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Thanks Tsar, I'm not unacquainted with the concept of mala in se.

and I'm not asking for of a defense of one or other doctrines of sin.

I was trying to ask of miggs just why and on what grounds that he asserts it sinful to engage in certain sorts of consensual sexual relations


and are all sins the same sin or are there different harms discernible, definable and capable of being both enumerated and ranked as to seriousness arising from different actions?

I seem to remember reading and hearing something along those lines once or twice.

Might even have heard it was argued way back when Popes were appointing their children to Church office that there was no sin in priests buggering boys


simply saying that such behavior is sinful doesn't float the boat.

some sorta explanation of what's sinful about them sorta helps.

the "we hold these sins to be self-evident" ain't gonna work.

are we relying on the word of God, the authority of the Popes, or is there a rational line that explains why such behaviors must (or even in the great majority of instances) lead to harm ?

for as I'm concerned it's better to explain than to burn other folks w/o explanation.


dadgummit, but I don't have to define sin. the guy using the term gets first crack at offering a definition.


did you forget to show that homosexuality is sinful or do you assume that because you assume it's a sin then sin it is?


miggs, can we assume that you've a reasonable amount of experience in the realm of sexual dalliance and that you're able to reasonably assert some knowledge of which sexual practices between consenting adults are morally valid and which are not?


jeepers your Tsarness, but that wasn't what I meant. not at all.
me, as a tad, figgered myself all growed, all of 14 and a sophomore in highskool, and scribbled for the undergroundish rag Sansculottes


jeez but so many dysfunctional things have been frequently observed at this blog

On “Table of Forthcoming Contents: Voegelin/Hegel, Lib v Dem (re Islamism), Torture/0D30

sorry. to have been unclear. the picture of your father that I found was taken in 2010 and I would like to see a photo from his performing days.

and damn, but you needn't thank me for listening, you silly son. tis entirely the odder way round...... send more when you can, pretty please.


got a great kick out of hearing about a bone for the dog so long that it took 15 seconds to describe.

would suggest that at minimum you put up the music on a post here and include, if possible, a picture of the artist as a young man. the only snap I've been able to locate is from 2010.

On “Holder to Paul: “I point to my mask!”

thank you for explaining that stuff. way back when I was majoring in (political) philosophy, it was explained somewhat differently, although it was said that those you would call conservatives today, and who share a basic belief in natural rights and reject positivism along with those you would term libs needn't be at odds over sharing.


eh? American conservatives ain't demanding conformity to there ideas of Constitutional law in all circumstances and a clear adherence to Constitutional provisions forbidding the imposition of regulations?


very amusing to read this, Tsar.

but, at bottom, this isn't quite about liberal ideology, but about a demand for clear rules clearly laid out in public.

these folks are demanding that our government fight transnational terrorism either in accord with our criminal law or along the lines laid out by what they understand to be the laws of war.
they're outraged that we're fighting as if we're not gentlefolk.

On “Table of Forthcoming Contents: Voegelin/Hegel, Lib v Dem (re Islamism), Torture/0D30

that is one hell of a rich, full voice.
the piano is being played with closed fists and you can't hear the drummer at all.

gonna go listen to all the rest.

On “Open Thread

" He's still eligible to run in new elections" says Luisa Estella Morales, president of the Supreme Court of Justice.


never heard of The Americans...... but, thanks will look for it tomorrow.


yes, I've read a few others and they've all been nearly as good.

glad miggs liked "Timebomb" as I'm reading it next week. however, it ain't his latest. he's got a newer one called "A Deniable Death."


The Collaborator-Gerald Seymour.


On “Identifying Our Identity and Legitimizing Our Legitimacy


no.... I ...aren' saying.... that

I are be saying that discrimination aren't equivalent ...... to apartheid....


pretty much out of it. head far up my hopper, but hoping to pop it out shortly.


your thinking can't really be that lacking in nuance or even common sense.

do you equate a slap in the face with a homicide?


treating Palestinians with suspicion is indicative of apartheid????

that claim seems a bit iffy, b.

On “Open Thread

one little girl who you won't be seeing at this year's St Patrick's Day march

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