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On “Goodbye, Reaganism, too?

I disagree with you on many things, and wouldn't put it exactly that way, of course, but I think your first paragraph sums up the dynamic quite succinctly!

As for the second paragraph, I don't see things quite that way. "Conservatism" in Europe still means something - or some things - different than what it means in America.

On ““incredibly piss poor leadership” (Obama Doctrine Notes)

Oh, Wanda, it's you, Frances... Or Frances, it's you, Wanda...

OT is Ordinary Times. Actually, if you follow the link at the top of the post, it'll take you to the original conversation. I thought it was a good conversation, so wanted to begin doing with it something I've long wanted to do - archive comments-elsewhere, eventually develop a helper-app for the purpose. I have a longer excerpt following soon. I think I'll publish, then try out a new "comments-elsewhere-archived" format later.


Are you Frances from OT?

The answer is that I use a different format for "notes" posts like this one in order to distinguish between pieces that I may or may not choose to develop, and more serious posts that I may work on intensively before publishing. The graph paper background and italicized Courier font are meant to convey off-the-cuff, rough draft characteristics.

In this case, the post happens to consist of a comment left at another blog. Now that I'm back to blogging here more actively, I may develop a new format for "comments elsewhere," since such comments are often longer and in fact more carefully worked up than "notes," even if they don't represent the kind of work I normally put into other posts.

So, now you know.

On “You’re Welcome and Rightbackatcha

Hmmmmm... still not good - since DS below is also on gmail, so suggests something about the confirmo email may be tripping spam filter at common setting, but at least may solve mystery.


Trying again on off-chance a certain setting was interfering.


Thanks doubly, DS. If the feature is working correctly, you should have received a confirmation email, its links should work, and, if you've already confirmed and have gone with the default ("Replies to my comments"), you should be getting an email with this comment.

On “Enabling WordPress Press This for HostGator Sites

Please lemme know if/how this alternative set-up works (bob or anyone else!), before I invest much energy in prettifying the default forms.


Eh it could be worse... though maybe subscribe all is the better option.


Tis indeed as restrictive as I thought.


Just in case the "reply to comment" thing is more restrictive than I realized. Here' another new comment with new format settings.

A link.

A naked link:


Here's a second email.

Setting is NOT to auto-htmlify links.

Here's an embedded link.

Here's a naked link.


Default form kinda sucks, will have to re-do, but will see how this goes.


Using the alternative subscriber - was buggy in the past, but was supposedly improved.


Oddly, my email logs do show confirmation emails being sent to you... And, when I log in via an alternative address, as above, I do get the confirmation emails. I may try installing another email plug-in just to see whether this is a CK-to-bob via WordPress problem or a comment-subscription problem... or yet some other problem...


Too bad, thanks for trying. Just one other question: Are you logged in when you do this stuff?

Either way, I think I'll switch to the alternative system - but am a little worried it won't work.

On “The Pathos of the Rational Leader: Goldberg’s Obama

Welp - I'm "this close" to junking this comment subscription system in favor of another one, though a new configuration I'm experimenting with is showing some potential. Next time you reply, see if the menu below reads "yes, replies to my comment" before you click "Post Comment." Check also that your email address is correct (you may need to log out if you're normally logged in). You should get a confirmation email - unless you are already subscribed either to all comments on thread or to replies to your comment.

You should get the confirmation email once and only once, and be subscribed thereafter - though it's possible there are other confusions going on. If you care to indulge me, maybe take the problem over to the most recent WP-related thread, starting fresh (since there's also some possible problem with different cookies with different data).

On “Enabling WordPress Press This for HostGator Sites

Well, CK Test, you're right about that, but maybe you'll get this email anyway.


Expecting email to test ck, but not to self!

On “The Pathos of the Rational Leader: Goldberg’s Obama

BTW I’m not getting email alerts on comments here

Did you receive and respond to confirmation emails? Have you checked the "manage my subscriptions" link below?


The article itself doesn't propose or illuminate some rigorous definition of "tribalism" for us. It uses the term in a very generalized way, or anyway that's how I'm using it - as the alternative to rationalism.

The relevance of the Boot quote, and the thing that both Boot and I find strange about it is that it seems to suggest that Obama views his personal experience of overcoming impediments to his rise to prominence and power as somehow obviously relevant to the point of view of Bibi Netanyahu in regard to Israel. It struck me as a non sequitur when I read it, and the notion that the two types of experiences of "danger," if that's the idea, seems bizarrely strained to me. "Growing up black in America" roughly equals "being Israel" - because both are dangerous, and because, at least in Obama's case and Israel's, in both cases it's not impossible to triumph and prosper anyway?


Further on Obama's peculiar ME blindspot from Max Boot:

In some ways, the most amazing part of Goldberg’s article is his account of how Obama, who had essentially no exposure to the Middle East before becoming president in 2009, had the temerity to lecture Netanyahu, who has lived in the region his entire life. After Netayanhu tried to explain Israeli thinking to Obama, the president curtly cut him off: “Bibi, you have to understand something,” he said. “I’m the African American son of a single mother, and I live here, in this house. I live in the White House. I managed to get elected president of the United States. You think I don’t understand what you’re talking about, but I do.”

It is harder to find a better encapsulation of Obama’s overweening arrogance: He thinks that his life story, which has nothing to do with the Middle East, gives him a greater understanding of the subject than the prime minister of Israel possesses.


The overarching "Declarationist" ideology - "all men... created equal... with certain inalienable rights" - is anti-tribal, but is precisely as inadequate to questions of sovereignty or practical governance as reason is for the derivation of sentiment: replication of the liberal(libertarian) praxis problem. The abstract solution - tribe of anti-tribalists - seems to work as ideal up to a point, but is vulnerable to exposure at all times as objectively merely the cover story for white or European colonialism or imperialism, even when inspired by communist revolutionaries and implemented by non-Europeans.

On “Neo-Imperialism and the 2016 Campaigns (Reply to Marchmaine)

(At OT also focused on the same (concluding) passage, though left out some of the interesting bits you've included... So thanks for recording them here for the eternal archives!)


Am just wrapping up a short post on that article - expanding on a comment under the item linkaged at OT!


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