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Very nicely stated - I mean on the "ephemeral wholes" - am going to quote that when I get around to fulfilling my promise of a post in reply to Mr. Bath's comment.

Could you be more specific about what you mean by the "current update." Am always gratified by positive feedback, but I'm not clear what you're feedbacking on in particular.

...and may your giving be givingful.


When I set AG coming up on 3 yrs ago, I decided not to include a blogroll because they seemed to me to be generally in a state of digital ruin.   I could see they once functioned as a community building tool, but all the dead links I encountered said that was becoming more and more in the  past.

It also recalls for me, now, an erstwhile passage from my exploration of digital ruins, Post #74

What changes and what stays almost the same in the experience of abandonment and ruin as one travels through digital-analog space?  This socially created, technologically mediated, transduced space deforms, re-forms, informs, conforms, confounds, conjoins the experiences of human and machine individuation and collectivity moment to moment, each arising as ephemeral wholes dependent on their decaying parts.

The passage now exists as a saved draft in my dashboard, and now here.  The words in random order still occupy Post #74.

No conclusion to all this, just sayin.

At any rate, I like the current update in the site.  It's getting much closer to the sense I have of what you've been working towards.

I hope everyone has a thankful Thanksgiving.




Check your inbox.

Apologies if we did not reach out, especially since we made a collective decision to do so.

Apologies as well that I do not see that we received your message via the contact form.

And yes, each of those statements is indeed indicative of larger problems.

But now here we are, so I guess I'll just ask you: What kind of assistance is it that you would be willing to offer? If these comments are the extent, then I'll copy and bring back to our group with my thanks.  Really, I do appreciate it and we can find ways, I think, to have these observations be difference makers.

On the other hand, if you'd like to do something more partner-esque, I think your help would be amazing for our site.

Now that we've gotten the attention of Rtod, we'll see how it goes, but OT suffers from absentee sitelord syndrome, which's why it's so hard to get the radiator fixed or the hedges trimmed, or why saving it, if possible at all, might require a revolt or takeover - or mass exodus. On the other hand, many sites whose founders or key bloggers are still active on site are also very poorly kept up, so it's not just a governance problem.


I don't know how far I'd extend the lessons from that page. I agree that it doesn't seem like a terribly useful way to access content, whether it is on the site or elsewhere. I think I've heard some people mention having a real blogroll with links to other places, but that would involve coming up with a list of places, and that would be...work, especially because there would probably be some need to set up a process for agreeing who should be on there and how to keep it updated.

I know you don't mention it, but I'd critique myself as somewhat embodying that page in how I comment on the internet in general. I generally lurk everywhere except OT (not counting this). I think when I used to blog for another site long ago, that I interacted more with others, both as a commenter and with linking to them within my own posts. At OT, I think I probably link more to other people's work, but a lot of it happens to be other writers at OT.

In other words, I'm interacting with a greater number of people, but many of them tend to blog at the same place I do.

>no reply to any of these messages

I have to confess to not knowing anything about that. Working on making the site better is desirable, but it's not exactly easy to get changes implemented. Even if someone is willing to help for free, there might be coordination issues that make it harder. (I'm typing with my ass here. I really don't know, but I get the impression it's not all that easy.)

Anyway, one place to begin would be the email I sent you via the contact form. I made a copy:

Browsing around the site yesterday, I noticed a number of formatting and display errors. I get the impression you don't have anyone willing and able to keep the site updated, but these are simple problems that mostly would not require any great expertise to solve. If no one else will or can do what needs and ought to be done, I would be willing to do it for you during the spare time I don't have.

1. The Twitter widget is dysfunctional in Firefox and Chrome, though displays well on Safari. Probably should be replaced with Twitter's own widget if it cannot be easily updated.

2. The blogroll page does not have a blogroll. Instead, it shows a piece of shortcode, likely for a plug-in that is no longer functioning. Either the plug-in needs to be updated or different one used in its place. (I'm guessing that the blogroll itself is full of dead or senescent blogs, but updating it, assuming you want to have one at all, is a different problem that would be more time-consuming to address.)

3. Guest Posting Policy has a broken link to a missing image at the top. Obviously, it should be restored or the code should be deleted.

4. Same for Commenting Policy

5. On mobile devices the Site Header Image (bicycle/Ordinary Times) is displaced offscreen - about 50% on my Android phone, for example. Fix: probably one line of code, maybe a handful.

I'll refrain from a full critique of site aesthetics or further suggestions, except to mention two other very simple changes that would make the site more readable: It's very easy to add author by-lines or other "metadata" (like number of comments, and direct link to threads) to your front page template. It's also easy - or not hard! - to format comments so that they're more readable on small screens (not squozen into narrow columns), but remain unchanged on desktop displays.

Of course, it may be that you like things just as they are. If so, carry on!


Hi RTK - ain't got no record of no reaching out. If I'd been reached, I'd for sure not have written this post! Who would've reached, under what heading, and by what means? (If it was an email that happened to use "Open Enrollment" or "mobile TV" in the subject line, it would have gone into the spam queue.)

everything you note here is correct. Well everything safe one. I thought that we had reached out to you, either in late October or early November.  did we not?


in either case, I would very much like your assistance. Assuming that it still being offered, of course.