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On “Shorter Everyone

analysis. I’d like to believe that his diagnosis is correct, and that the rot is only skin deep, but, even if I could, I see no, none, zero sign that his prescription could be administered under the current terms of our national political debate.

The Debate is the Crisis as it was from 1845-61,we have to settle what has never been settled(A House Divided)/you keep telling me that things were settled then,but were they? BTW,I'm a big believer in the benefits of Divorce. We need a Las Vegas style Divorce,Rick Perry style,let Texas lead the charge away from from this stalemate.


My name is Rex Caruthers,and I approve every word in this article,found in NRO. If we,the Left Wing of the Zombies, are to find some common ground with the "True Believers" of the Right,this is a great starting place. And BTW,not a word about Nixon's Gold Standard Coup D'Etat.


BTW,Today was JRUB day at Contentions,8 posts of which 7 are hers,(The Usual/No Surprises)

Do you think she's paid by the volume of posts,or by the word?



A good indicator if a concept is Utopian is that there is no previous example of that plan in recorded history,thus it becomes an act of faith if the concept is viable. The leftists have created a few such "Utopias" which proved to be quite Hellish,National Socialism,International Socialism etc. If the Conservatives are able to sieze power anywhere,(they'll never win by election),they may have a chance to implement AynRandism,and if that's not Utopianenough for you,how about BeckHannityism, or even JRUBISM.
But the fact remains that there is not one historical example of the system you so desire.



A Utopia that places freedom and Property rights above basic human needs is just as deadly as a Utopia that places equality or justice as its centerpiece.


MC/call neocons utopians, ‘irony it’s whats for dinner’. How do we risk millions of lives, pressing for a smaller state

MC,give me an example,just one,anytime in history,of a Government that meets your standards,and I know you can't. Without a social safety net,(FDR's 2ND Bill of Right),Millions starve under a small Government scenario.
The Monarcy of Louis 16th is a good example of the endgame for small Government. The Ayn Randians are the most unrealistic Utopians in history,and I can't wait for the rise of the Union of Free AynRandians to watch the slaughter.


Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Conservatism, Dennis Prager, Glenn Beck, Howard Portnoy, James Taranto, JE Dyer, JEM, Jennifer Rubin, Jonah Goldberg, Karl, Lotus Feet, miguel cervantes, Peter Wehner, Populism, Rich Lowry, Sarah Palin, Scientific Socialist, Sully, Tea Party, Victor Davis Hanson, Zoltan Newberry

The above,and myriad others have taken the place of the left in the sense that they are the UTOPIANS. Like the Leftist/Communists of the past,these new Utopians will sacrifice millions to make their fantasies about society come true,but,like the LEFTISTS,they will not be able to remake mankind to their specifications.


Had a big argument about that already, 150 years ago

Nothing was resolved,nothing ever seems to get resolved.


One approach to honest communication is to be able to ask/answer two questions,what do you want? How are you going to get what you want?

What I want is for those within the Republican,Tea-Party,CONSERVATIVE circuit,to get what they want. The only way that is going to happen,is to segregate the nation,because,what I want is to live in an America in which FDR's 2ND Bill of Rights is incorporated into our Constitution. But I don't want those opposed to that to suffer. The answer is,of course,the two state solution,right here. Everybody votes with their feet,and moves to Blue USA,or Red USA.
I believe that those Conservatives want is something they have never experienced,and probably never will,so the only way for them to experience what they think they want,is for birds of a feather to flock together,and experience what happens.
As far as Blue USA,where I would choose to live,I would structure that on the lines of America as it was under Eisenhower,minus the paranoia of the WOT.
As a Blue Resident,we will probably stick with Mr Obama as our leader,the Reds have a wide variety to choose from,I recommend Mr. Ryan as a thoughtful Red CIC,but,I don't really care.

On “America agonistes


How close is "Opiate for the Masses" neurogically or definitionally?

