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On “Mammals and amphibians kind of together – UPDATED

If a group of businessmen choose to play a series of games against each other, that is their privilege. There is no reason for others to care about it--except to hope that nobody gets injured.

On “Everybody Did Get Stoned

Religon is the opium of the masses.
Drugs are the religion of the classes.

On “Death Panel by Proxy

@ miguel cervantes:
We have Medicare. I can't imagine what my life would be like without it.


@ fuster:
Health is good for the economy. Sick days are bad for the economy. Leaving work because of illness is bad for the economy.
Preventive medicine is best of all.


The number of Americans will not suddenly go up.
The number of doctors will not suddenly go down.

On “Theo-Anthropology and the Essence of Christianity

Speaking of crazy wisdom, one assumes that feminists and political activists are intelligent (I grant this is not the same as wise). They also seem crazy. They are suppressing stories about women who have been raped, forcibly convered to Islam, and married against their will. Could anything in the world be crazier?


I am not now nor have I ever been a Sagittarian.


Scorpios? There is not one iota of evidence supporting astrology.


O'Donnell says she was once a witch. There is no such thing as a witch, despite the fact that the Bible says, "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" (Exodus 22:18). If O'Donnell thinks she was a witch, then she must be a believer in the same religion that burned witches in Europe and hanged them in Salem.

Further evidence that Chriistianity is alive after all.


Republicans, the party of faith, have voted unaimously to block a vote on ending Don't-ask-don't-tell.

By doing so they are keeping some people out of the army and thus hurting America's ability to defend itself. They have chosen religion over patriotism.
I guess Christianity is alive after all.

On “It’s strange, sure is strange

@ strangelet:
The strongest evidence against creationism is found in the Bible, as I said on Zombie ages ago:
The strongest evidence against evolution is the existence of homosexuality, as I said on Zombie a bit more recently:

On “Among the things about which I have no time to care

@ fuster:
China has good relations with the US and even Japan. The pit bull might lead China into squabble it doesn't want.
Literal pit bulls are rational creatures. Figurative pit bulls, North Korea among others, are dangerous becuase they're irrational.
@ Rex Caruthers:
We didn't quite know about the Final Solution in 1941, although evidence was building up.


Germany declared war on the United States before the US responded.
That is irrelevant to my point, which is that I think China is willing to have a single, united Korea as its neighbor. China trades with South Korea and has a friendly relationship.
If the United States agreed to pay China the air fare of flying escapees from North Korea to South Korea, and if we agreed to help South Korea support these refugees, North Korea would collapse, just as East Germany did when it became possible for large numbers of people to flee East Germany. There would be no war, just as there was no war when East Germany fell.


Rex, I am not in favor of a war with North Korea and certainly not with China. I think that China would be delighted if we could join to pressure North Korea to go out of business. It would take a great deal of discussion and negotiation.
China and Korea have a long and complicated history, which includes an endless disagreement over an area with a Korean population that is part of China.


You're right that the USA is increasingly juvenile, Rex. Jimmy Carter, who is ever more juvenile, went to North Korea, where he was asked to wait for 36 hours for the retrial of the prisoner he had come to free. He also couldn't get to see Kim Jong-Il, who had more important things to do than see Carter.
Nevertheless, Carter wrote in his op-ed that we should do everything we can to bribe North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons.
North Korea is probably being pressured by China to stop being a problem. China is realistic enough to know that North Korea is a liability. This should be America's moment to unite with China and pressure Kim to retire to a luxurious home with a guarantee that he would not be prosecuted for his crimes. Kim would agree. He is a scaredy-cat who is afraid to get on an airplane.
Carter likes North Korea because he admires its faith. Atheistic faith is still faith. The right is the left. Both sides oppose masturbation.


I have no concrete evidence to back me up, but I suspect that North Korea opposes masturbation with even more zeal than Christianists do.
The Right is the Left. Extremes meet. The world is round, despite what Genesis says.

On “Martin Peretz: “Muslim life is cheap, and I mean it.”

9/11 served no political purpose. It served no strategic purpose. It was a totally selfless act.

On “Flamesem & Japesem (Operation American Freedom)

@ fuster:
The reason Iran is tempting the world to impose sanctions against it is that any risk is worthwhile if you are trying to nuke Israel.


@ fuster:
Since their revolution requires export and delegitimizing the Saudis and the Egyptians, I guess that makes it OK.


@ fuster:
That little idiot is developing nuclear technology. As I have said countless times, Iran has no tangible quarrel with Israel. Iran has provoked the world to impose sanctions upon it so that it can build bombs. Israel is not responsible for the threats of Koran burning. If you make threats, especially if they're not veiled, they may be taken seriously.
Castro warned him not to do things like that.


Some threats are veiled. Others aren't. Ahmadinejad is saying Israel will be destroyed if copies of the Koran are burned.

On “Bonfire of the Islamophobic Vanities – Updated after Breaking News

The Golden Goose is alive and well, albeit a bit obese.


@ Rex Caruthers:
Marx didn't understand that there is more to economics than products. He didn't know about services. He didn't know about the importance of office work. He thought shopkeepers were parasites who served no purpose.


Voting is not simply a mechanism. It is a recognition of the fact that all human beings deserve respect. It is a way to enable individuals to participate in the government.
Monarchy is the heritage of dictatorship. The Kim Dynasty is showing is, right now, how monarchies come into existence. As for the powerless monarchies of Europe, they are relics and serve no purpose except to provide an extra source of scandal for the press to jump on.
Morality is not merely good; it is also logical and practical. The United States is the richest and most powerful country on earth because democracy is moral.
Marx hated democracy because he linked it with civil society, which, as we know, constantly excretes the Jew from its intestines. He knew that when the final stage of communism arrived, everybody would think alike--how can there possibly be disagreement of there are no economic differences?--and the state would wither away. People who admire Marx hate democracy.


@ CK MacLeod:

Voting is moral. Saying a country is the property of a family (monarchy) or belongs to whatever brute took it over (dictaorship) is not moral.
Although the Civil War was a revolution of sorts, the United States has remained in existence since 1776. That's pretty stable.

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