Have now added a subscribers count on the docket page, since we now have another player. No readerly consensus yet, but it's early days.

I DID take a look at the post you subscribed to, did a round of edits, still reconnoitering.

Thanks for playing, bob. I hadn't thought of the concept as Borgesian.

It's in the writer's control to determine which draft posts end up on the list. So, if I'm sure I don't want anyone to ask me to work up some old post defending Sarah Palin's reputation or taking a stand against puppies, I can keep it off the display. Currently, I have it set at all most recently modified posts not in the "notes" category, but I could apply more refined sorting, or set up a special category just for subscribable drafts.

Involvement of the reader, or the reader's "patronization," is intended as a key feature though. I'll eventually add a capacity to show number of subscriptions - so that at a busier site than this one we could even introduce a bit of mass competition to show support or among multiple writers to get it. (Yes, could have downside, too, if misused.)