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On “Open Thread

after another hideously played game, one that marks his next-to-last as Jest's coach, Rex Ryan opens post-game conference by saying " I'm no longer too fat to run for president.".

On “Operation Syrian Disaster

when you empower a Bel Hadj, or a Bin Qumu, or a Cheney it doesn’t end well,

good point


we could have tied him to a smart bomb and listen to him explain why it was now smarter.


Hannah is of course correct and if, two years ago, instead of doing little, the United States had assumed a bold leadership role and organized a free election in Syria and had a John Sununu type installed, everything would have changed for the better

On “Open Thread

these are Bengel Tyg-rells.... produced and patented by an on-world subsidiary


I miss so many of Archie Goodwin's lines.


truly, they're bounteous in this garden of earthly delights.


aw, shit, Colin.......

On “stable state

Rock steady
Rock steady baby
Let's call this song exactly what it is
What it is -what it is - what it is

On “then everything else is noise in Egypt

the armed forces, by their omission, ceased ruling directly after 60 years or so of so doing......that doesn't mean that they're now without political activity or that they've shed any great part of their power


it's may turn out not to be fact at all......any any analysis that posits the MB as being most powerful because it's "not divided" is only dealing out a dubiety .

of course, other folk would agree with the more traditional view that the armed forces in Egypt is by far the most powerful group....


my copy was free

On “The Brilliant Failure of the Afghan Surge (So Far)


based upon what?

Why, US brand they with base, with baseness !
bastardy base base.

truly, as honest madam's issue leaves, our dimension will be more compact, but believe not.


we ain't going

On “Open Thread

miggs, have you read fesperman's "The Double Game"?

On “Genocidal Eros

we have ways of dealing with the fly population, we do, we do.

On “Open Thread

LATimes reports 95% chance that Billy Martin will re-join the Lakers.

As there is no cap implication, it seems only fair that he becomes the highest-salaried member of the team


Lakers fire Mike Brown as coach.

after 1-4 start. Bernie Bickerstaff to coach until Billy Martin takes over


That was offered merely for the info, miggs, not as condemnation.


The Romney national security transition team that might have been


miggs, I ordered the Ennis book....

did you read his "Byzantium'.?

would you recommend it to all your frogs?


and I believe I'll have another


no, you did not.

are you going to?


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