Apologies if we did not reach out, especially since we made a collective decision to do so.

Apologies as well that I do not see that we received your message via the contact form.

And yes, each of those statements is indeed indicative of larger problems.

But now here we are, so I guess I'll just ask you: What kind of assistance is it that you would be willing to offer? If these comments are the extent, then I'll copy and bring back to our group with my thanks.  Really, I do appreciate it and we can find ways, I think, to have these observations be difference makers.

On the other hand, if you'd like to do something more partner-esque, I think your help would be amazing for our site.

everything you note here is correct. Well everything safe one. I thought that we had reached out to you, either in late October or early November.  did we not?


in either case, I would very much like your assistance. Assuming that it still being offered, of course.