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On “Open Thread

enjoyed the frogsofa. liked like it would have been perfectly placed on the set of the Addams Family tv show.
a little overdone and in my day a couple of toadstools would have served.


current intestinal problems have rendered me sufficiently gaseous to surpass the wild, wild West, the cloud cover and possibly the entirety of the planet's gravitational field.
in possibly related news, despite having been once employed by them, i never knew that it's not permitted to send alcoholic beverages through the mail.

adjustments will have to be made.


Greatly appreciate the concern. am a bit under the weather and not feeling sufficiently focused to comfortably comment someplace where the people ain't unintelligent.

in possibly related news, Howard Portnoy has an entirely idiotic site from which he enthusiastic banned me for employing sarcasm while correcting his dumbass shit.


man, if you got that anismism, you lucky to be able to even see whatever's on your sleeve.

On “YKY*5

that's how I roll most nights, but there's more'n one way to get unraveled

On “Open Thread

oh c'mon, in 1948 you were already in your third year of Kindergarten.


----J Street disagrees with your assumption that it represents "hostility toward Israel." ----

nope JStreet IS hostile to Israel. Latest position paper, sent to me by Beinart, calls for the US to fire-bomb Tel Aviv and haifa, turn the place over to the Assads, and sell the surviving Jews into Iranian captivity.

miggs is right on the money and probably also on the mailing list.

On “Foucault on Iran, Some Fool on Egypt

whatever criticism you received was unimportant.

On “Open Thread

the movie was adapted from RH, didn't follow it as much as used the potting to explore religion, love and sexuality in a lawless society and damn sure didn't do it deadpan as the book did.


he ain't typical for Californians?

Red Harvest was a bit experimental, wasn't it? rather often thought of as basically an attempt to transplant the "western" out of the Old West.

and of course, it was adapted by the Coen Bros for my prized Miller's Crossing,


----- ' Despite police urging her to take him home and “try him out for a couple of weeks,” her denials continued. Authorities determined she had lost her mind, and locked her up.' ---

Anybody bit of new year's gothic tale of Wineville?

just in case you think Red Harvest was a bit too too ?

On “Civil War Revisionism, Slavery, Eternal Union

why does the Northern Alliance Occupationists refuse to credit the fact that the Southerners were up in arms because they were all about that really cool flag that they wanted to fly ?


the blessed martyr Breitbart (peace be upon him) was right about that Ackerman kid, he's never gonna make it in journalism.

On “Open Thread

just when you thought that Frog-In-Bucket-Of-Milk Folklore was all for fun...........

On “thanks and happy merry

send me, via emu, yer mailing address....again (as I'm too lazy to dig it out from wherever the hell I have it.)

On “Open Thread

Coming soon (and following tightly)...... government mule.


first new one.........

I'll send the cake for just the first 10 pages.


10 lbs with up to 8oz of dried Anchos (your call on the chiles) .... and I'll throw in a Black Forest cake and a bottle of Bollingers


sorry, I'm not settling for a few general observations.

please have the first draft of the first hundred pages of the first novel by the first of the year.


You're doing good.... so far Tsar.

Care to make a proffer on what would have happened in the US post-WWI US had we sat and witnessed a German wictory?

for extra extra-credit you can tackle the ottoman Empire and the non-rise of the modern Middle East.

On “Open Thread

you may be right and it might not be all that much worse than a piano or chess prodigy.... but how well do they usually fare in later life?

or it may be that basketball excellence is even less "transferable" to other aspects of life .


there's something wrong with a high school team that brings in a ringer.....even if the ringer is Eddie Gaedel.....

can't think it this is in Eddie's best interests either


I have no idea what this means, if the story and video are real, or even why it made me uncomfortable.


Happy Yalda to all

and a brighter newer tomorrow


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