yep, still getting erratic comment thread activity even after disbling browser add-on - bounce up to top of window after leaving comment. Move to wrong location after hitting comment reply. Am guessing/assuming it's related to enabling of WP FL plug-in OR to presence of FL comments already on page OR both.

Even with browser add-on disabled, had the bouncing behavior after last comment. Checking to see if it happens again after this one, more than one page load after disabling add-on.

Definitely have some issues, mainly with the browser add-on, it seems, though there may be some fratricide between plug-in and browser, relating to range of unexpected behaviors, most typically a bounce to the top of the page that occurs when commenting either on regular WP comment threads or when opening a new Factlink comment thread - first time or via the Factlink "reply" link. There may also be some variation in responses between threads with FL comments already left, and those without. Also seems to be some variation as to availability of FL when reading WP comments. Sometimes can highlight and Factlink the WordPress comments, sometimes cannot. Would be complicated to investigate, and since I lack knowledge of main languages FL is written in, very difficult for me to achieve anything on my own. I also didn't see an open issues thread at Github, and am not completely sure where this one even should be raised. If I do raise it there, I think it'll be after I've tested the add-on for Chrome and Safari.

Also - you sure you can't register with FL without having a Twitter or FB account?


Am also wondering whether too many plug-ins or some plug-in or setting in particular is causing erratic basic thread functioning (returning commenter to last spot where commenting). You noticing problems with that? Could also be browser-intensified, or could have something to do with comment-threading plus the various comment add-ons. Something to look into later, time permitting.

The advantages of Disqus are multiple and synergetic: If you've already signed the Disqus contract in blood - that is, registered once - you can auto-sign-in wherever it's in use. You can also rate and be rated where comment-rating via Disqus is enabled. You will receive auto-notifications via the Disqus system when your own comment is commented on. You will find all of your Disqus discussion collected in the same place. You will be able to take advantage of other Disqus features - like smooth social-sharing of Disqus comments. Disqus also offers ease of use advantages for the site operator - spam control, for example. As Disqus expands its already huge user base the advantages tend to multiply, and Disqus is busy trying to come up with new ones.

Since, as you confess and have confessed before, you are anti-social or anti-"social," I can see why none of that would be of interest to you. As for the Factlink stuff, that's something different. Probably if you wanted to help ol blathery CK out with some easy proofreading tips that won't have to sully our beautiful regular comment threads, you'd bite the bullet and register with FL. Or maybe you'll get the feeling that completely wondrous discussions are going on in Factlinkspace, and feel left out.

OTOH, I still haven't figured out why you haven't gotten even a teensy bit into Twitter, but to each his own, and Happy New Year!