Me? I found it beautiful and fantastic, falling in love of course with the Navi Princess, and the luminescent plant life, and the birds and the beasts.

America is much bigger and much stronger and far more resilient and wonderful than the pedestrian Obami would have it, and this is an American film. Think about it. The Russians and Chinese and others will see it and they must again marvel at our creativity and our technology. They will be seeing yet another distinctive American film, a wonder like Dances With Wolves and E. T. and Close Encounters... before it. Again they will be seeing America at Her best, an America which can meld together all people of good will, an America which is not afraid to be self critical and idealistic. They may even come to think well of an America which can inspire such a fine sense of wonder as "Avatar" has done.


@ Sully:
Bear Grylls does this all the time on his Discovery Channel "Man vs. Wild" show. Just the other day, he jumped from an amazing height into the Rio Grande River after crossing a good chunk of the Sonora Desert.

Speaking of "Day of the Condor," a guy who I later figured out was Robert Redford once asked me for directions from near the top of Baldie Mt. in Sun Valley.

I should have said, "take the right way down, Robert."

Seriously, he seems like a good guy and a reasonable guy too, kind of like Leslie Gelb does too (what kind of Mother would name her son, 'Leslie?').

Do we have any hope that any more reasonable and nice people on the left will come around and start to question their orthodoxy? Roger Simon did, as did David Horowitz. Even I, Zoltan Newberry, used to throw rocks at cops and march in anti war parades in remnants of my Army uniform in Beserkeley and Sam Franthisco.


3D it will be. There was a good article about Cameron in 'New Yorker' a while back. I have a very sweet spot for Linda Hamilton of the TV series "Beauty and the Beast" and the "Terminator" flicks.

Cameron is one very talented A$$h0. Like our Sarah P, he lacks a prestigious university education, and took off with a gift for understanding and fiddling with machinery.


@ Rex Caruthers:
Rex, Old Bean, JRub's essay was very critical, if you were listening, of the elitist and arrogant notions of too many supposedly well educated Jews, dude.


We see it tomorrow at Chicago's newest movie theater.

Methinks JPod must take himself far too seriously, kind of like Michael Medved bashing "Mister Bean's Holiday" because it was too slapstick. (of course it was slapstick, it was very good, very funny slapstick, get a life, Medved; why should I want to spend big bucks to go on an Alaska Cruise with humorless you, dude?)

On “Tales from the Geopolitical Crypt: Seven Deadly Scenarios by Andrew Krepinevich

We are the Bentley in the garage they want to key.

We are the convertible. They toss in their cigarette butts as we try to enjoy a drive down Route 1.

The liberals have the bumper stickers which say,





According to the greatest Harvard scholar of all tyme, Homi Bhabha, on this post colonial stage, all is wrought with wrathful woefulnesses, insistent on Melvillian travels into the sectors of pre universal dogmatism. What points to what depends on the proper lens, he says, with a bland giggle.


Sounds like what a nation named Israel has been dealing with for over half a century so far.

Like Rex, I wonder if we're up to the much higher level of pure savagery which is required just to survive in a world such as this.

Won't we all have to be soldiers?

Will a Sparta emerge? Will it take an Alexander to lead us in the fight?

Mad Max?

On “Portrait of a Failed Presidency: "What the Heck Are You Up To, Mr. President?" by Kevin Mattson

@ CK MacLeod:

Now all we need is the image of Mister Peanut popping up whenever I post.

Or, a monocled Mr. P gravatar for The Black Knight would be very interesting.

TBK could switch to a persona which yells at us zombies for dissing him.


CKM: Today's "Day By Day" cartoon makes your point in pictures, and the picture is even more bleak.

Can you link us Zombies to it?

This is far worse than the Carter incompetency.

On “A Unique Take on Obama's Dual Crisis

@CK MacLeod -
Dear Tsar: The 0bami were planning to delegate these things (Iran & Afghanistan) to The Acornicks, now under investigation, so, now, they are at a loss what to do.

He considered sending a delegation of Chicago Aldermen over there, but they demanded so much in bribes that the plan had to be scrapped.


This is not really off topic since there are doubts regarding 0bama's willingness to fight:

Could someone photoshop 0bie in panties?

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