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On “Open Thread

It is striking how imminently disposable some find freedom of speech, but then again they're not crazy about the second amendment either,


Bundy, saw the 'fire last time' in Watts, he does make a contrast between the anomie of North Vegas, and the freedom that his ranch provides.

On “different but equal

Of course, those critics have likely missed Murray's recent inclination,

and even ignored the disdain that he held for the symbolic analyst class expressed in the Bell Curve,


Some things are crimethink, some are not, just consider the dreck that Candida Moss, published, and that of William Cohan,

On “Archived Storify dialogue on Cliven Bundy’s alleged racism

I know why spoil the narrative, that Media Matters put forth, courtesy of the Center for Biological Diversity,


On “Climate Change vs Moderation

wage war against the basis of industrial economy, for some heretofor unproven future threat, pure Delta House,

On “Open Thread

He was a lout, they always knew, they looked the other way, now our honorable Secretary of State pushes for a Melian solution carried out by proxies, crickets,


Easy when you dismiss any facts, ignore that the BLM has forced all the farmers in that region,

thanks for the Kareem piece,


His political gestures bought him some degree of protection, but you can't fix stupid, would that the NAACP and DNC realized this,


Depends on the episode, the one about the 'endomorphe' rebellion was good, the one without the suit, is the good Alex,


Ok, so evil Alex seems likely to bring about the corporate state, while good Alex will try to stop him

Have you caught any of the Metal/Hurlant Chronicles,

On “Two comments on a/strategic concepts at Zenpundit

As to the notion of strategy, no we didn't have one, the Balkan crisis errupted, and we responded some thought belatedly, there was also an intervention in Haiti, and one in Somalia, all the middle one was in an region where AQ was stretching their legs in retrospect, then there was the Caucasus, with the Bear's attempt to reclaim one of their territories, there not Palestine was what motivated AQ, yes there were two instances with Iraq, the last in '98,


As to Russia, following Kennan's analysis, of the continuity of Russian expansionism into the Soviet era, a note Whittaker Chambers
also observed, we see the Gorbachev/Yeltsin era as an exception, as with Alexander 11, in the domestic sphere, because he held on to the Caucasus, notably Circassia, and fought the last of the war against the Turks, the Soviet empire established colonies in Latin America, in the Middle East and North Africa, and South East Asia,


the Cold War was a 40+ year engagement, that sporadically turned hot in proxy wars in Korea and Vietnam, there were brushfires in Central America, then there were instances where we came to the brink as with the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the tail end of the '73 war,

nearly a quarter century after the Gulf War, I've been more jaundiced on the consequences of that operation, in short hand, we let the likes of Bin Laden, be saved from Saddam Hussein, and he killed 3,000 Americans as a result on our shores,

On “Open Thread

Some of those, who uncovered Nifong's fraud, point out some of the errors in the book, and the press junket promoting it;


Are there any professional standards anymore with book publishing,

A book that relies on Mike Nifong and Crystal Mangum, and ignores the evidence,


the point about BDS, is to proclude debate,

On “Liberals against Liberalism (Chait’s Insanity)

Right, just a figurehead;

btw, congratulations on tadpole's Pulitzer, I didn't see which story, had their byline,


Well maybe Imam Rauf then, whatever did happen to his big project?


Yes, Mozilla and Brandeis, were just haggling about price, they would gladly welcome an antiChristian harangue by Marcotte in the later case, maybe a sermon by Quradawi in the first,


Well aliberalism seems to be what you are describing, some opinions are verboten, apparently in this bearded spock universe, which gets tiresome, in this San Angeles universe, sans the Taco Bell restaurants, where presumed feminists at Brandeis, side with misogynist theocrats, against someone who speaks truth to power,

On “David Bentley Hart as Atheist (On Creative Principle and Creator Principal)

Man is not the be all and end all, he just isn't, there is another realm out there, we understood this as recently as 100 years ago,
yes Nietsche said 'Gott is Tott' but that is clearly wrong,


Well Hart does come close, the main objection to the current anti theistic world view, is that of chaos as the main point, randomness, which has been destructive to society, to try to know
the mind of God, seems an almost impossible task,

On “Objectively, the Chait Insanity Theorem Holds

In Castro's Cuba, this type of isolation and polarization was called the 'little tail' coletilla, it was applied to opposition media, like the Diario de La Marina, to make their opinions unacceptible to any unwary reader,

Chaitred, doesn't have anything to say about the shambles that Obama has left this country, no small surprise, the chocolate rations must flow,

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