Yes! Or a big part of it anyway.

The Mixxtail wasn't what I expected: more fruity than "hot," and went down very easy, kind of a beery sangria-like, thirst-quenching thing. I can see doing it again, especially during hot weather.

... one of these days, I'll try the Moonshine...

Marinated flanken ribs. Gonna try out a large pasilla chile, some zucchini. Maybe garlic-pepper "fries" from the Ore-Ida bag, maybe rice for filler. Do some tortilla and guacamole for starters.

The cheap booze ought to be TERRIBLE...

Firewalker Mixxtail

...but I've been curious, it was on sale, I'm almost out of rum, and I've been gradually replacing sugary desserts with spirits. Seems more manly.