I want to make this point. I believe it's an important one to make.

Liberals are basically socialists/Marxists/radicals/leftists/communists. In fact, they used to call themselves those things. But then those terms became unpopular, and so they started to call themselves "liberals" instead.

These "liberals" were not at all like the classical liberals, who were basically libertarian. But they decided to rebrand themselves as liberals. And that worked well for a while.

Well, after a while, the American public began to notice that "liberals" kinda sucked. So it became a pejorative term. It was no longer helpful for liberals to call themselves liberal. So they rebranded themselves again, this time as "progressives."

What Beck is doing here - by comparing, and even equating, "progressives" with radical left-wing Marxist statists - is important (and effective) work.

First of all, "progressive" is a new brand, at least for the current electorate. Conservatives need to tarnish it, just as Rush Limbaugh (and many others) were successful in tarnishing the "liberal" brand. Remember: IT'S THE SAME EXACT PRODUCT. Only the name has changed. But the masses do not understand that. They need to learn it. And Beck is doing the teaching.

Second, the current crop of "progressives" IS basically a Marxist/socialist/statist group. Van Jones is a communist. Anita Dunn is a Maoist. Obama wants to "spread the wealth around." His secretly-recorded speech to donors in San Francisco provided clear evidence that he believes in the Marxist concept of "false consciousness." These "progressives" are far-left types who seek to "fundamentally transform" our country. As such, they are dangerous. And I'm glad that someone (Beck) is educating (and warning) people about it.