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On “Down in the Dungeon with the Torture Trolls (warning: rated J for Japanese graphic violence)

It's bad enough that trolls are allowed to stay and screw up the site. Now we have trolls running the blog too.

This place is going to the dogs dregs.


Sure, go jackbauer.
But do it in-situ, in theatre, and in the extremity of need.

strangelet on April 24, 2009 at 6:27 PM

So... is it ok, or is it not ok? Either it's worth it, or it's not. This cowardice of "let that guy take the fall" is unserious.


Strangelet how should we interrogate? Should we, even?


When you do it.


I'm still looking to cash in on the "no toothbrush == torture" argument. My in-laws have deep, deep pockets.


And also Highlander.....know you are offered Alyosha's choice.


And in Buchenwald....when the Allies opened the camp....American soldiers forgot their training and began to slaughter unarmed germans. Americans driven to madness by the evidence of torture all around them.
And now their country wants to legalize it?
Should I support Cheney and Bush making a FREAKIN' INSTITUTION OF TORTURE? With procedures and protocols and legal justification memos and goverment built FREAKIN' TORTURE EQUIPMENT???
Sure, go jackbauer.
But do it in-situ, in theatre, and in the extremity of need.


Exquisite, my delightful Celtic homeslice, but you got me totally wrong.
In truth, discussing this with you has clarified and focused my objections, as follows, from one of AllahP's threads.
O Mathematikos!

Torture should be extralegal, spontaneous, and vanishingly rare.
Those obscene scumbags made an institution of torture in MY country, they legalized it and systemized it, and ginned up a whole bureaucracy to support it.
Release ALL the memos.
Let the DoJ, the Justice branch, deal with them.
Like the Founders intended.

I hope they hang ‘em high.

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