On “Stupid? Or Evil? (Fox Proves The Only Way to Fight Terrorism Is To Switch Off Fox)

I'm thinking about the "Old" Conservative Right that Morphed into the current generation. Help me out here, all I can come up with is Joe Pyne. I don't think you can blame Paul Harvey,Ronald Reagan,Barry Goldwater,Ayn Rand,or WFB Jr. for the current mess. The Irony is,I loved Joe Pyne. I guess Nixon would be an inspiration for the Foxians,he was a really nasty guy.

On “America agonistes

The tool that has blinded,and crewcutted us is the misuse of Debt. Here,as simply as I can put it,is how that works.
(1)Jobless claims are rising*,
(2)manufacturing is slowing,
(3)housing isn't selling,
(4)GDP is shrinking**
(5)Investors withdrew $33.12 billion from domestic stock market mutual funds in the first seven months of this year
(6) a record number of people took hardship withdrawals from their retirement accounts in the second quarter.
(7) Individual Investors feel that high-frequency trading, dark pools and complex derivatives have stacked the odds They've lost confidence in the markets.
(8)capital-starved banks can conceal their losses from the public.
(9)Securitization, derivatives trading, and repo market activity,despite "Financial Reform"are still the "PILLARS" of our financial structure.
(10)The banking system is not funded on loans made from deposits, but through the exchange of high-risk securities with shadow banks in the repo market. Although This is the system that crashed in 2008,it has been rejerryrigged by the Obamas,rather than replaced.
*whoever mentions the "REAL"unemployment rate,gets my vote
**GDP/whoever has been reading my posts knows that there's the possibility that our GDP is much lower than advertised

The initial stake in our heart was the abrupt removal of our money from a legal relationship to Gold in 1971;the following explains why Gold is so critical to becoming unagonized,from the WSJ,no less

And Finally,a more scholarly view of America's Debt Albatross,


I'm going to paraphrase Nietzsche's nostrum,If one is to fight the idea of History as a tragic process,beware that we don't become tragic as a result of that fight. I think a lot about America and Agamemnnon, He set loose forces that led to the Conflicts of the modern world,however,he made two fatal,tragic errors,he ignored his Wife,and he forgot about the Forces that favored his enemy TROY,over Greece,those forces led to the formation of Rome,which conquered Greece. We have set loose forces,in our victories,that are leading to a new World Order in which we will be a second/3rd tier player. Is this Tragic,or Business as usual?

On “Obama Excommunicated and Damned

Oh Beautiful for spacious skys:

"I think the president's problem is that he was born a Muslim, his father was a Muslim. The seed of Islam is passed through the father like the seed of Judaism is passed through the mother. He was born a Muslim, his father gave him an Islamic name," Graham told CNN's John King in a televised interview that aired Thursday night.
more by Franklin Graham - 1 hour ago - ABC News

On “GWF was the man…

CKM/ He believed that the state through civil society owed all citizens a livelihood,

FDRism,then,was a continuation/expansion of Hegelian evolutionary Conservatism:


OMG,when will I ever be recognized for being among the first,starting with the 1973 OPEC oil embargo/oil price increase to expostulate what the latest disciple of RCARISM does today. This was the #1 listing in REAL CLEAR WORLD today. Feast oh ye famished Zombies,

