A know nothing egotistical billionaire, promising to save the frustrated masses from selfish incompetents of the ruling class by way of punching down Now More Than Ever, as if mining for The Good Old Days in the bodies of the rest of the world... The turn threatens to become an ouroboros.

Have they ever considered maybe the good old days were not all that great for more people than they're willing to admit? Or that to extent they were for who they were good for, they were a fluke?

The existential fear is all that keeps it going because that's all that appeals to the folks outside of the country club or the financiers banquet. Accept the browning of America & stop worrying about The Jihadi Under the Bed & the only ones left for the lower classes to throw bricks at are the elites.

I get the feeling conservatism in Europe is less precarious only because they can trace their aristocrats so far back that they've become kitsch. National inside jokes don't quite inspire the pitchforks...