(At OT also focused on the same (concluding) passage, though left out some of the interesting bits you've included... So thanks for recording them here for the eternal archives!)

Am just wrapping up a short post on that article - expanding on a comment under the item linkaged at OT!

Thanks for reading 'em. Motivated me to take another look as well. I still stand by the series.

I have a longish post on the ordinary wisdom regarding US "militarism" and "interventionism" that I've been sitting on, and re-working, since December. It extends the discussion of the Iron Law of Irony or the Cunning of History with which the East Ghouta series concludes. In short, I think the world makes the case as it were empirically for an America-centric neo-empire, or global neo-imperialism, which has to be distinguished from the older forms of imperialism, and is not the same as an American-national imperium extended over the brave new world and all the people in't. The analysis suggests to me that we may remain congenitally incapable of accepting the case except in authentic terror of the alternatives, effectively compelling us or the younger generation to replicate the experience, til kingdom come.