Comments on The Point of Being Annoyed with Glenn Beck by Zoltan Newberry

I think the criticism of Glenn Beck is misplaced and off base. He is fast becoming a magnificent national treasure. No one else out there in media or politics has engaged so many in real questions and real analysis of the pickle we are in. Isn't it true that many look at McCain, Olympia Snow, Susan Collins and even Daddy Bush and W. Bush, and understandably see little real difference between them and Clinton and Carter and the 0bami? Isn't it true that, since Reagan, Republicans have been far too willing to split the difference with Democrats? Havn't Republicans endorsed far too many big government pograms and havn't they also embraced far too much deficit spending long before 2008? Isn't it true that these programs were unsustainable back then, long before 0bama came along?

Isn't cable TV a better venue than our top 4 or 5 conservative journals? Isn't Beck far more successful in engaging previously apolitical people than any of these journals, and doesn't he compliment the most effective and most consistent conservative writers out there such as Krauthammer, Steyn and Will?

Why is it destructive to expose the hateful demagoguery of the Democrats when they routinely demonize conservatives as being mean spirited and selfish? I think they deserve it, because, all to often they do embrace the dictums of Saul Alinsky and they do believe that the ends justify the means. I think more people should elucidate the consequences of what Beck calls 'progressivism.' More Americans need to learn about The Soviet Union, Mao's China and Cambodia. A high obama functionary really did praise the murderer of tens of millions, Mao Tse Tung, and I think we owe Beck for hammering away at her idiocy and exposing her far better than all the intellectuals at Commentary.

People like Pelosi, Emanuel, Reid and Michelle 0 drip with hatred and contempt for the people who oppose their power grabs. Won't polite conservatives remain irrelevant until they are willing to change, until they say they won't take it anymore, until they fight back?

Aren't the intellectual attacks on Beck similar to the snobbish treatment of Sara Palin?

Have Republicans really distinguished themselves as the party of our founders and the party of Lincoln during the past 20 years?

You know the liberals have their Prairie Home Companion and we have our Glenn Beck Show. He might become our generation's Will Rogers. Beck is brilliant and quirky, and he is absolutely correct when he says it will be hard to get back the the kind of virtuous society our founders wanted. It will be hard.