Okay, fine. McConnell was never Senate Majority Leader. Oooo, ah, inspiring. He was not, and is not, a conservative leader to save the Republican Party.

The reason that Glenn Beck will affect conservatism more than the people listed as his opponents is because his opponents are "professional" Republicans, and see where that has gotten us. Does anyone here really think that Beck's rhetoric is going to doom the Republican Party? If the party is doomed, it's because they acted too much like Democrats, not because Beck said stuff that NR or Bennett or anyone else didn't like..

Suppose the Republicans win back the House and the Senate. Will Boehner return as Speaker and McConnell as Senate Majority Leader? Oooo, ah, inspiring. Aren't these the guys that totally and completely screwed the pooch from 2000 to 2004? Are we simply starting over with politics la 2000, with meltdown in 4 years and exile in 8 years? Again? Is that what the Republican Party represents?

The following is not to advance Sarah Palin's career:

Aren't these the same Republicans who trashed the only person that kept the turnout for Republicans respectable in 2008? And these people would rather spend another 40 years in the wilderness than have this hillbilly run for president? They want RINO Romney? If Palin is the only alternative to more of the same, then the Republicans deserve to die. If it takes 4 more years to bury the corpse, then so be it.

And who gives a flying handshake about Beck's rhetoric. It the very largest sense, he is correct: Saying we don't suck as bad as the other guys is not enough.