I don't know how far I'd extend the lessons from that page. I agree that it doesn't seem like a terribly useful way to access content, whether it is on the site or elsewhere. I think I've heard some people mention having a real blogroll with links to other places, but that would involve coming up with a list of places, and that would be...work, especially because there would probably be some need to set up a process for agreeing who should be on there and how to keep it updated.

I know you don't mention it, but I'd critique myself as somewhat embodying that page in how I comment on the internet in general. I generally lurk everywhere except OT (not counting this). I think when I used to blog for another site long ago, that I interacted more with others, both as a commenter and with linking to them within my own posts. At OT, I think I probably link more to other people's work, but a lot of it happens to be other writers at OT.

In other words, I'm interacting with a greater number of people, but many of them tend to blog at the same place I do.

>no reply to any of these messages

I have to confess to not knowing anything about that. Working on making the site better is desirable, but it's not exactly easy to get changes implemented. Even if someone is willing to help for free, there might be coordination issues that make it harder. (I'm typing with my ass here. I really don't know, but I get the impression it's not all that easy.)