Comments on Limbaugh over the line by Scientific Socialist

The David Brooks of the world would like to project onto Mister Peanut what they think they would like a President to be.

However, De Nile is the longest river in Africa, and you can be sure Barry ain't who he said he was during the election and he isn't who Natalie Rosenberg hoped he would be when she hosted a $10,000 a head party in his honor in Highland Park, il.

He's the guy who sat in that pew, soaking up all of that foul hatred week after week for 10 long years.

Project and deny all you want, Rex.

I am just calling it like I see it, Rex.

Brooks wants to put lipstick on the pig, or he wants to pretend the pig is Nicole Kidman.

I see the pig. I think voters need to understand that they did not vote for Nicole, they voted for Mister Oink, and I think both Rush and Glenn help to remind them of this so they do not made the same mistake twice.

I am hard at work when Rush's show is on, but I do not miss the pompous self aggrandizing rubbish which often dilutes the power of his message. Luckily, Beck's TV show comes on when I am free from the constraints of my work. Both can be a little clownish at times, but why object to two powerful (and of course flawed) personalities who are speaking truth to power and have people listening to them every day, day after day. I just hope they have good bodyguards.

Jennifer Rubin points to a similar theme when she tackles the mild mannered and self described New York Times "centrist," Zoltan's favorite mushey mouth, David Brooks.

Brooks fails to notice a telling quality of The Obami, which makes them far more dangerous than most European Social Democrats. Their animus shows and smells to high heaven like homeless underwear. They ooze a great deal of hatred and anger and it comes pouring out as they sprint to the nearest crapper too late. Mister Peanut's arrogant State of The Union was full of such arrogance and anger. So is his constant call to his base to "get in their face." You can see the same seething anger in his most trusted 0bami like the almost white Valerian Jarrett, and in the words of Van Jones, "Give them THE WEALTH," and in Anita
Dunn's infamous and far too late to retract and far too telling words of praise for the pathological mass murderer, Mao Tse Tung.

Do not forget too quickly the preacher, Jeremiah Wright, and the hatred and hostility he vomited out on a weekly basis to the assembled 0bama Family. And, Billy Ayers probably did ghost write Mr Peanut's second best seller. A brief look at the rage he and his little wifey, Bernitdown Dhorn, spout in their writings display an unnatural level of hatred. They really do feel entitled to get what they want by any means necessary. I know this type all too well, my frems.

It is there, like a boil leaking pus all over their faces. We ignore it at our own peril, my frems.