@ TheUnrepentantGeek: I happen to believe in the wisdom of crowds and the genius of the Framers. The American people elect the best candidate for that timeslice of history. Jefferson would have voted for Obama. Andy Jackson was a sumbitch but he kept the Union whole. Jefferson wanted to address slavery in the Constitution, but the survival of the Union trumphed slavery (like healthcare is trumphing AGW, right now, lawl).
GW won in 2000 by 5 EC votes, and lost the popular vote.
He would have been a fine choice to shepherd the American electorate into the demographic twilight of non-hispanic caucs.....sadly, 911 intervened. GW just didnt have the substrate to deal.
Our grandchildren will paying for the Grand Misadventure of the Manifest Destiny of "Judeo-christian" Democracy in MENA for a long, long time, both in dollars and in the world's esteem.
Big White Christian Bwana is commencing his global decline in influence. Just as America's future is multi-colored, so is the worlds'.

O Highlander, pretty stand-up job.
/golf clap
I have to agree on the living Constitution.
If the Founders and Framers had intended to carve it on unchangeable stone tablets, they certainly could have.
They gifted us with various toolsets (judicial interpretation, constitutional amendments) to evolve the Constitution....if they had wanted it to be totally non-adaptive, they certainly could have done that.
I think The System is WAI (Working As Intended).
We live in a democratic meritocracy, a Republic.
Every man (and woman now) has a vote. The turmoil that currently roils the electoral waters is simply the changing of the guard.....from a white male protestant majority, to a multi-colored, multi-ethnic, younger and more feminized majority coalition.
The meek, the minorities, the oppressed and discriminated-against are going to inherit the polls. And "conservatives" while increasingly condensed to a "low information" white christian base, will be forced to evolve a big tent.
It is evolution in action.