What's interesting to me is how Beck's critics have focused on some of the elements of his CPAC speech that I would have thought were the least objectionable. I watched the speech through again this evening to verify my original impression, and came away with it again. I would have thought some of the histrionics would have come in for more "repudiation of the ick factor," or perhaps the shorthand soundbite about Versailles (treaty thereof, that is) leading directly to Hitler. Or even the personalization of our political problems as being like an addict's need for self-awareness, reality check, recognition of having hit bottom. There are ways that that analogy doesn't work, and some of them matter.

This is a serious question: how is it dehumanizing invective to refer to progressivist political ideology as a cancer on the American polity? It would be one thing to say the metaphor is inapt. I don't think it is, but one could argue the case dispassionately. Another criticism that wouldn't necessarily be a reach would be that it's hyperbolic. Again, I don't think it is. I am convinced that progressivism is antithetical to limited, constitutional government. I think Beck is correct that progressivism and limited, constitutional government can't coexist. One of them has to recede, be defeated, dissolve over time. They can't occupy the same space. (I have a longer answer explicating the central thesis of progressivism at TOC.)

But dehumanizing? Demagogic? Just don't see it. Beck's proposition is that the American idea is limited, constitutional government, which is the essential condition for enduring political liberty. Progressivism won't accept being bounded by limitations on government's scope or charter. The more of it we admit in our midst, the more compromised is the constitutional bulwark guarding our liberties.

I really don't see what's out-of-bounds about putting this in metaphorical terms as the operation of a "cancer." Is it the metaphor, or the basic proposition, that you find so offensive, shipmate?

CKM -- a lot going on today and I will be back later. Had to turn in a piece for NZC first. Suffice it to say for now that I've seen your comments and haven't decided to do a global delete on all things CKM. More later.