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On “note on anti-Americanist conservatism in re Obama in Israel

If that notion is merely nonsensical, what would not be?

the notion that chocolate-chip cookie-dough ice cream tastes good?

On “Open Thread

in Iran and Saudi Arabia, miggs, they're doing fine work in conserving traditional family values.


and that sort of inversion would be a real sin, wooden it miggs?


I think MacLeod might tell you that Leibniz held views of the prenatal crowd similar to the Mormon folk you mention.


the movie inside your thoughts might be Alien.


that quote was a great" get ", TB


in the beginning was the cigar.


not sure that all trespasses are violent or all that sexual, but I'm sure that some pseudo-scientific study studded with loose definitions and intriguingly ambiguous terms could be brought into existence to suggest otherwise.

On “Responsibility to Project (10 Years After #3)

I don't recall that. are you referring to Adam Powell?

On “Open Thread

I wanna fuckin beat the crap out of people thrashing about with overblown conclusions from such studies.


yes, every time it was necessary to burn a heretic, I blamed the stubbornness of the Moors.


since when has the sweat from honest toil been labelled sinful?

is this derived from another of miggs' fatwas?

I certainly neither mentioned money nor any game of chance.
basketball is a game of skill and and NBA basketball involves a studied indifference to the rules of the sport.


ten weeks ago, Vegas had the heat at 2-1 and it's probably a lot shorter now.


if the Heat win out they'll finish tied for 6th best regular season record in league history.... which ain't at all bad.

and yeah, if Miami wins the next hundred games after that, I'll STFU........ heck I'll give you three-one that they won't win this year's championship.


as little as i love him, it's hard not to be impressed with James...... but he doesn't have a case for greatest.

he ain't Jordan .................................................................

and he damn sure ain't Wilt or Kareem.

he's more like Karl Malone lite combined with a modified Magic (adding a reliable outside shot and subtracting some of the savvy and half the heart.)


or anywhere.

it wasn't a problem with holding them off, it was a problem with scoring some points themselves in the final two minutes.

rather impressive play by Battier on blocking one shot two times.


it's still HQ'ed in the US in Greenwich Village........but do go on.


other than the undesirability of working for a newspaper that publishing the bullshart written by glen greenwald, does anybody here think it a dubious idea to accept employment from The Guardian?


thanks for the goat plug, but I ain't, despite the obvious linkage between goats and kids, gonna re-read anything about pedophilia.


weird as sin.........

" San Francisco-based Bill Arnold compiled a list of home run leaders during each Pope’s reign: Pius IX (1846-76), Charley Jones, 6; Leo XIII (1878-1903), Roger Connor, 138; Pius X (1903-14), Frank Schulte (73); Benedict XV (1914-22), Babe Ruth, 162; Pius XI (1922-39), Ruth, 552; Pius XII (1939-58), Ted Williams, 482; John XXIII (1958-63), Hank Aaron and Harmon Killebrew, 174; Paul VI (1963-78), Aaron, 437; John Paul I (1978), Jim Rice, 13; John Paul II (1978-2005), Barry Bonds, 703; Benedict XVI (2005-13), Albert Pujols, 312."


wrong is not automatically equal to sinful, miggs and the Mrs has explained her position on adultery several times and at some length. despite her strong religious views, the word "sin" did not cross her lips.

all I want from you is some idea what sin it is when we adulterate.



disobedience to the word of God?


Thanks Tsar, I'm not unacquainted with the concept of mala in se.

and I'm not asking for of a defense of one or other doctrines of sin.

I was trying to ask of miggs just why and on what grounds that he asserts it sinful to engage in certain sorts of consensual sexual relations


and are all sins the same sin or are there different harms discernible, definable and capable of being both enumerated and ranked as to seriousness arising from different actions?

I seem to remember reading and hearing something along those lines once or twice.

Might even have heard it was argued way back when Popes were appointing their children to Church office that there was no sin in priests buggering boys


simply saying that such behavior is sinful doesn't float the boat.

some sorta explanation of what's sinful about them sorta helps.

the "we hold these sins to be self-evident" ain't gonna work.

are we relying on the word of God, the authority of the Popes, or is there a rational line that explains why such behaviors must (or even in the great majority of instances) lead to harm ?

for as I'm concerned it's better to explain than to burn other folks w/o explanation.


dadgummit, but I don't have to define sin. the guy using the term gets first crack at offering a definition.


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