"Of course, many Americans recognize the scale of the country's debt burden. Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and thus America's highest-ranking military officer, recently said, "The greatest danger to American security comes from the national debt."
Four Americans out of 10 agree with him, whereas less than three in 10 deem terrorism or Iran more dangerous.
America's Great Power status has always been tied to its level of debt. Indeed, it was the absence of debt that marked the United States' emergence as a world power between 1914 and 1917. The U.S. went from owing $3 billion (mostly to Great Britain) to being a net creditor for about the same amount, thanks to $6 billion in war credits given to the Western Allies. A further $3 billion in credits for European postwar reconstruction cemented America's status as the world's premier creditor nation, with its surplus equal to roughly 8 percent of GDP at the time.
This shift meant that the U.S. had essentially replaced Britain as the heart of the world's financial and monetary system. Previously, thanks to the gold standard and Britain's political stability, the City of London had been the world's key source of capital and financial guarantees for more than a century.
The new era began suddenly in January 1915, when, after a few months of deep uncertainty, GOLD started to be shipped to New York in increasing quantities. A few months earlier, the veteran Boston financier Henry Lee Higginson had sketched in a letter to President Woodrow Wilson what America's new strategy should be. "This is our chance to take first place," he wrote. America's financial house had to be put in order, all debts repaid and, as London had done for a long time, confidence had to be maintained, WHICH MEANT GUARENTEEING AMERICA'S CONVERTABILITY INTO GOLD.
Alone among the world's great nations, the U.S. did manage to guarantee dollar convertibility throughout the Great War. With peace, the dollar and Wall Street became the dominant force on the world's financial landscape. The financial- market rules established after 1933 by President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal enabled the dollar to replace the British pound at the center of the international system.
America's role as the world's banker went unchallenged until PRESIDENT RICHARD NIXON DECOUPLED THE DOLLAR FROM GOLD. Even without the gold standard, U.S. economic might, together with the recycling of petrodollars, kept the dollar on top.
Indeed, the U.S. remained the world's premier creditor nation until 1986-1987, when it became a debtor nation again. In the next two decades, America's debt usually was around $3 trillion, rising or falling with the exchange rate of the dollar.
Starting in 1990, the U.S. began to import more and more capital, particularly from Asia. In the 2000s, China became the prime source of debt financing, and Americans were happy, because it enabled the U.S. Federal Reserve to keep interest rates low.
There were some who foresaw danger. Swedish economist Axel Leijonhufvud foresaw asset-price inflation and a worsening of credit quality. Financial innovation soon made that prediction come true. It is enough to remember that in 2008 there were only 12 public companies in the world with AAA credit ratings, but more than 60,000 — mostly American — triple-A structured financial products. The U.S., the world's banker, had mutated into the world's hedge fund.
With that change, the banker's traditional imperative to maintain fidelity and trust was forgotten. And it is in America's public debt that the debris of its financial system's broken promises are collected, just as Italy's massive public debt reflects its past national prodigality.
The figures for the U.S. are staggering. Public debt includes not only the federal government's current $13.2 trillion, but another $3 trillion owed by America's states, counties, and cities. In addition, there is the $3.9 trillion in debt owed by America's government-backed housing- finance agencies (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and others), which currently underwrite more than 90 percent of all U.S. mortgages. As a result, America's public debt has reached roughly 140 percent of GDP.
The U.S. Congress is well aware of what these numbers portend, but its members have chosen to avert their eyes. Indeed, the president is no longer required to provide the usual five-year forecast of the country's fiscal position. A one-year perspective is now deemed sufficient.
So, where does that leave the world economy? There is no newly emerging Great Power that can assume responsibility for global finance, as there was in 1914. Back then, Wall Street was ready for the job. Someday, Shanghai and Hong Kong might be ready, but that possibility is of little help now"


I was just thinking about George J. blaming Marx for the atrocities of N Korea,China,Stalin etc,and because Hegel had a huge impact on Marx,should he join the circle of blame? And Kant,taught Hegel.alas the original axis of evil in the Marxist-Islamic alliance.

On “Terrorists and Hawks together again…

he hasn’t been pro-bombing or other acts of war

I read a lot of ML a few years ago;I can't believe he'd be very critical of any type of Regime Change.


I have never heard a hawk like Bolton,Leeden,Jrub, Npod,Jed,G Brittain etc etc discuss AQ as a factor in the overall issue of war with Iran.

