When I set AG coming up on 3 yrs ago, I decided not to include a blogroll because they seemed to me to be generally in a state of digital ruin.   I could see they once functioned as a community building tool, but all the dead links I encountered said that was becoming more and more in the  past.

It also recalls for me, now, an erstwhile passage from my exploration of digital ruins, Post #74

What changes and what stays almost the same in the experience of abandonment and ruin as one travels through digital-analog space?  This socially created, technologically mediated, transduced space deforms, re-forms, informs, conforms, confounds, conjoins the experiences of human and machine individuation and collectivity moment to moment, each arising as ephemeral wholes dependent on their decaying parts.

The passage now exists as a saved draft in my dashboard, and now here.  The words in random order still occupy Post #74.

No conclusion to all this, just sayin.

At any rate, I like the current update in the site.  It's getting much closer to the sense I have of what you've been working towards.

I hope everyone has a thankful Thanksgiving.