[…] This 2012 post from CK Macleod on baseball and the American sense of being is a really good […]

…the desperate last-gasp radicalism of American reactionary conservatives before the demographic deluge and the expected relegation of white-European Americans to “minority” status in “their own” country. (Geopolitical theorist George Friedman, in his book The Next 100 Years, describes the Latino-ization of the United States and eventual total breakdown of the southern border as the one “threat” of them all that ascendant white-imperial America will eventually prove unable to defeat.)

One readily detects the hint of relish in CKM’s anticipation of “white-European Americans” (in other words, authentic Americans) being relegated to minority status in (scare quotes) “their own” country. A passage remarkable for its undercurrent of malice and resentment.

Now one can’t plausibly suppose that even a fellow as determinedly obtuse as CK MacLeod really believes that the “Latino-ized” USA of his rejoicing will continue to be the bedrock and pillar of the “liberal international order“--for which he otherwise professes such love and attachment--or any domestic liberal order, for that matter--and thus one is forced to conclude that MacLeod’s animus against “white-European Americans”--authentic Americans, as apart from the multitude of pseudo-Americans whom we’re constantly pressured to acknowledge and acclaim--is so spiteful as to be self-destructive of his own professed support for liberal political arrangements here and abroad. How to account for this strange paradox?

Incipit nihilismus

just a note on your observation about the whiskey rebellion


Not nearly absurd enough, Scott, even for you;


OMG! That is the best post ever!!!!!! I now really get what you were getting at in respect to writing a whole novel about global yogaism. It really would work, and then some. (Note: the book idea was something CK started envisioning a ways back, but I wasn't really seeing it.) Now I see it. The yoga flag waves over the yogic jihadic peace--or sort of peace. The title of the book is "Eternal Beisbolobucolical Globalmonistic Paradise." Brilliant. It opens at a Beisbolobucolical game. Like CK already describes...the yogic anthem is sung kirtan style--call and response. It's "a universally homogeneous global and probably near earth orbital super-stadium of stadia where the yoga-ball season never ends, those who refrain from singing along, are the loudest." You really need to write it. I would be honored to help. It also should trump Hunger Games mercilessly.

No, the US is not transnational, but it is the 'first universal nation' out of many one, Hendrix take was unconventional, but inspired, as befits a former paratrooper, Barr, as with everything she has done, was crude boorish and stupid,