On “Imam Feisal’s great service

Was 9/11 a national or a state/local disaster? The Feds should have had the replacement site rebuilt in 2003. That's my opinion,not JPOD's,he thinks it's a NY/NYC issue.


My Old Pal Jpod opines about the Real Mosque Issue,and he is correct,as far as it goes. What should have happened is that The Federal Government should have taken the responsibility for the development of Ground Zero,paid for by the citizens of all 50 states. A National Tragedy trumps the state/local tragedy of New York/NYC.

PS. Not only is JPOD's Contentions too Chicken little to take comments,Jpod is too Chicken Little to recieve email comments on his opinion. His posted email address( no "recipient".


CK MacLeod wrote:Personally, I’m open to the idea of raising the retirement age incrementally in light of longer lifespans

Here's something you might have not considered. People like me have paid in from 1970 to the present. I would gladly wave all SS benefits due me in excange for what I paid in,ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION. I shouldn't be penalized twice(1st penalty)/we need to cut the deficit(2nd penalty) the cost of Inflation on my entitlements. The SS Contract should be Fixed,based on my pay-in ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION,recipients should get a fixed payout per month based on the years they recieve the benefit/based on the above. The government should have absolutely no incentive to Inflate their way out of obligations.


"His service has been to expose us to the world and to ourselves, and to expose American conservatives most of all, since they like to strut and posture as defenders of the holy principles, as hopeless hypocrites determined upon the path of inexorable decline, collectively deserving of the punishments that the world sooner or later deals out to people such as we’ve become."

"CK,I believe this supports your Contentions above,but let's include the Democrats in the extreme hypocrite group. I'am citing two articles that argue factually that underneath the appearance,the Obama Administration tagteaming with Congressional Democrats are the "larger" threat to the Social Security Program than either the standard Republicans,or the Tea People.

"The immediate threat to workers dependent upon Social Security benefits is not privatization, but rather the recommendations of the bipartisan panel to reduce the federal deficit. The panel is Obama’s, not the Republicans’, creation and is packed with opponents of Social Security. (A detailed discussion of the panel, its key members and its reactionary agenda can be found here. ) It is an open non-secret that the panel will recommend, after the fall elections of course, reductions in Social Security benefits and an extension of the retirement age. The fact is that “after meeting your responsibilities and paying into the system all your lives’, you will not “get the benefits you deserve.” That Obama can pretend to be a defender of the most popular social program in US history bespeaks his conviction that most Americans are either unaware of, or capable of being distracted from, his own promotion of an historic assault on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid."

"The issue of privatization is germane when one considers the members of the Commission approved by the President. There are questions of possible conflicts of interest. As James Galbraith has noted, the Commission has accepted support from Peter G. Peterson, a man who has been one of the leading campaigners to cut Social Security and Medicare. It is co-chaired by Erskine Bowles, a current Director at North Carolina Life Insurance Co (annuity products are a competitor to Social Security and would almost certainly be beneficiaries of the partial privatization). Bowles’ wife, Crandall Close Bowles, is on the Board of JP Morgan, and she is also on the “Business Council,” a 27 member group whose members include Dick Fuld, Jeff Immelt, Jamie Dimon and a plethora of other Wall Streeters.
At the very least, these kinds of ties raise questions in regard to proposals for dealing with Social Security. Many members of the Commission stand to become clear direct and indirect beneficiaries of the privatization that the President is now warning against. It’s disappointing that these ties have not been fully explored by the press, and it is extraordinary that the President would exhibit such political tone deafness in making these kinds of appointments. It tends to undercut the message of his last radio address"

For those of you that keep insisting that Obama is a Socialist,please consider the facts of Obama's SS Commission.

On “Karl@HotAir throws some more smoke bombs…

CK MacLeod wrote:
@ Rex Caruthers:
Not a conservative.
Sorry, I got the wrong guy,Mark Helprin


A Conservative begs Republicans to stop whining about Islam.,8599,2010923,00.html

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