I guess I've always found sociology more descriptive than explanatory. so charisma in the Weber sense seems to be more of a property of the masses which we as observers project onto the leader. I recall a phrase from The Invisible Man in which the narrator says something about the masses "throwing up" their leaders.

I not sure I've got this right, but the observation/explanation distinction of sociology may have been made nicely by the Officer Krupke number in West Side Story, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7TT4jnnWys

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presumably we'll get to see that fellow's charisma on full display tonight.

for me, however time induced hazily it may be, that fellow calls to mind Reich's Mass Psychology of Fascism, relying on, as I think I recall, authoritarian child rearing practices. Writ large, the petty tyrannies usually played out in the family become compelling politics to enough of the populace.

in this way the charisma of O and that fellow differ fundamentally in the family dynamics they echo.

glad to see even just a reposting here. hope if portends more.

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