No, they were not willing, and Jim Crow, "Southern fried apartheid, pursued a generation later. proves the point. As does the accession
of Woodrow Wilson to the Presidency, in the following one. Ironically
this was an outcome that Dubois, made possible by protesting so vehemently about what he thought were TR and Taft's too methodical
responses to the crisis that sparked the formation of the NAACP

That is deeply ridiculous, Jefferson believed in the common people, Obama thinks them 'bitter clingers'. Yes, he was opposed to the Alien & Sedition Act, which was what the left pretends the Patriot Act to be. He was slandered by the media, Callender & co, in a way hat probably hasn't been equaled since I don't know, Aug. 2008.

Obama as far as it goes, is a Hamiltonian, he believes in the unlimited exercise of state power. Jackson, did set the stage by moving his crony Taney from Treasury to the Court, where he failed spectacularly to grasp the main point.

There was no argument for Plessy, frog, in some ways it is worse than Dred Scott, because it came after the 600,000 dead that cleared the debt. The Court surrendered to the insurgency of the Klan's monopoly
of violence